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Resolved Savings2Gounauthorized charge

Order some electronic cigarettes back in September or October of 2010 and somehow got signed up for this Savings2Go and have had $14.95 deducted from my bank account every month since. When I finally got a contact number and requested that my membership be canceled the service rep did not offer to cancel it but instead want to send out new membership info and then wanted to set me up on a reduced membership plan where I only got charged annually. Only after I got extremely upset and repeated that I wanted to cancel a number of times did he finally cancel my membership to something I have never used and didn't know that I signed up for

  • Su
    Sue Phillips Sep 22, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been wrongfully scamed since september 2008. they have charged my accout $14.95 every month for 2 years. I have no idea how these charges got on my credit card statement.

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  • Gl
    Glenda H Jul 05, 2012

    The same thing happened to me today. there were two $14.95 charges to my bank account from sav2go and I called and got the same run around of offering me a one-time fee of $29.95 annually starting next month. I have told them I do not want it but they said if I but she started her sales pitch. if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. but she started sounding sort of irate, saying I didn't understand what she was trying to explain (if I spend over $25 in groceries, I will get $25 back) so I agreed to wait to make up my mind. but I am going to call tomorrow and try to cancel again.

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Resolved Savings2Go — automatic opt-in ripoff

If you purchase sham-wow, or smooth-away, or acai cleanse, online - beware. You will be automatically signed...

Resolved Savings2Gofraud

I recieved a letter from my bank telling that my account is in the negative. I went my bank to see what the problem was and they told me that a company called, "SAVINGS2GO" has been taking 12.95 out of my checking account since April. I never authorized such thing, I am a full-time college student and a single parent and I need every dime that have. Whoever these people, company or whatever they should be punished to the fullest extent.

  • Li
    linda wilhelm Jan 22, 2009

    my bank card was charged without my authorization. I have no idea who this company is. I hope I can have my account accrediated for the 14.95 they stole from me .

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  • Jo
    Joe Parodi Jun 01, 2009

    I have been getting charged 9.95 a month for over a year. never authorized it don't know anything about this group of crooks.
    The bank let it happen and wouldn't do anything about it. Thank you B of A!!
    Called S2go this morning and they claimed my wife ordered some CD's and this promotion was part of something that came with it. Boy what a screaming deal!! The wife never approved this transaction.

    Just look at all the membership amounts, they are all different. I got away cheap for 9.95

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  • Di
    dillash2 Oct 08, 2009

    It is companies like this that turns people off from buying on line or on the phone i was ripped off and i was not even asked if i would like to participate, I think there should be a law against companies like this I am being charged 14.95 a month and i am unable to get it stopped

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  • Kl
    K.Laforme Nov 11, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this is a fraudulent company, they keep taking money out of my visa even after I cancelled my subscription over 2 months ago, any one that can provide some assistance with this company it would be greatly appreciated.

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Resolved Savings2Gounwanted account

I have received credit card billing for this company and as far as I know I never opened an account, nor had I ever heard of them until the bill came. At first I thought perhaps I had ordered something through them. I want to be taken off of their list of "customers" and no further charges.
I have no information nor an account number that I know of.

  • S2
    s2gohelper Jun 28, 2009

    all you have to do is call 18004480166 option 4. they will be more then happy to cancel the membership for you.

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Savings2Go — unauthorized credit card charge

My chase credit card statement showed 3 transactions (dated 12jan, 12feb and 12feb) in the amount of $14.95...

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Resolved Savings2Goscam and cheating

I cannot figure out why businesses that want our return business let scam operations like savings2go - stonebridge life and reservationrewards - webloyaly to link popup coupon click pages to their websites. I got scammed by clicking on a rebate coupon from savings2go while x-mas shopping at - beach camera. I never gave savings2go my card info so they must have got it from buydig because they charged my account. I contacted stonebridge and did get my money back. I will no longer do business with any online retailer. I was using and found a popup coupon scam link on their webpage to reservationrewards promising $10 off next purchase from ussearch. I contacted ussearch and the following is their response to me.

Please be informed that we are not accountable for other websites who connect to our USsearch website for offering discounts to the customers. However as stated earlier we value the privacy of our customers and at any cost we do not sell, lease or rent information collected on the Website.

  • An
    ann silva Apr 04, 2009

    I cannot get any response for trying to cancel an order that was mistakenly put throug, everyone says call later or no order on file,., however the charge is real. can anyone suggest what to do.

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Resolved Savings2Gounauthorized charge to my credit card

I found a charge on my credit card statement by Savings2go. I have never used such a service. The amount chaged to my card was $14.95. I had to call my credit card service and fill out a form stating that I never authorized this charge. I also closed out my cridet card and am waiting for the new one that is being issued.

Resolved Savings2Gounauthorized membership and payment plan

Received unsolicited mail informing me that I had authorized by phone monthly payments of $12.95 to be automatically deducted from my account. They do indeed have my debit card information. My correct name was on the mailing envelope and on an enclosed membership card. The card also provided me with a membership number: [protected]. I have never in my life before heard of this outfit; I have never talked with any of their agents or representatives on the phone; I never requested the provided membership; I most positively never authorized charges to my debit card.

Resolved Savings2Go — unsolicited e-mail, unwanted membership

Unsolicited e-mail, unauthorized “membership” established in my name. On the morning of [protected], I...

Savings2Gounauthorized charges on my bank account

This company has been taking $12.95 out of my personal bank account for months. I have not authorized this charge.

  • Pr
    Pragna Modha Dec 03, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered flowers for a very young sick realtion in USA and since then a Easysaver has appeared on my credit card statement and £9.96 and £8.62 has been charged. As I had recently visited this realtion I thought it was a payment from the stores but only to realise that this has happend since August 2008. This company needs to be striuck off and please guys do not order flowers from Proflowers.

    Call your credit card sompany and make them aware of this.

    Pragna Modha

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  • Ch
    Chances R Mar 13, 2009

    I became a member of s2go about nine months ago.. To be honest some of you people just need to listen to your calls in for other items I mean really have you heard how you were signed up? I asked and found out it was not s2go that signed me up but another company and when I called s2go they were more then willing to help me with my problem.. Since they acted the way they did it gave me the incentive to at least listen and try out the membership.. Now I am not saying that this membership is for everyone but if you all were to pay more attention to how you were signed up maybe you would see that this company and membership were not the ones responciable for my problem.. Needless to say I just wanted to put my 2 cents worth in...
    Signed a Happy Member of S2Go...

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  • Yo
    yourSavings2go May 11, 2009

    The ShamWow website (wonderhangers and others) . If you note the VERY fine print at the bottom of the order page (relating to a $10 discount offer), it reads as follows:

    “You’ll receive your membership welcome e-mail (from saving2go) within 3 days and can, at that time, access your benefits, including your $10 Cash Back. Your discounts are free for the next 30 days, plus all the valuable benefits of Savings2Go. If you are satisfied during your trial, do nothing. All your Saving2GO discounts and benefits will automatically continue for just $14.95 a month. Savings2Go benefits may be enhanced or modified at any time without prior notice. If at any time you are not completely satisfied during your trial or thereafter, simply call Savings2Go at 1-888-448-0166 to let us know you wish to cancel and you’ll owe nothing more. All your benefits and access will then be canceled immediately. All the money you save and the $10 Cash Back are yours to keep!”

    The catch—and it’s a big one—is that if you didn’t notice or simply randomly deleted the savings2go “membership welcome email” as trash or spam and didn’t immediately contact them to cancel your AUTOMATIC ENROLLMENT, you will be billed each month in perpetuity for $14.95. They’ve already got your credit card number thanks to Sham Wow. They don’t need your approval or authorization. Your failure to affirmatively cancel your “free” membership is all it takes.

    Not quite fraud but, clearly a VERY deceptive business practice. This is a classic example of what is referred to as the “automatic OPT-IN.” Absent your affirmative act to CANCEL and opt-out, you’re on the hook WITHOUT your consent or approval. Unfortunately, unlike legitimate websites, there is no option to decline this offer when you place your Sham Wow order. You are automatically booked with savings2go, like it or not. If you fail to respond to their email and cancel within the 30-day trial period or even if you never received a “membership welcome email”, your card charges being as soon as the free trial period is over. You opted IN when you placed your Sham Wow order.

    This is the DAllas BB info - complain

    ..And Im sure the CEO would like to hear about how her company got your credit info

    Ms Marilyn Carp is listed here

    If they were as concerned about their customers - as Melissa the PR girl would have it - They would have the card as OPT IN as may legitimate providers do - BUT as it's SO very rewarding to have people unaware of funds being taken from their bank accounts because of the OPT-OUT requirement.

    I have read HUNDREDS if not thousands of these complaints and it is a shame that so many are from the Poor or Elderly

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  • Sa
    Santa'sHelper Nov 23, 2009

    I work for a company that calls people with this offer and we give them these numbers right up front: 800-251-6808 for Savings2Go and 888-527-2589 for LeisurePlus. As long as they call after three days of talking to me and within 30days of receiving their packages they can cancel and owe NOTHING. If they forget to call they will be charged. I make sure they understand this before I let them off the phone. They are still able to cancel at any time and stop the charges if the wish to discontinue the servoce

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  • Me
    melodie lamb Mar 05, 2012

    i have been trying to call the toll free number to cancel but i can't get through. it automatically hangs up on me. i tried going ti the web site and it wont let me register or log in. how am i supposed to cancel in 30 days if they wont let me get in contact with them??

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  • Me
    melodie lamb Mar 05, 2012

    I have been trying to call the toll free number they gave me so I could cancel the unwanted membership. It automatically hangs up on me. I have tried to use the website they gave me, but it won't let me register or log in. how can I cancel if I can't get in touch with them??

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  • Ka
    Karen S Jun 03, 2016

    I was charged for the FREE Acai Berry pills. I scoured that website and never once did I see anywhere notification that it was a 'trial period" and that my bank account would be charged $79.95 after 30 days PLUS an online gym membership AND Savings2Go Membership!!!<br />
    I gave the Acai Berry represenatitive a piece of my mind and she told me that there is a small disclaimer that pops up AFTER you submit your cc information and receive your confirmation about the trial period.<br />
    I am no way going to try it again to see if she was right.. I doubt she is but even so- HOW DARE THEY PUT SOMETHING SO IMPORTANT IN SUCH AN OBSCURE PLACE!<br />
    The Savings 2 Go charge showed up 2 months AFTER I found the Acai berry charge and the online gym (Fit Factory). Now I keep calling the number to have the charge removed and nobody picks up.<br />
    I just noticed it for my March statement and went back to find it as of December!!! That's 4 months of $14.95... Who can I complain to- to get my money back?

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Savings2Gocharged my card wo/authorization

A charge for savings2go just showed up on my card. The charge was for $14.95. I have called my bank and am having the charges disputed. Hopefully my bank can track them down and prosicute! What they are doing is against the law!

  • Su
    sugahshane May 16, 2009

    Charges showed up on my card as well. When I checked my card transactions online I got a telephone # 800-448-1944. I called this number and spoke w/ a person (option 6) to cancel the account. They had my wifes email, however, she says she didn't give out our credit card number. They are supposed to credit my card for the transaction. Good luck.

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  • Bo
    bob May 25, 2009

    I do work for savings2go (aegon) and every call is recorded and is reviewed by not just one but multiple levels of quality control making sure that the script was followed, all prices said correctly and the cust said his or her zip code correctly or pushed the appropriate keys on your phone. Theres alot more rules a rep must follow but I wont get into all of it.

    **YOU** must authorize the sale or it doesnt go through, its that simple. I will guarantee that every one of you who are complaining DID in fact say your zip code to the rep or push the keys on the phone AFTER the rep said the "to confirm this authorization etc" statement, which gives authorization to charge your card. Every sale is recorded and kept to protect the company from people who agree to try the program and then call it a scam or say they didnt authorize it...and also to protect the customer from any potential errors.


    Its just not possible for a sale to get completely passed unless you agree to have it sent out.

    Also you have 30 days to CANCEL the program if you dont like it and your only out one dollar. Most companies give you 7 or 14 days. You will save more than 1 dollar in that 30 days and if you like it, keep it for the monthly fee. I dont see a scam there.

    So whether you (want to) remember it or not, you agreed to have it sent out.

    The economy is bad enough without people agreeing to pay for things on the phone and then backcharging and going online and destroying the companies credibility because they acted as poor and uninformed customers.

    In closing, Ill say savings2go is not a scam, its a legit company with real people just doing their jobs and trying to feed their families too. The reps are not heartless salesmen...some have been in the military, some are just single parents, etc.

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  • Ja
    Jaimeleighgal Jul 21, 2009

    I absolutely agree with the argument that this is a scam. I was also charged without authorization. When I called in the lady told me it was because I purchased a house cleaning product from a website and that website signed me up. I don't think a website can sign me up for a membership and authorize funds to be debited from my account. I never purchased a cleaning product online. I went back through my bank statements and I was never charged for a cleaning product that I supposedly purchased online. I was also told that the 14.95 will be refunded to my account. If I don't see it soon I will be escalating the issue.

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  • Da
    Dan Lipscomb Aug 20, 2009

    if you contact the number listed in your back account statement that is associated with the unauthorized charges, they (savings2go) will work with you.

    it happens that i was enrolled into their services when i placed an online order for something else, you have GOT to make sure you read EVERYTHING on the online invoice BEFORE you click "pay now", as i did not and there was a box already checked to enroll me, all i would have had to do was to UN-check it and this would not have happened.

    the same thing happened to me at my bank with the bounced check scenario, and after i called Savings2Go, they refunded the 14.95 back to my account, and will be refunding the 30.00 once they receive the fax i will be sending them showing the unauthorized charge, and the following nsf fee that was a direct result of that unauthorized charge.

    the statement you fax to them needs to include a running balance, showing how their removal of the 14.95 caused a shortage in your account that directly resulted in the return of a check that would have cleared had the 14.95 been in there.

    as you can see from the attached photo, after i deposited 200 to my account, i wrote a check for 196, but because of the 14.95 unauthorized charge, it bounced, and the bounce was a dirtect result of their charge. you can also see where they have already refunded me the 14.95, and they will be refunding me the 30.00 fee once they receive the fax im going to send to them today showing them the same thing im showing you.

    so all in all, there is hope.

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  • St
    St Thomas Apr 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    did call the Savings2Go customer service, and I ordered them to fax me my signature when I agreed to sign up for their program. The only thing they told me is that I purchased something from a company I have never even heard of.

    That comment is NOT my signature. That is NOT any agreement. I want to see, in writing, when I agreed to these charges.

    Additionally, where are these services that I allegedly received from them? I have nothing but this group having unauthorized access to my bank account. I have changed accounts because of them.

    In the state of Illinois, it is illegal to record phone calls without both party's consent. I NEVER consent to being recorded. If I must be recorded in order to talk to a customer service rep, then they have agreed to be recorded for quality assurance. You should hear the response to that.

    What do you think? Should I YouTube the conversations?

    Then we will see how fast Savings2Go responds.

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  • Ka
    Karat Jun 29, 2010

    My father got a letter from them telling him he was enrolled in their program. He has no credit cards, and the only account he has is a checking account which does not end in the number they provided that they said they'd deduct $14.95 automatically monthly, "authorized by him on June 16, 2010 by phone." He has no internet to sign up for anything. We have no idea how they got his name which is spelled wrong. He says they never called him, but then he's 94 and one can't always rely on him very well.

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Savings2Gofraudulent charge to my credit card

I found an unauthorized charge on my credit card from this company. Literature online states that many people are finding these unauthorized charges on their credit cards for small amounts. I am going to call my credit card company and deny this charge.

  • Su
    Susan Potter Nov 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I discovered a charge on my bank account from your company. The major problem is I never signed up for or with your company. I would greatly appreicate it if you would cancel this so-called membership to whatever and reimburse my account.

    I hope by typing the code I'm not signing up for something else.

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  • To
    Todd Stein Feb 14, 2009

    As with the many other complaints I see listed here, this company Savings2Go has charged my credit card for the amout of $14.95. I have no idea how they got my credit card information and how they got authorization to charge me this amount.

    I received their information in the mail and logged on to their website to see what the company offered. I immediately saw that there was nothing that they offered in which I had any interest, so I logged off the website and threw away their information. Now, I am being charged by them?!?!

    This is AMAZING to me! How do they even get your credit card information? PLEASE HELP PUT THIS COMPANY TO A STOP!!!

    Thank You.

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  • Ci
    CindyfromIndiana Feb 17, 2009

    I too am being victimized by Savings2Go, I just checked my bank account and they took $14.95 out of my checking account for reasons I have NO idea.I didn't even know I was a member! I sent back the Smooth Away kits because they are a fraud and DO NOT work like claimed in the commercials and other ads. I have not recieved any refund of $60 and Savings2Go is ripping me off. They must be exposed and put out of business ASAP.

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  • St
    sterlingwizard Mar 11, 2009

    I too found that i was charged $39.99. I have no idea how they charged me for whatever service it is that they offer. I know i didn't order. this place needs to be prosecuted.

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  • Lm
    LMAC.58 Jun 17, 2009


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  • Wa
    warrenh Jul 27, 2009

    These people are rip off artist. I'm going to have to take legal action against them.
    They've been charging my account for some time now and the supervisor MARY
    was totally useless. I too will take legal action right away and perhaps the state of Texas
    will consider shutting down these crooks.

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