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This is the 10th time I have sent complaints to your last reply you said that you will have my number removed fro your list. Well this tueday I received a call then today I received texts from 2 different numbers saying my receipt from walmart with the number to go to your site spin the [censored]ing wheel for the card. Then I got another text from a different number same message different receipt number to prss 7 to clim my card. How many times do I have to tell you sstop contacting me??? I m on the do not call list!!! I have complaints with the ft fcc and anti spam department. They have finally sent me a confirmation of all my complaints. My lawyer filed the complaint I had all my complaints your replies they confirmed im on the do not call list permanently. I sent them the 2 text messages that I received today and the phone number yesterday. My lawyer served with me in iraq and afghanistan he has connection since he works as a jag, so I know you will be getting a hefty fine...10 complaints on the no call list.. And robo calls. See you [censored] in coiurtsearch results
Stop texts

Oct 03, 2019

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