RHP Propertiesbait and switch advertising tactics

R Nov 10, 2015 Review updated:

They are advertising mobile home for sell and promising titles and then blowing buyers off/making excuses why they cannot give them a title. Illegal. Harassing and Bullying after you buy a home to get you to move out so they can resell it, again and again and again, my home was sold three times and the buyers were never given a title and they had not intention of giving them a title, only getting them back out to resell the home again. Now SSK has bought out Deer trace and well they are now forcing people out to take over their homes so they don't have to buy more. Bullying and intimidating people to pack up and leave and hand their homes over to them. Where is the law enforcement that is supposed to be looking out for the people. Elsmere Mobile home park is doing the same to people, This is called railroading and is illegal. Call a lawyer to put an end to the ruthless behavior of these businesses.


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      Oct 13, 2019

    I had this same problem...after the problem with the forgotten title...i was offered a horrible replaclement that looked as though it was collapsing already

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