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Washington Mutual — Unethical treatment of Wamu clients

WAMU/JP Morgan Chase has lied to me and not given me information that they were required to give me by LAW...

Washington Mutual — Loan modification and incorrect credit report

When I was bedridden with twins, I called to see about refinancing. Washington Mutual offered me a loan...

Washington MutualFraudulent charges

I want to share my story with anyone who is banking Washington Mutual. If you are like me, and like to be provided with decent customer service WAMU is not that bank. I understand that my situation had a bit of bad luck involved, but there was absolutely NO EXCUSE why they treated me the way they did. Hopefully, hearing my story will make you think twice.

Last summer, someone had hacked into my checking account. They spent my money at big chains like Best Buy, Wal-mart, fast food places, and gas stations just a few hours from where I lived. I noticed the unauthorized charges immediately since I check my account online daily. In one day, they managed to spend over $500.

Immediately, I called WAMU's customer service line to file a report. After waiting for a good half hour, I got a hold of an operator and explained my situation. She told me she was going to transfer me to another line so I can file my report.

I must have waited about 3 hours on the phone listening to some of the worst elevator music and then I heard a click. Yep, the phone got disconnected. I call the customer service line again and wait some more. When I finally got a hold of a operator, I told them I got disconnected when they tried to transfer me and I asked for the phone number directly. She told me that she was 'terribly sorry' and their phones sometimes disconnected people when they try to transfer.

The department she transfers me to must take care of some unusually large number of cases or they are very short-staffed. I waited another several hours to get an operator and was finally able to file the claim. I called WAMU after work around 7pm, and did not get off the phone until 2am. The whole time, I was worried that whoever had hacked my account was still using it! If I had found out while I was at work or school, there would have been no way for me to sit on the phone for that long.

Anyways, the lady told me that she was canceling my card and sending me a new one. She then told me that WAMU will be investigating my claim and it could take up to 60 days before the money gets credited into my account. I then ask her should I cancel my account and make a new one since my account was hacked? She told me not I didn't need to worry since they were only using my card number.

It did not take more than a week before I noticed another $300+ fradulent charges in my account. I started kicking myself for not listening to my gut and canceled my account.

I called WAMU again waited another several hours. When I finally reached the person I was suppose to talk to, she tells me that my card was NEVER CANCELED!! Again, they are 'terribly sorry'. They are canceling my card right away and sending me a new one.

A couple days later, while paying for groceries with a check since I didn't have my debit card, the check didn't go through. I was very confused since I had enough money in my account. I had sent out several checks to pay my bills which also bounced! It turned out that WAMU had put a hold on my account because I had filed a claim. I would have appreciated it, if they had inform me about this. To this day, WAMU has not reimbursed me for the bounced check fees.

The icing on the cake was when I received my card in the mail. They sent me a regular ATM card, without a Mastercard or Visa logo.

To make a really long story short, I spent the next couple of months calling WAMU when I can. I'm a full-time student and a full-time employee so it was hard to make time when you know filing a complaint takes outrageous amount of time. I ended up making the phone calls when I would go to sleep. I put my phone on speaker and slept with the phone next to my head and I would wake up when someone would go 'Can I have your first and last name?'

Their customer service staff has a lot they can improve on. Most of them have very thick accents so it is difficult to understand them. They do not know how to answer your questions because they are not trained well. They like to answer your with 'i believe so' or 'let me check with my supervisor' (don't let them check, they will put you on hold forever!). Not a definite YES or NO.

Once I asked where I can find my account number on my online account page and the operator when into a 5 minute tangent why they are not allowed to post your account number on your account page. A little bit of looking around on the page, my account number was easily found.

In the end, I eventually got my money back after several weeks. But those bounced checks resulted as late payments on my credit history. I later found out when I bought my Scion. Since I'm only 21 and only have 2 credit cards which I rarely use, I had to call my mom to fax over a sheet to co-sign... more embarrassment.

The manager gave me a number to a credit agency and he told me I can dispute those late payments, but happened to lost the number. Does anyone know more information about this?

And if anyone is curious, I closed my account as soon as my claim was closed. I bank with Wachovia now and used their customer service line a couple of times. I am satisfied with their wait times and seem to be better trained to answer your questions than WAMU.

Washington MutualUnauthorized billing

Four years ago I left Citibank to become a Washington Mutual customer. I am a struggling writer who is literally living check to check... and often times, I slip into the red. I went to WaMu because originally they were the 'Free Bank'... no hidden fees, free checking, free ATMS... all the things banks used to be before they all got too greedy.

Over the next four years, WaMu slowly, and very secretly, began raising their fees and taking away our services. When I signed up, anyone could use a WaMu ATM free of charge. Now it is $2.00 if you are not a WaMu customer, just like any other bank. Then the fees went up more and more, until sadly... WaMu became just like every other money hungry bank. Here is the final straw story which caused me to close my account yesterday...

On Monday, November 24, I stopped by the WaMu branch in Santa Monica on 4th Street, because I live only 5 blocks away has become my new banking home. As usually, I walk into the bank to see about seven people standing behind the teller counter, but only two teller windows open. The other five people may have been working... if they were able to work by staring off into space and walk around in circles gabbing with each other. So instead of waiting the 30 minutes in line, I filled out a deposit slip and dropped my $555 deposit in the Express Deposit Box, which said the deposit would be posted to my account by the end of the day.

The next day, I checked my balance online and found that my deposit of $555.00 was posted, and then reversed (the exact term on my statement was 'REVERSE CUSTOMER DEPOSIT'). I immediately called the 1-800 number and spoke to someone in the call center. I explained what happened. She said she had no information and would have to file an inquiry request, which would take 36-48 hours. That is not acceptable. This is my bank. I trust my bank with my money. For me to give them money, have them take it from me and then say it will take 36-48 hours for us to tell you what happened to your money is not right. So I went to the Santa Monica branch on 4th Street to see if they had any information.

I walk in to find another line, but was quickly greeted by a friendly finance advisor named Spozhmi. She was very nice and understanding. I explained what happened and she went to speak with the Assistant Manager to see if he knew anything. She came back and told me the checks were not deposited because the name on the account did not match the name on the checks. My name is Richard Aaron Semmel. I go by Aaron Semmel. And I sign my name Semmel, and my signature has not changed in over 10 years. The name on my account at WaMu is Richard A Semmel.

The checks were made payable to Aaron Semmel. So, even though the middle initial, last name, address and signature on the checks matched... the manager decided to reverse the deposit (please note, to reverse a deposit, the deposit had to be made... so the money was in my account, and then the Assistant Manager decided to remove the money from my account). And then to top it all off, instead of calling me to verify my name or ask me to come in to sort it out, the Assistant Manager put the two signed checks in an envelope and mailed them back to me.

This made me very upset. Because now, they could not deposit the money into my account until the checks came to me in the mail, and then I would have to go back to the bank. Normally, I would have just bit my lip and waited. But this was a timing issue. The checks did not show up in the mail the next day, Wednesday Nov. 26th. The following day was Thanksgiving (Nov. 27th), which meant no mail or banks.

The checks finally arrived at 5:00 PM on Friday, Nov. 28th. I had missed the entire Black Friday Holiday Shopping Fun I had planned with all my friends. I missed out on countless savings in special prices for that one day only, affecting my entire holiday season. And then to top this off, because the deposit was not put in my account, a transaction went through, putting my checking account in the red, which then drew from my savings account and I was charged a $12 over-draft fee.

So, on Friday, when I finally got the checks. I went to the WaMu branch in Santa Monica on 4th Street and waited in line. When I got to the teller I gave him a check for $75 to deposit and asked to speak to a manage about reversing the $12 fee. The Assistant Manager named Steven (the same Assistant Manager who reversed my deposit) instantly recognized me (please note, Steven could recognize me by name and sight, but would not deposit my checks) and said he would not reverse the $12 fee. He told me that there was nothing he could do.

When I explained that the over-draft would not have taken place if he would have deposited my checks on Monday, Nov. 24th he said it would have happened anyway because he put a five day hold on the checks (which was untrue - according to my statement, the checks were deposited and the funds were available, and then he reversed the deposit). When I asked why a five day hold was being placed on my checks, Steven told me WaMu can hold any check it wants to. Steven told me he would only reverse the $12 fee if it was caused by bank error.

Now I have been depositing my checks the same way for the last four and half years. 90% of my checks are and have been made payable to Aaron Semmel. The manager did not check my address or signature, instead he reversed my deposit, and I was charged money. I do not see this as my fault. I see this as bank error. I have done nothing wrong and I am being charged. I told Steven to close my accounts. I was done.

Believe it or not, after all this, Steven had the nerve to ask me why I was closing my accounts. When I got home I looked online and found that not only am I not alone in my frustration, but the Federal Government is trying to set new laws to stop banks from charging unfair fees and following unfair business practices (mostly regarding check holds and over-draft fees), just like the story I just told. The banks have become loan sharks that are protected by their federal lobbyists, charging 1000% interest. If banks had Italian names, they would be mistaken for the mob these days.

That is only one of my countless bank horror stories. On Monday, Dec. 1st I am going to open an account at a credit union. Credit Unions are non-profit and encourage lending between it's customers... as opposed to banks, which are all about profit (to the point of even setting up ways to take as much money from its customers, whenever they can). The major reason the economy is in such horrible shape right now is because of these big banks. I am done helping them screw us all. I hope more follow my lead.

Washington MutualHow WAMU contributed to the mortgage meltdown

I had an adjustable rate mortgage for which the full principal and interest payment was automatically withdrawn from my account monthly. After 3 years, when the rate adjusted, without warning, they changed the repayment option I was in to the "minimum payment" which didn't even pay the full interest amount. Without realizing it, despite my monthly payment having increased by 50%, I was in a negative amortization situation--the amount of principal owed was getting LARGER each month. FRAUD!

  • Fu
    FuWaMu Jul 21, 2009

    I also had a extremely bad experience with WAMU with my mortgage.
    I had inquired about my 5-year hybrid ballon/arm mortgage as I knew it was about to mature. I went to my local branch where a Mortgage Advisor looked up on her computer and said that my mortgage was automatically adjusted to a 30 year with a very low interest rate. This was not the case, and they didn't know about it until months later. I did everything my Mortgage Advisor instructed me to do to make payments and she said that she will take care of the issue for me for the payments that were rejected by WAMU. I also had her start a refinance for me.

    The refinance has taken 7 months but never went through. I have a steady job, have almost 50% equity in my home, have significant assets, and a good credit rating, so I don't know why it took so long and was never approved.

    My Mortgage Advisor eventually went AWOL and she never returned my messages for a month. I made many complaints, which I discovered that she was eventually fired, but I never got an apology nor admission of their negligence.
    Communications at WAMU is extremely poor and it is unacceptable that they only have ONE toll free number to handle all of their customers. It is common to be on the phone for 15 minutes before talking to a person to direct your call.

    To every avoid WAMU/Chase at all costs. It is not worth your time, money and sanity. WAMU should have died in the Banking crash, and Chase should be embarrassed to inheret such a bad company.

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  • Fr
    fracturedbones Jul 23, 2009

    Similar experience on a Wamu/Chase refinance which has been swirling the drain since January.

    Had prior home loan and a re-fi with Wamu in past and they were great. Rates down and goal was from interest only to 30 yr. fixed, great rate offered. Application process quick and easy, appraisal done in 1 week, then downhill from there. Have at least 60% equity in home.

    The short story: I performed all duties/provided all documents; they did not return calls or emails, they allowed the lock to expire on the rate, told me they would stand good by it (when I told them I saved my emails to them!), received a lterr of committment from them which they did not act on my reply, now on loan processor # 4 .

    Phone calls/voice mails are either not answered or full (I have made at least 50 calls); emails not answered or they have given me wrong email; phone disconnects when general number called and ask to speak with real person!

    Spoke with a live human from there yesterday, says my computer file states they contacted me July 15th, but did not say why or purpose of call. Checked cell and phone logs, called every number I didn't recognize, none of them Wamu/Chase.

    I am frustrated, disappointed and disgusted with them. I'm working with a new lender, only after to read some bad comments about their practices, but hoping for the best. I'll be furious if Wamu tries to collect the $875 application fee...better go check to see if they already did!

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Washington MutualScammers!

This bank is a rip-off!! They withdrew $$'s from a working check account to cover another overdraft of $74 in another account without telling me (I had over $2000 in an attached Savings account that they should have taken from) and therefore threw my other 1 account into overdraft. Of course they immediately began charging me $34 OD fees. This is completely unreasonable and unethical in my opinion.

Anybody thinking about opening accounts with WAMU, should DEFINITELY RECONSIDER AND LOOK ELSEWHERE!!

Washington MutualFraud and scam

I am closing my Washington Mutual checking account today, which I should have done years ago, when this pattern began. What they claim is that customers who have a home equity line with them get free checking. What they actually do is give it free for a while, long enough for you to stop checking for bank fees. They they slip in a $20 monthly fee, and you're still not checking, since you have it in writing that you won't be charged. After a while, you get a notice that your account is overdrawn.

In this last case, it turns out they have been charging me for nine months. Guess how much they will refund? Three of those months. Their script goes that it's the customer's responsibility to check their statements for fees. My response is why do they expect customers to check for fees that, in writing, state will not be charged. I know one other person who left the bank for the same reason. I'd venture there are many, many people being ripped off. I've been shorted $120 that the bank is pocketing, and that is only what I know of. Chances are this has been going on for years without my catching it.

And f.y.i., the script issued to me on the phone by two different supervisors tips off the scam: Why would a bank, or any business, not correct their own errors that occurred more than 90 days earlier? Because they know they have a lot of people who actually believe they aren't being charged and they can run up the bills well past 90 days. What an unethical way to run a business.

  • Ja
    Janet Oct 15, 2008

    I have a new scam to report. I took out a loan from my 401K. When I went to deposit it at WAMU (where I've been banking for 13 years) they told me that 21.5% of it would be held for seven days and 78.5% of it would be held for FOURTEEN days!!! I have access to $100 of the $22, 800 that I deposited and they get to play with the rest of my money for two weeks.
    When I pointed out that the check was written on them (JP Morgan) I was told, "We haven't gotten that far yet."
    I hate banks.

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Washington MutualScam and fraud

My loan was sold to washington mutual Jan 2008, they took it upon themselves without my authorization to pay the taxes on my house in Feb.2008 when I still had plenty of time to pay them myself. Now they have increased my monthly payment from $1531.12 to almost $1900.00 per month to get there money back. I have never in my years of owning property ever had a 30 day late, well this company has caused me to have one. I made a call to wamu to please work out a payment plan to pay the taxes back, in the mean time they said it would be a couple of weeks I had to pay my mortgage for july which I did in plenty of time at the bank in the amount of $1531.12, the teller never said a word to me about the payment being to low. I received a call from wamu on or about August 5th saying I was $450 short on my payment, I was shocked, the man named either john james, or james john reassured me there would not be a late pay on my credit if I paid the shortage so I did and he lied, not only that but wamu never accepted my payment which was paid on the 12th of aug I have a 16 day grace period which has now caused me a 30 day late. I now cannot even refi my home with another company to get rid of wamu because of this. Please I need help I never told them to pay the taxes, not only that I do not escrow period not insurance, nor taxes. I have asked them to please take the 30 day off my credit and they refused I spoke the the supervisor named Theresa.

Washington MutualHarassing phone calls

They start calling at 8am and follow two more times- Mon- Sun- Very harassing and cannot understand English nor speak it- they are helpless when it comes to answering questions- I wish I had read about this company before ever getting a credit card from them- no other creditor is this difficult

  • Un
    unname Oct 04, 2008

    i cant even write the damage they did to me lies mistreatment giving them all my blood money. disrespect they destroyed my credit and racked up false charges late fees totally wrongful they do not care they intentionally give u the wrong imfo and destroy u. no one will contact u or rectafy any of the damage. Im telling u because of them i cant sleep at night and its the situation is distroying my kids. never believe anything they say ever.

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  • Da
    David Cremer Dec 02, 2008

    They (Washington Mutual) have been harassing my wife and I via phone calls for months now. They call daily, asking us to make a payment over the phone, and they began doing this even before we were late on a payment. I have kept a call log on them since October 30th, 2008, and in that time, they have called our house more than 70 times. One day, a Sunday, they called our house 7 times in one day. I have told them verbally several times to stop calling, that I would not make a payment over the phone. I have alse sent them a Federal Trade Commission letter telling them the same thing, but they are still calling. Evidently, Washington Mutual feels that they are above obeying the law when it comes to harassing phone calls.

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  • Ta
    tanedra Dec 23, 2008

    Maybe you should try paying your credit card on time, that would stop the calls altogether. Just a thought!!! hahahaah

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  • Se
    sensei_jim Sep 08, 2009

    Ignore the last comment. She obviously cant read (as you stated you were not late), and thinks this is myspace.

    You are correct. They did all this to me. They call them a courtesy call to remind you to make a payment. This starts the day after your due date (note its not late for an additional 10 days). I too have a log of 7 calls on a Sunday, the first one at 8:30PM, the last one at 8:30 PM. This is the legally allowed period I believe, but they push it right to where the phone is ringing at the last minute. I have told them to stop. They dont. This is a mortgage, so I just cant pick up and move to another Mortgage company. I'll start my legal action and let you know how it goes.

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Washington Mutual&Pre-approved& Offer Rejected

I'm sure everyone gets these "pre-approved" credit card offers once in awhile. We've received hundreds from Washington Mutual in the past couple years. We decided to "accept" the "offer" [note: we did NOT "apply"] because the terms were better than our other cards and our plan was to transfer the balances. We were rejected.

We have had a credit monitoring service since early 2006. It alerts us to ANY changes in our credit. So when WaMu stated in their rejection letter that the initial offer was made based upon a "preliminary review" of our credit, then went on to state that it was an issue on our credit that led them to reject our acceptance of their offer, we scratched our heads. Our credit score has done nothing but go UP in the last 2 years. We have had no derogatory info whatsoever posted since January 2006 when my score was about 615. as of May of this year, my score is 688, my husband's score even higher (the "offer" was in my name).

It's my humble conclusion that Washington Mutual is LYING. I think they send out scads of these "pre-approved" offers just to see who will bite. This actually violates Texas law [see link below] and there are dozens of pending complaints against WaMu for this deceptive practice.


If there had been no harm, I wouldn't complain. I just would never do business with WaMu again (and I won't!). But every time a creditor checks your credit report, a note is made. If the number of inquiries don't match the number of new accounts proportionately, that is a negative.

Washington Mutual did damage to my credit. Take care that they don't do the same to you! I think it goes without saying that a business that conducts itself in such a way does not deserve ANY of your business.

Washington MutualCustomer service on payoff!

We paid off an equityline loan with WaMu and have proof of delivery of their receipt of two different pay off checks. They lost the first one and have still not applied the second to payoff and we are getting collection calls 3 times a day accusing us of having defaulted on the loan. When you speak to their customer service and collection departments they will not give you direct numbers or email addresses for follow up so every contact you make, you are starting over with a new person. Both departments have refused to let us speak to a manager. Their customer service is deplorable! We will get it resolved but it is very scary as these people are in positions where they can impact a customers credit score. Someone on an executive level at WaMu nees to be aware of how bad their customer service is and retool it.

On the other hand - kudos to IndyMac!! Even though none of this is their fault, they have 3 people actively working with us to get a resolution with WaMu.

  • Je
    Jeff Oct 06, 2008

    I definitely agree with you on WaMu. We also have a home equity line of credit, and while we got behind in payments, we've been vigorously working to get the account up-to-date - but without any assistance from WaMu.
    Each time I call, I'm given a different name as to who my account manager is. Twice I called and was told by the person I was speaking to that they were my account manager; and then later told that someone else is my acct. manager.
    If I call and speak with someone and make a payment, someone else will call that same day or the day after and say they've been trying to reach us with no success.
    I set up a repayment plan with one individual, and the next time they state a different amount. While I'm on the phone with them, the amount changes several times.
    Their mortgage offices are the same. Most speak English, but they don't seem to understand English... so you go round and round, and nothing is ever resolved to your satisfaction. The next time you call and ask what the notes are from the last conversation, they have little to do with the conversation you actually had with someone.
    We didn't choose WaMu... our loan was sold to them. We will NOT be using WaMu in the future. It's really shameful that they operate in such an irresponsible manner - especially with issues as important as mortgages and lines of credit.

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Washington MutualThey stole my money!

Incident = On February 28, I requested two different stop payments from my WaMu checking account. These were stops on two different loan payments to two different companies(not WaMu), after I had refinanced the loans and changed the payment dates. Not only did WaMu NOT stop the payments, they still charged me the fees for the stop payments that they never did!

This caused a $1300 shortage in my checking account, which in turn caused 6 different other checks/drafts to bounce, including my March mortgage payment! To top it off, they have hit ME with 6 overdraft fees totaling $210.00 Add it all up and they have shafted me for $1574.41, leaving me more than $900.00 overdrawn, and they had the nerve enough to leave me a voice mail saying they needed to speak with me about my NSF activity!

I called their customer service 1-800 number and was led around in circles by customer service agent A.J. Zapata about how their computer system could not let them refund the money. I then called their corporate headquarters and was told by executive rep Eddie Ramirez that not only would they not refund my money, but that he was going to report me to WaMu's corporate security if I ever called again to harass HIM!

Washington MutualOverdraft charges!

Since Sept-06 when I found out I had become a victim of online internet identity theft from my bank Washington Mutual and it was going on for over 2 years never a clue and did not see my bank statements for 15 months in [protected] It was because the man i was seeing didn't want me to see them so he had them sent somewhere well I am prosecuting him but the bank should have seen all the activity going on from [protected] it wasn't till i got all my statements did I see why wamu didn't care cause they collected a lot of overdraft charges $4000.00 and also $2000.00 in all those extra fees they should have called me or closed my account froze my atm card cause that is what i use it would have sent me inside to talk to them and on top of that the bank statements i ordered for those 3 years I have to pay for even though its for a police report so it will get up to the DA office. They don't put their customers first and i always get different answers to the same question all they care about is making money and I think its wrong.

  • Ga
    Gary Dryson Jan 31, 2008

    To everyone who is having problems with WAMU:

    I have also had some problems and did some research. You can actually report them to the feds and they will investigate. Though it takes a little while - it WILL be helpful if everyone who has a complaint contacts them.

    You should contact:

    San Francisco Regional Office

    Pacific Plaza
    2001 Junipero Serra Boulevard, Suite 650
    Daly City, California 94014-1976
    Telephone: (650) 746-7000
    Fax: (650) 746-7001

    Mail: P.O. Box 7165
    San Francisco, California 94120-7165


    Good luck with your problems in getting them resolved!

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Washington MutualUnethical practices and buying out mortgages

I bought my house in 1999. I setup automatic payments well in excess of the required payments thru my online payment system at my local bank. In 2002 Washington Mutual bought out the loan, but my automatic payments kept getting cashed. In December 2005 WaMu decided to change the delivery address of the payments, even though they were being made electronically, they rejected payment and tried once to charge late fees. I called, complained and got it fixed. This July 12, 2007 my mortgage payment was once again rejected by WaMu, 4 days before the deadline. My bank tried to call WaMu and correct the error but WaMu has a policy of not talking to a "3rd party" . Clearly a ploy to avoid fixing the error in time to clear the payment. Both my bank and WaMu chose to send snail mail, neither calling nor e-mailing to notify me of the "mistake". WaMu claimed in writing, that I just plain did not pay this month. My bank claims, on paper, "the payment was refused by the payee" and "Payee would not speak to a third party" despite the whole system insisting on a phone number, mailing address, and account number to set it up. WaMu changed the account number by 2 digits, knew that was why the rejected it, and proceeded to make sure there was no way to correct for the problem in time! Clearly intentional negligence on their part. I talked to one Rebecca K. (she refused to give her last name, when I complained and she insisted that they were in the right, and the $36.11 late fee could not be waived because of "policy". Further she had the gall to insist I pay NOW, the evening their letter arrived, and only pay an extra $15 for telephone payment! Clearly policies designed to allow unethical practices skirting the law, and upping profit margins. These little dirty tricks, it seems have thru fine print and legal lobbying been made less than illegal. But I contend clearly remain unethical, especially for a company whose CEO and Chairman of the board, Kerry K. Killinger , was quoted only last April in Fortune as saying with regard to ethics ' I try to do the right thing and use the test of "Am I comfortable with having my mother read this in tomorrow's newspaper?" ' Hmnnn, this is not the Seatle Times, nor the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (I found two addresses for him) but it could be, and mom could be reading of it in the morning.

WaMu's instance of this scam aside, unethical practices in banking and credit cards seems to have become the standard or higher profits rather than the rope that hangs them. I've had similar issues thru assorted credit cards and the banks that bought out credit card accounts in the past. Generally I report them to BBB or States Attorney General in their base state then close the account and never do business with them again. My mortgage is clearly a bigger task, since I am forced to refinance and have no guarantee they won't simply buy out the mortgage again as they keep "expanding".

Wider than just my bank, I think my congressman, and yours, and everyones need to hear a few words about ethics and the lending industry from everyone with a mortgage, home loan, or a credit card. I found this site useful in locating and contacting my representatives: http://www.senate.gov/ just pick your state and detail address out and follow links until you find a means of contact that works for you.

It is also useful to find the state of incorporation for your problem bank, and either contact the Better Business Bureau in that state and/or the State Attorney General with your complaints. You'll find you are only one of many with similar issues. Companies that pull such trickery, seem to do it by policy not by mistake.

  • Ho
    Howard Jul 31, 2007

    It is YOUR responsibility to properly address automatic payments with your bank. When your loan was sold you were notified 30days in advance, you had plenty of time to make all the necessary adjustments. You were also advised that if you made a payment after or during the transfer process to the original loan underwriter would apply the payment with out penalty to you. This is required by law. So stop the BS. Quit looking for some one to handle your affairs and place blame.

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  • Ka
    karen formman Aug 10, 2007

    WE had a 2nd home that was being rented out, we were scammed by the guy renting the home and then he didnt pay anymore and we evicted him. Due to the real estate market I called WAMU and let them know that I had the house up for sale as I am an Agent and that I wouldl like the paperwork for a short sale. I was told by their Customer Service that they would be sending this to me. After 1 month and numerous calls I still haven't received the paperwork. I now have an active buyer and I again call and ask letting them know I have a buyer and need the short sale paperwork... nothing... I called every day the next week which is last week in june only to be told to fax the contract to the customer service agent and they will look at it. So I do, and guess what nothing, I get a phone call from WAMU stating I am late on payments?? I try to explain what I am doing as at this point I need to sell home, I have active buyer pre-approved no contingencies and they want house... The WAMU agent puts me on hold, comes back to the line about 7 minutes later only to call me a liar and that they have no record of me ever calling into WAMU and by the way... When am I paying this? Well we go back and forth with nothing resolved and no paper work and no knowledge of me calling and at this time, no contact was ever faxed either so they say... What a joke. The next day I get a letter from WAMU stating they are sending someone out if I don't contact them about the vacant house. They need to assure its safe??? I call again letting them know yes the house is vacant its for sale the same story about short sale. Nothing... A couple days later I go by my rental property to show it to another potential client as now previous one is getting ready to pull the contract only to find out that WAMU sent in an independent company who drilled a whole in my back door of the home, left every door in the house unlocked and the door to the garage open with the air running for the last 3 days in 100 degree weather and now I am missing garage door openers, two TV and the surround sound stereo system. What a crock that is... Of course no one knows anything, but when I called into Customer Service and explain what happened and that they don't have a right to go into my home, I am called a liar again and that they can go into my house whenever they want its in the mortgage contract, by the way I am 2 months late now and no paperwork has been giving to me. So I explained again that they are holding me up its been days now with no response on the contract, the buyers are getting anxious, please make a decision. I again am told that I never sent them anything. While I was on the phone with Customer Service, I again fax over contract to WAMU.

    I am told they will get back in touch with me "Shortley". Well were into August and I have lost my buyers, I have a hole in my back door, missing items from the house that was to be sold with it and no one can do anything about it. What A CROCK!! I could go on and on but I think you see the crap going on.

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    Gary Dryson Jan 31, 2008

    To everyone who is having problems with WAMU:

    I have also had some problems and did some research. You can actually report them to the feds and they will investigate. Though it takes a little while - it WILL be helpful if everyone who has a complaint contacts them.

    You should contact:

    San Francisco Regional Office

    Pacific Plaza
    2001 Junipero Serra Boulevard, Suite 650
    Daly City, California 94014-1976
    Telephone: (650) 746-7000
    Fax: (650) 746-7001

    Mail: P.O. Box 7165
    San Francisco, California 94120-7165


    Good luck with your problems in getting them resolved!

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