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Proactiv SolutionAwful customer service and billing - its a trap!!!

Proactiv is an awful company - it ranks as awfully bad as Comcast (worst service in the United States, look it up). I have used Proactiv for years starting as a teenager. When you are a teen, nothing sounds better than solving your esteem-crippling acne, especially when endorsed by young celebs at such a cheap price. Especially when you're desperate. I tried and after awhile and perfecting the science of when to use it, I was acne free. HOWEVER, I am also afraid of trying other products in case my acne flares up again. I am chained to this product.


Every single transaction - and I do not exaggerate - has had bad consequences. An extra package I never ordered but had to pay my own money to send back, an extra billing that doesn't get refunded for six months, ignorant customer service representatives that argue you into not cancelling, other customer service representatives that answer the phone to let you know that they will call you back (and never do), mixing up your order in general, not sending things you've ordered...the list goes on. You can believe I am going to look into a better quality product that treats me like a customer and pays more attention to us than it does its marketing. Not enough endorsement from celebrities could get me to come back.

  • Br
    Brianst Jul 08, 2010

    Lying, cheating, thieves. They lie about their billing practices, send and bill you for products you didn't order, CONTINUE billing you after you've canceled, and refuse to refund you for their bogus products. Avoid doing business with these thieves at all costs.

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  • Ll
    LL S Jan 04, 2011

    Proactive sent me a kit that they charge $99.69. I had requested not to get kits and only recieve what I order. The person I talked to said to go ahead and get the next kit so that I could try out their products that were not so drying; I agreed. She gave me a date to call back on to discontinue further kits. I did but the representative said that the kit had already been sent out...I recieved it quite a bit later, so that information is questionable, but? Then I started an extremely rigorous semester of graduate school, and focused totally on that. My roomate opened the by mistake, and used one item which I will gladly pay for. The semester is over, and I would like to return the package, which is in perfect shape, minus the one item, but they say it is too late. I agree is is later than normal for a return, but graduate school is exceptional circumstances. In addition, I requested twice to never recieve automatic shipments, and I called back at the designated
    time to officially cancel this policy, but they said it was too late.

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  • Gr
    Graham Waller Apr 29, 2011

    If you order the proactive solution online beware because they will offer you vitamins and whether you accept the offer or not you will begin recieving them along with the $33+ charges per month. Anyone smell a scam here!

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  • Ad
    adrenalina May 03, 2011

    I absolutely agree! A group of us bought their product, some of us were ok with it, but it overdried the skin for 3 of us. When we tried to cancel the order they said we just sent you a second box. The second box came with an invoice for $99.84 per person! Tried returning it with no luck. Now I am in a battle to cancel my next order which they say will ship in July (3 months from now)!!

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  • Ka
    karthikr Jul 23, 2011

    Do not order anything from proactiv. These guys scam its members by subscribing you to a plan and continue to charge your credit card 20$ every month. Lousy customer service. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE GUYS AGAIN.

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  • He
    heath2011 Jul 23, 2011

    it is no scam, they make it clear you are enrolled in automatic shipping and billing of the time READ everything

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  • Wt
    WTFO Aug 15, 2012

    Is there a way to get this practice STOPPED ?

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  • Un
    Unsatisfied ex-customer Feb 02, 2015

    Unethical billing practice and billing without authorization. This company is a fraud.

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Proactiv SolutionUnauthorized Shipment

I cancelled the shipment in January of this product even while the sales person kept trying to keep the product coming. She acknowledged that she cancelled. Well apparently not and another shipment appeared taht was promptly refused. Of course they can not track the shipment and claim that I kept it and did not pay for it. I have been harrased to no end over this and I wnat it to stop NOW. The complaints against this companies business practises is hsitoric.

Proactiv SolutionCharges I did not authorize

I have tried to cancel with PROACTIV Solution. I keep getting charged for the product...Extremely frustrating.

  • Nu
    nuchi Jun 03, 2014

    I ordered a 30 day proactiv teen kit but I'm charged for 90 day kit. I called the customer service about it and the customer rep says even if we ordered for 30 days, its auto delivery for 90 days. Realized that its Proactiv's way to con people and keep charging for the orders that you did not place. They simply say, there is some confusion with the order you placed and they will apologize but your money will not be refunded. I feel so cheated by them.

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Proactiv SolutionOvercharge - Mis represent cost


To: Proactiv Solution – Billing Department
From: Tony Romano
I ordered the product early December 2011 (a few small bottles of solution and a brush) for my wife as a Christmas gift. She and I are both senior citizens. Almost 70.
After I presented the gift to my wife she thought it was funny – believe me she does not have acme.
Shortly after that we received another package of your products. I phoned our company and explained that I did not order anything other than the original package.
The phone person for Proactiv asked me if I opened the second package. I replied that I did not open the package. I was instructed to address the package back to Proactiv and I would be credited for the return. I mailed the second unopened Proactiv package from our local USPS mail facility to your company address.
On January 10, 2010 after speaking to another representative on the phone I received the email from Proactiv addressed to me and showing “Account Cancellation Confirmed”. *A copy attached to this fax.
I have never received credit $19.95 for the second package. To make matters worse you have billed my credit card again on February 23, 2011 for $19.95 a total overcharge of $39.90.
When I phoned this evening March 09 in the evening your phone operator advised me that he did not see any bill to me for February. Attached is a copy of my credit card billing showing the $19.95 on February 23rd .
I will wait seven days from the date of this fax and documentation sent to you. If your company has not communicated to me in writing regarding the appropriate credit and the amount of that credit I will seek a formal solution.

Proactiv SolutionFraudulent Business Practice

I have had the same experience as everyone else on this board. The only way to address this appropriately is to go directly to the Attorney General's website for IA and file a consumer complaint.

The following link will take you to the online form,

Also, if someone sends you unauthorized product you can keep it at no charge. The company has no authorization to charge your bank account, which is a felony, and you can inform you bank to refund or block any charged from Proactiv.

We are here to help

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Proactiv SolutionUnauthorized charges

Why does Proactiv keep getting away with ripping people off with unauthorized charges on creditcards and the orders. They come up with every excuse there is to keep charging you for orders you did not make. Cant every on see this is the biggest scam ever. This company is worse than Bernie Madoff!!! Hopefully more people will come foward and the truth about this company will be exposed. They only want your money, tell you what you wanna here and then when you have already placed an order, this is where the problem starts. They keep shipping you stuff and keep charging your credit card on purchases you did not make. They tell you, you enrolled in a monthly shipment order when you actually did not. I hope the company goes out of business

Proactiv Solutionbilling

I am writing in reference to Proactiv solution. I was very dissatisfied with the customer service I received from Proactiv solution. I have been a loyal member for more than 5 years and I have never missed a payment or even been late with a payment. Last year, due to financial reasons, I called an cancelled my membership. I was sent one last shipment shortly after and I sent a check through my online bill pay from my bank. After 6 weeks, the check never cleared the bank. I called Proactiv a month after the check was sent and they still had not received the payment. 2-3 weeks later, I called and cancelled the check I sent to Proactiv. Luckily, my bank did not charge me a cancellation fee this time. I then sent a personal check to the company which cleared the bank shortly after. A few weeks later I was sent a reimbursement check from Proactiv solution. I wasn't sure why this was sent. I could only assume that I had a credit on my account. Ever since, I have been getting billed $45.90 by the company. Upon calling them, Proactiv advised me that my check was bad and I still owed them $45.90. I informed them that my check was not bad but that I had to cancel the check because they never deposited it. I also told them that I wrote a personal check which they deposited. They advised me that I still owed the $ and that the first check I sent was paid online and they don't accept checks from online bill pay. I got several different stories from several different people from proactiv. The last correspondence was a couple of months ago when I called and spoke with an account supervisor. I told her my concerns and that I was very upset that I've been a very loyal customer and that I was being treated unfairly. Even after faxing a copy of the cleared check from my bank, I still received notice that they were sending me to collections. I AM VERY DISSASTIFED AT PROACTIV SOLUTION AND I WOULD TELL ANYONE THINKING OF ORDERING NOT TO TO AVOID ANY GRIEF IN THE FUTURE.

  • Gu
    Guthy-Renker Customer Care Feb 24, 2011

    Dear bepatter,
    We're sorry you had this frustrating experience. Please contact our corporate team at [email protected] with the details of your story so they can clear this up for you. If you send a link to your post here along with your full name, zip code and/or account number, they will be able to locate your account and investigate what happened.
    Corrie (Proactiv USA)

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  • Be
    bepatter Feb 24, 2011

    Thanks for responding to my complaint but its a little too late. I am done with PROACTIV FOR GOOD!

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Proactiv SolutionReturned Check


  • Po
    pobarjenkins Feb 11, 2011

    Why would you cash a check that you aren't supposed to have? You have to pay the fees.

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Proactiv SolutionDeceptive Billing

I purchased the Proactiv Solution online for the introductory price. Little did I know my one-time purchase was going to turn into them continuing to mail me product, although I had never requested it or agreed to purchase it. I was told I would be receiving a full refund once I sent the product back - this was in November. (Unfortunately, I had been going through several personal problems over the summer, and this had taken a backseat.) I sent the product back, being assured that I would be getting a full refund. I am now receiving collections notices, and I cannot get anywhere with the customer service department. I believe this is deceptive marketing, and on top of that there is no help or compassion from customer service. I would strongly recommend against purchasing from Proactiv. They will never receive my business again, as there are several products out there that work just as well, and who treat their customoers much better.

  • Bi
    Bill Boos Mar 26, 2012

    I purchased proactiv for my niece at Christmas 2011. I ordered on line for $29.95 thinking this was just a one time buy. NOWHERE does it say that you will be sent two more packages and will be billed for 3 payments of 29.95 plus tax. So the 29.95 that I wanted to spend is now $107.58 I AM PISSED! These people suck! It is a scam and some one needs to stop there practice of using your credit card to take your money without any notification.

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Proactiv SolutionDeceptive billing practices

1. Taking us to collections for $19.95 product that we never received.

2. Deceptive business practice, we had stopped buying, they offered us a 'trial' offer of newly introduced product, one tube of new acne medicine, for $19.95, then hit us with surprise monthly charges, claiming that they used the key word "this will be a continuing order, " which they use to justify as adequate notice that they would bill our on file charge card forever until we got back to them.

3. Claiming that they sent us an "affidavit" when we called to stop the unwanted recurring charges, even while agreeing that they have no evidence that we ever received this. Say that we somehow should have known and gotten back to them immediately when affidavit was not received, too late to do so later.

4. Proactiv Solution's 'Cole' indicates that we must pay, no other choice, or it goes to Collections immediately. May go on our credit report, which is currently spotless, after many thousands of dollars over many years paid to Proactiv Solutions.

  • Gu
    Guthy-Renker Customer Care Dec 08, 2010

    Dear MichaelEdwardWright,
    We're sorry you had this experience and we'd like to help you resolve it. We need a bit more information to do so; so if you would please email us your name and contact information (usually last name and zip code is all we need to look up an account if you don't have your account number) to [email protected] with a link to this post, our corporate customer service team will investigate this directly.
    Best regards,
    Corrie (Proactiv USA)

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Proactiv SolutionCan't Get Off Mailing List!

Guthy-Renker continually gives me problems! One year ago, I ordered Proactiv Solution, I tried it and was allergic to the ingredients. I sent it back, got my refund, and I thought that was it. WRONG! I started to receive annoying phone calls, trying to get me to buy more. I also received pamphlets from Proactiv in the mail.

Getting off their mailing list is a torture! I called the Customer Service number SO many times, I can't count anymore. Each time, they said that I was off the list, and wouldn't receive any more mailings. WRONG AGAIN! It's been eight + months of calling their support number, and the Guthy-Renker Corporate Office number [protected]) trying to get off their stupid mailing list. Renee, an agent in the Corporate Office has been "helping" me in the last four months, and I'm still receiving pamphlets in the mail for the Proactiv! She said that the Guthy-Renker IT Department is looking into it and will take care of it once and for all. WRONG AGAIN, AGAIN! Although Renee has been kind and patient with me, MY PATIENCE with GR is about to the end. I HAD IT WITH THESE CROOKS!

So in conclusion, I would NOT recommend that ANYONE to order from Guthy-Renker. Their "Customer Service" is a complete joke and a lie, and the Corporate Office hasn't helped me much either. DO NOT ORDER FROM GUTHY-RENKER, or you'll be sorry! I wish I NEVER would have ordered Proactiv in the first place, I never really needed it anyway. So BEWARE of marketing tactics, once they get you in, it's hard to get out!

  • Hb
    HBAK22 Nov 01, 2010

    I could not agree with you more!! I ordered my proactiv in mid-june of this year, tried it out, it made my skin waaay worse, so I talked to a rep on the phone who told me to send it back. So I sent it back mid July (WELL under the 60 day money back guarantee), and was told not to contact them before about a month and a half as that is how long it would take for them to process the return. Well 2 months goes by, I email to find out where my refund is, and they claim they never received it at their warehouse, so it was "too late" for me to return my product (that I obviously didn't even have since I RETURNED it). So of course I am really ticked off that I wasted $10 shipping it back, and never got my money. Well just the other day I came across my receipt from sending it back. It even had the postal code of the place in Mississauga where returns are sent. So I tracked the package online and it turns out they DID receive the package on July 28. And a D. McLean even SIGNED for it!!! So they LIED about receiving the package, so I emailed them and attached the receipt and the delivery notice from, evidence that should definitely prove that I sent it back. And they STILL refuse to refund me!! Bunch of friggin crooks is right!!!

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  • Ab
    abcg Nov 28, 2012

    I honestly just had your exact scenario happen you mentioned above ! word for word! now they are asking me to fax proof it was sent after i sent them tracking number and I also show a D. McLean signed for it! I can't even believe it. If they refuse to give me my money back I will have no choice but take action further, contact the better business bureau etc. Seems this company is scamming customers out of their money.

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Proactiv SolutionContinual Hassle of Mailings

DO NOT do business with any of Guthy-Renker's products, you will either experience charges on your Credit Card that you did not authorize, will receive mailings a few times a month trying to get you to buy their products, or continually receive phone calls from their sales department.

I have had so much trouble with Proactiv Solution ($30s worth!) I ordered it and couldn't use it, allergic to an ingredient. So I sent it back, received my refund, but had a problem. I called SO many times to be removed from their mailing not avail! It took about 10 months of calls to their "Customer Service, " of which each time the agents kindly said, "We're sorry for the inconveniences." Yeah right! All Guthy-Renker wants to do is SELL A LOT OF PRODUCTS! I spoke with over 20 people in that 10-month time, trying to stop the mailings and phone calls. Many of the agents were very RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL!

Finally, I called Guthy-Renker's Corporate Office at [protected] and spoke with a few people. The first two people did nothing about it, all they did was talk about what they "Could" do. It's been 2 months, and this deal of receiving mailings every month appears to have finally STOPPED! Each time I called the Proactiv Customer Service number [protected]) and asked for a supervisor or manager, I got the run-around and never spoke with one! These people known as "agents" don't seem to care at all for the customers!

Here are some tips:

1) If you need to speak with a manager or supervisor, don't even bother to ask, you won't get to speak with one. And if you do, they will probably be really rude! Save yourself the hassle, don't even ask! (Seriously!)

2) Call Guthy-Renker's Corporate Offices at [protected] or toll-free [protected] and dial 0 (zero.) I recommend that you call the toll-free number at [protected] and DIAL EXTENSION# 5517 for Renee Miller, a VERY helpful Representative that has really helped me with this inconvenient matter. Her office hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday Pacific Time. I hope this helps!

3) File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This company deserves to hear your complaint through the BBB. Guthy-Renker is located in Palm Desert, California. You must call the LA BBB at [protected] or visit The address for Guthy-Renker is: Guthy-Renker, 41-550 Eclectic Street, Suite# 200 - Palm Desert, CA 92260. Phone [protected]. That is all the information you need, plus the product name.

4) Keep trying until your voice is heard and something is done about the problem, small or large!

Thanks everyone, I hope this information helps!

Business Contact Info:

41550 ECLECTIC ST, STE#200

  • Pr
    ProductReviews Jan 31, 2010

    I am STILL getting trashy ads in the mail from Proactiv! THIS GUTHY-RENKER IS SCREWED UP AND SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED BY THE FBI FOR HARASSMENT! Yes, I am speaking with Renee at the main office, but she really hasn't helped any at all either! I'm really pissed off!!!

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  • Le
    lee45 Dec 23, 2010

    I ordered proactive and I wanated to return it, the mall kios I purchased it at told me he was not able to take returns, not sure why. He gave me a card for customer service and that I should speak with them. I did call them and I had no luck. When I purchased the product there was no problem with them taking the money, but now that I want my money back no one wants to be bothered. All I have to say is unbelievable. NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY FROM THIS RIDICULOUS COMPANY. They are all phony sales people who smile in your face and try to sell you overpriced skin care.

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  • Je
    jessica wright Sep 24, 2011

    WORST company ever. i am disgusted that ive spent 6 hours over the last 2 days for charges made to my account that i did not even know about, causing my account to be overdrawn and have overdraft fees. and they will only fix this via fax, not having a fax machine meant spending more time and money doing this at kinkos. they make me sick. i hate them and wish they would all go to jail for being horrible people.

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  • Sr
    s.rollera Sep 29, 2011

    I was just at the castleton square mall, an the man at the kiosk was so rude, and very unprofessional. He almost knocked me down, while i was holding my 6 month old daughter. Not only that, he was not in dress code and was on his cell phone at work. He did not even look like he worked for Proactiv. I love there products but never will I buy any products from this location again.

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  • Mi
    missay Nov 28, 2011

    ordered the proactiv product through phone. they kept on charging my credit card . I sent them back their product for 2 months they claimed that they didn't receive it. When they told me to fax the proof of shipment receipt to them, they gave me a number that doesn't work. When i called back to tell them, i gave them the tracking number and finally they told me the truth that they did receive it. they said they would give me back my money on my credit card, it has been another 2 months and i still haven't received my money. Order proactiv solution at your own risk, it ruins your skin, it sucks. Don't even try it because when it comes to refund, they will not be willing to return money! This has been dragging from june 2011 till now end of nov 2011 still nothing .

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  • Va
    Vanessa Castro Aug 24, 2012

    I ordered Proactiv in March of 2012 after seeing their TV add. I repeatedly told the lady over the phone that I just want to try it for right now and if I like it I will become a repeating member. She continued to tell me she understands but that she prefers me to become a member to receive it every month because it will work better. I had to keep telling her, "No!" Two months later I receive a statement from my bank stating that I went negative in my account and was being charged for it. Come to find out Proactiv charged me twice and I have not received any product! So then I call to see what was going on and why I was continued to be charged and the next lady on the phone said I was a "valued member." So I cancelled. It is now August 2012 and they are still charging me for something I never wanted in the first place! DO NOT EVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! THEY WILL CONTINUE TO TAKE YOUR MONEY! EVEN AFTER YOU TELL THEM TO STOP!

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  • Mr
    MRDRMCD Jan 24, 2013

    I have been a customer for over 3 years. One address change and everything went to hell. I have been lied to, overcharged and still trying to get the billing cleared up. An excellent product but the worst customer service I have eve dealt with.

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  • Wo
    wok Oct 27, 2015

    i have just had a really really bad conversation with Susan Metcalf who claims to be a manager she called with a very loud shouting voice then during the call she called me a liar and said i didnt deserve the products that i had paid £29 they didnt send my products so i was expecting an apology instead of that i got this very angry manger saying it was my fault that i waited before complaining they hadnt turned up i even contacted them by email 6 times so she was incorrect but she said i was a liar!! then told me to shut up whilst she was talking threatening to end the call if i didnt shut up!! end eventually this passive agressive susan metcalf hung up and said ive got other people to call do not buy anything on -line they take your money and don't send the products and use bully to scare you not to complain well guess what proactive im not scared of you or Susan aggressive Metcalfe!!
    shame on you !!!

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  • Sa
    Sammi Sweet Aug 18, 2017

    Proactive did not work for my daughter. She has sensitive skin and it made her face red and did not help with acne. She started using the Citrus Clear organic products about two months ago, and her skin has gradually improved month over month. My husband uses Citrus Clear as well for his adult acne, and they both rave about Citrus Clear. After trying so many other acne products unsuccessfully including Proactiv +, it was relief to find something that actually works.

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Proactiv SolutionScam and solution

Such a Fraud is this Pro Active Not Solution.I do not know where to start...May be with this that this product ***.Do Not Buy it...Then may be that they make me a member of there So Called Membership program and try to charge me every month the amount of 37.94 for product that I did Not want. I call them so many times to cancel that and ask for my money was fight for weeks...I want informe you Do Not buy this product there are going to take your money so many times.*** Proactive is a Scam..

  • Pr
    ProductReviews Jan 01, 2010

    Hello. I would highly suggest that you call Proactiv's OWNER, Guthy-Renker at 1-760-773-9022 and dial extension# 5517 for Renee, a very nice and helpful agent who has helped me with a situation I had with Proactiv. You call also call them toll-free at 1-800-274-4910 and dial Renee's extension their. Office hours are 9-5 M-F Pacific Time. Hopefully this helps!

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  • Ro
    Rob1234 Jan 16, 2010

    Proactiv® 3-Step System. When you order today you’ll also get a FREE Refining Mask and Travel-size Green Tea Moisturizer! After 30 days, you'll receive a new 90-day supply of our 3-step system every 3 months at the guaranteed low price of just $19.95 per month plus $7.99 s&h per subsequent shipment you accept, which will conveniently be billed to the credit card you provide today. Every Proactiv® order comes with our 60-day Money Back Guarantee (less s&h). Proactiv is the #1 acne system in the world!

    Yeah your right I can see how this is a scam . . .its listed right in the paragraph you didnt read, your all people who dont read your terms and conditions on your credit card and complain about the interest rate too huh? lol

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  • So
    soadfan_02 Mar 17, 2010

    rob1234 i see how you can make a snide remark like that, however... if you try to cancel your subscription or even if you move... they update your information somehow, (through the bank card would be my guess) and they still make charges to your card.. either that or the phone agents are mean ### who lie in order to get you off the phone so you can leave them alone... either way this is screwed up...

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  • Ms
    MSCORTEZ Apr 16, 2013

    PROACTIV is a SCAM!!.*** Proactive is a Scam *** they charge you $29.95 every month plus shipping of $10 plus tax of $10 and you only get one kit. On the third month other $50. plus $29.95 every month for the next two months for one kit you have to use for 3months. So you are paying a total of $109.85 for 3months supply than again other $109.85 for other 3months. DO NOT BUY once they have a hold of your credit card #, they will take out and not ask. I paid $220. for two kits. When I called to complain all he kept saying was, "Sorry" but we don't care. I will never use them again so PLEASE don't buy!!

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Proactiv SolutionFraud

Proactiv Solution will make fraudulent withdrawals from your bank account whenever they feel like it. Yes, I know they say they send you a shipment every 3 months and you are required to pay, but Once you give them your card number you are subject to theft. doesn't matter if you pay your invoices they send you by check. They will say they never got it even while you hold the canceled check in your hand. The customer service department tells you one thing but then doesn't do it. They get away with stealing from consumers everyday. I was charged twice in 2 weeks (100.00) for shipments that were already paid for. Causing my bank account to be overdrawn then they tell me that after reviewing my complaint that they were not responsible for it. You took out 100.00 without me knowing therefore causing 2 checks to bounce, how can you say its not your fault?

  • Pr
    proactiv-scam Nov 16, 2009

    And that's not all. They sell your information (cell phone, name, address, cc info, cc security code) to PROTBERRYHEALTH which in turn will "order" their trial product for $0.99 after which they continue to charge you whenever they feel like it. See a connection between those idiots and Proactiv Solution's way of handling your order? Well I'm sure that these two scammers are connected and share customer information. I have since closed my CC account and got refunded for those charges by my bank.

    Be wise and use a unique CC number that your bank can issue for you so you can order Proactiv. If you really must order that product, be safe doing it. It almost sounds like "use a condom" speech given to a teenager, but this is no joke. They stole my info. You could be next.

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  • Pr
    ProductReviews Jan 01, 2010

    I would urgently IntD50, that you immediately call Guthy-Renker's Corporate Office at 1-760-773-9022 and ask for Renee Miller at Extension# 5517, or toll-free 1-800-274-4910 and dial 0 (zero) for consumer affairs. Renee is a very helpful agent at the MAIN OFFICE. I hope this helps!

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  • Sa
    Sam1992 Mar 13, 2010

    Do not ever buy anything from Proactiv solution. They will then trace you and keep on charging you money from your credit card. Once you buy anything from their website, Even after you called them canceled. They still keep you personal information and still charge you money and keep on sending your their product. You can never get rid of them. I have tell my credit card company to stop it.
    That is the worst experience ever, ever, ever

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  • Gr
    G-R Customer Service Mar 30, 2010

    Hi Sam,

    We're sorry you've had a frustrating experience. We'd like to help you resolve this. Please email us at customerservice(at) with your full name and zip code and a link to this complaint, so we can look into your account and fix this for you. Please include ATTENTION: RENEE in your email.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    Proactiv Customer Service

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  • Cc
    cccindy Aug 20, 2012

    When I ordered my first shipment, I told the CSR that I did not want automatic delivery and did not want my debit card to be used without my okay. The CSR (and I know it's her job and what she is required to say) proceeded to make it almost impossible for me to make this choice. I finally relented against my better judgment but said I wanted the automatic shipment to be postponed for about 3 months. In the meantime, I did use the product and it did work. A few weeks passed and I made the decision to buy the 60 days worth of treatment. I phoned the company and placed the order, but a few hours later, decided I would cancel the order and purchase something else here at a local store. I was told and I quote, "We cannot cancel the order because it has not processed yet, therefore, I cannot see it in the system and It's impossible for me to cancel it".

    I asked, "If I called back the next day, could I cancel?" She said yes. I called the next day and I was told, again I quote, "We are unable to cancel this order because it is in process." Okay, so I can't cancel because it hasn't processed, and now I can't cancel because it has processed? After wrangling with the CSR for a while, telling her I knew it wasn't her fault and that I knew she was required to say these things, but how do I cancel? She, Stepford wife like, kept repeating the same thing over and over. I then requested a supervisor and was told, "Oh, she will just tell you the same thing." I said, "Fine, I want to hear it again." This, after the original CSR told me that I could send the product back but would lose my shipping and handling of about six bucks.

    I was connected to the supervisor who, in fact and indeed, told me the same thing, although I was able to get a verbal promise that notes were put in the system that my shipping & handling would be refunded once I sent the product back. I will be interested to see how long it takes them to refund my money and my shipping & handling. I'm hoping that I will not have to file a claim with my bank to pry the money out of the vise like grip of this greedy and deceitful corporation. I had heard bad things about these folks and choose not to believe it but I now know that all that has been said is sadly true.
    I refused the shipment on 8/3 as advised by a supervisor at Proactiv. She told me it was best to just refuse the shipment, don't receive it and then ship back, but refuse it. Which I did. I just got off the phone from another CSR who asked me for a tracking number, which of course I did not have since I had refused the shipment. I was then told it would be 6 to 8 weeks before I could hope to see any refund from the company because I have no tracking number. Today is the 20th of Aug. I very calmly told her, I know it's not your fault, and I'm not angry at you but, I then explained the Kafkaesque working of their "order taking", asked who I should appeal to in the company to get my money back sooner and again, I'm not angry at you but I have to tell you I think Proactiv's policies are very close to fraud! She then told me that she would refund my money then and there and it would be about 5-6 working days before I received it. Oh, and she did refund my s/h only after I reminded her that the prior CSR had assured me that notes were put into the system. These people are not to be believed! Mostly they just want you to give up and go away, don't do it. Keep fighting.

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Proactiv SolutionProactiv charge TAX on S/H

Proactiv Solution charged SALES TAX on Shipping & Handling!! Other companies apply sales tax on products only. I didn't pay attention to their Invoice till I was being laid off in Feb this year and I've been paying their bills for at least 2 years!!!
Their club price is lower than you buy from booths, so you usually will buy from them via shipments.
$39.95 (3-piece kit) + $5.95 (shipping & handling) + $4.48 (CA sales tax 9.75%) = $50.38 (total charged to my credit card)
I talked to their customer service rep. and she also felt it's odd to apply sales tax on Shipping & Handling. Then I wrote to Proactiv to spot this out and on May 19, 2009 they replied as below:
"we encourage feedback from our customers as it helps us improve the quality of products and services we deliver. I will forward your suggestion on to the appropriate corporate department."
BUT 4 months later, no change!!
I'm here to request someone to push them NOT TO apply sales tax on Shipping & Handling. They should refund all those unreasonable charges to all their customers!!

  • Pr
    ProactivHelp Sep 22, 2010

    NoMore Wells Fargo,
    I looked into this issue for you and it turns out we are required by some states (like California) to charge sales tax on shipping and handling. If you're concerned about the products you've received or aren't 100% happy with the results you've gotten using Proactiv, remember there's always the 60-day money back guarantee.
    Hope this helps clear things up for you.
    Kathryn (Proactiv USA)

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Proactiv SolutionCharging without consent

Recently I got a strange transaction on my Credit card statement. The Transaction Marked:

GRC*PROACTIV SOLUTION, [protected], US, USD - 74.95 2, 489.59 which charged from my credit card $74.95.
I have never order anything from that company and I don't know why this company charge me.

What the hell is going on with that company?

  • Pa
    pam61 Sep 03, 2015

    this company continues taking money from my account without authorization. I am calling my lawyer . I have repeatedly called them. I am a retired nurse and I am ashamed to have the two doctors who started this company in the same medical field as me. I had to cancel my credit card. but before the change went trough I was charged for a kit I sent back plus 13.00. two bad the people that have been traumatized by this company don't get together and sue them. pam

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Proactiv SolutionSubscription without consent

Yesterday I received in the mail a box from Proactiv Solution containing their anti-acne solution and a receipt saying my credit card had been charged and that I was signed up for a subscription to their product. I had never heard of Proactiv before and had certainly not signed up for a subscription or given consent for my credit card to be charged. I have no idea how they got access to my credit card number (the last 4 digits were on the receipt).
When I called the company, they agreed to cancel the shipping charge and send me a label to send back their product, promising to cancel the charge upon its return. The charge has not appeared on my online credit card statement thus far.
I am really hoping that I will not have to go through the pain of canceling my credit card and getting a new one. Even then, the worry is that there is some unscrupulous third party that I do business with that is selling my information to Proactiv.

  • Ja
    Jane Feb 14, 2009

    The same exact thing happened to me yesterday -- when I called Proactiv I learned that the order was associated with a fraudulent e-mail address. I decided to cancel my credit card number, because obviously someone (presumably within the company) stole that number and now has access to it.

    This is criminal activity. I believe this company operates out of California. Should I contact California's Attorney General? Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • Kk
    KKMA Jul 28, 2010

    Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe someone else stole your credit card and called the company and placed in order under your information. lf you are at all smart you would have contacted your credit card company and changed your card information anyone. Be more careful about who has your credit/ debit card information.

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Proactiv SolutionYour commercials have stars, but I still have scars!

Ok first off, this product has been hyped up by the media for a few years now and I must say, when I began using the product I became more and more disappointed. The basic package come with three small bottles of cleanser, toner, and an even smaller bottle of repairing lotion. I don't know about you, but when I wash my face, I like it to be clean. They recommend that you use a dime-sixed amount of the cleanser so I did that... and my oh my, my face still felt dirty and there were particles from the cleanser still on my face and that's hard to wash off. In a nutshell, this product is not for everyone, especially those who wear foundation. The supplies do not last more than a week if you're one of those people who wash your face twice a day. I've been using Neutrogena Deep Clean and I pay less than $7 bucks for it and it does the job and the bottle lasts for weeks!

  • Kr
    Kristin Mar 31, 2008

    Proactive is a rip off, at first when I started using it my acne got better (after the like 4-6week for it to start working) then when it came time to get my next pack they automatically charged me and sent it without my permission! After receiving it and continuing to use it twice a day the product completely stopped working and my acne went back to the way it was! Maybe it's my skin type who knows but it's not for everyone and if you don't want it make sure you call and tell them!

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  • Di
    diesel60 Feb 14, 2010

    First thing to your complaint: you don't use a cleanser to remove your makeup, you use a make-up remover
    Second is: you are suppose to add water and damp your face with the cleanser, using more than the amount is useless
    Third: Buy a bigger size then
    Last=Scar does not equal pimples, they are hyper pigmentation, go google and learn

    Please go learn something about how to clean your skin properly before putting any comments, it just makes you sound stupid.

    -1 Votes
  • Je
    jenifer5 Sep 13, 2010

    this company sucks, the product is awful. the service is horrible. signed up for the "club", changed addresses after 2 months product was shipped to old address. canceled and was still charged after cancellation. if you have to buy this crap just get it from a vending machine

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