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Resolved PlasmanetRip off activity

I have been getting emails from this company for over 2 yrs now... claiming i have won amounts from $100 to one million. I have sent them probably 20 emails but always the same reply... they want a credit card number... which i don't have .

It appears they claim they cannot send won monies without a TSN (transaction serial number) and the only way to get one is enter a valid credit card number. Even if I had a credit card there is no way I would give them the details. Surely the false claims they make breaks US law... why can't US take action against this company. They claim its free to enter yet insist credit card details and charge a minimum of US $9.99 a month.

From the complaints I have read... people who have entered credit details find it impossible to cancel the subscription. How long can this continue without any action being taken against this company???

They surely must be making heaps of money and heaps of people... pissed off!

Resolved Plasmanet — No job, bad teachers and crappy education!

The International Academy of design & Technology is a big rip-off. First of all let me start out by saying...