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3:22 pm EDT
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I’m a former employee. I did not receive notice that my 401K was being swept away to this non-responsive Milliman crowd. So when I go to my Fidelity 401K account I find a zero balance in my 401K account. Fidelity tells me that my funds are in a “blackout” for 30 days – which means they are unavailable for that period -- while Milliman seizes them. But...

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6:13 pm EDT
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Milliman Benefits Scam/Theft

On my last paycheck, I happened to notice I did not get the full amount in my paycheck. I looked at my electronic paycheck stub and noticed money was being taken out of my paycheck for a 401k plan. A plan which I had NEVER signed up for or given permission to anyone to remove money from my pay for.

I looked at my previous electronic paycheck stubs and noticed that Milliman Benefits has been stealing money from my paychecks for the last 7 paychecks. Money which they never asked to remove from my pay, nor have they ever contacted me to remove money from my pay.

When I started at the company I work for, they claimed we had to go into Milliman’s website and “claim zero” if we did not want the 401k, which I did. But something was bugging me about this “plan”, as it seems to be a scam perpetrated in order to get money from employees without their consent, one way or the other. Which is to my knowledge called a “scam”, which is illegal, immoral, unethical, and outright theft.

This being said, I checked back a few times after my initial log in to the site to claim all zeros. Their website is convoluted to say the least. You either have to be a scam artist or a financial wiz to understand or follow anything on their site. In the next month or two after my initial log in to the site, I followed up at least three times changing everything to zero. Their “system” reset what I had changed back to 4% from the zero’s I had previously set.

After I researched my paycheck stubs, I contacted Milliman about this and they claimed that their “system” did not show any changes. I figured as much, as this is part of their scam.

I tried to get my money back, and they refused telling me “we don’t give refunds”. They told me they cannot give me back the money they illegally stole from me. Can you believe that?

I contacted a lawyer and he told me they CAN refund my money. And after explaining what happened to the lawyer he even agreed this certainly sounds like a scam.

I have attempted to get my money returned that they stole from my paychecks, and they refuse. Not only are they perpetuating a scam, they refuse to pay back money they stole.

I don’t care what excuses Milliman Beneftis uses, or what “procedures” they have in place to perpetuate this scam…….it is a scam and they have stolen from me. They have NEVER received my permission to remove money from my pay, nor will they ever receive this permission from me. They have NO signed documents from me, personally allowing them to remove money from my pay!

I worked for this money, not Milliman Benefits! I do not appreciate having my hard earned money stolen from under me in such an underhanded way. Money which I need to pay doctors’ bills, purchase prescription’s, and pay for other expenses which encompass ALL of my money from my paychecks!

Even companies you work for nowadays apparently are set up to scam employees!

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Largo Pisstolero
, US
Sep 30, 2020 1:37 pm EDT
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I also am about to procure legal counsel to deal with this company. They owe me 4 months of my retirement checks that they were holding until they had a qualified QDRO which they already had. I'm not surprised if it were incompetence because the company I retired from was run by totally incompetent people so it figures that they would hire an incompetent company to handle the retirement plan but apparently Milliman is simply crooked, unethical and immoral.

Carolyn Schutter
, US
Jul 24, 2020 8:51 pm EDT

Same thing just happened to us at work dealing with this compan is a nightmare

2:44 am EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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This is a fly by night 401K company. Their origins are actually insurance, and their reputation in this field is not well either. They support illegal operations of 401K plans. Many of their plans are not even approved 401k's. This company took over 401k recordkeeping at my previous employer. They allowed non-US citizens to be part of the fiduciary...

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