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No Problem MoversBad Service

This is absolutely the worst moving company I've ever dealt with. Of course, that all depends on whether you don't mind broken and missing items in your moving company. I on the other hand miss having my custom built furniture that was past down from family. I moved in April and have still to have this settled closing in on November. I will never deal with this company ever again and highly suggest other people to not use this moving company.

No Problem Moversscam

No problem movers are the worst moving company I have ever dealt with. When I called the company they were professional and friendly. But the day of the move, when I had no choice but to use and pay them, the scamming began. I find it very interesting that I had the very same problems as the other people who have complained. Obviously there is truth to what we are saying. Why would people go to the trouble of writing these comments if they weren't true? And I for one have never done anything like this before.

The movers are unbelievably slow. It took them three hours to load their truck from a very small storage unit. (No stairs)

I left to get a coffee and a snack when I came back they were sitting outside and said the storage door wasn't working. It was open when I left but apparently closed on it own. They had asked someone from the storage unit for help but claimed the door kept closing on them. When I pressed the button the door opened and stayed open for the remainder of the move. I had just spent 70 dollars for them to sit around. They did try to call me and say there was a problem but I missed the call. And I take full responsibility for that. But my complaint is they didn't even move the furniture from the open unit to the closed outside door. They didn't lift a finger while I was gone. They could have continued working until I got back but instead choose to sit and wait for me. Once again when I pressed the button the door stayed open. Strange. When it came time to load my mattresses they informed me they would not move them unless I bought a cover for it. I've had those mattresses moved by professional movers before and they never forced me to buy mattresses covers. The movers said it was for their protection. I'm still not sure what that means. They were going to charge me 20 dollars for each plastic cover. I noticed the storage unit was selling them for 5 dollars. My choice was obvious. At the end of the move I was surprised to see an extra 20 dollar charge for boxes. My stuff had been stored by another moving company I didn't need boxes. And they didn't inform me of the boxes until I got the bill. I had specifically asked before the move if there would be any other charges and was told no.

Then they made a (snack) stop on their way. (They didn't realize we followed them.) So I was paying an extra 70 dollars for travel time plus the hourly rate while they were snacking.

No Problem movers took from 10 am to 5 pm to move me from a small storage unit in Mississauga to Toronto. When I hired a company to move the same furniture from Whitby to the storage unit in Mississauga it took them 2 hours less. I find this strange since Whitby is further away. And it cost me 200 dollars more with No Problem Movers.

They promised to have runners for my off white carpet. I spoke to them before hand and they assured me they would have some. They didn't have enough. The movers said the company didn't mention anything about needing runners.

I told them they would have to move faster when unloading the truck. They asked me to please not be angry with them because they were so tired of all the complaints. They told me a week ago they had a lady screaming at them. Then they suggested I help them unload the truck that way it would go much faster.

When I called to complain the gentleman was very nice on the phone and said he would talk to the movers and call me back. He never did. I called back one week later he didn't remember me so I had to explain everything once again. He said he would talk to the movers and call me back. He didn't. I called him and he just tried to justify their unprofessionalism. He thought it was fine that they stopped for a snack along the way. He told me they've never had a complaint. I didn't bother mentioning I had just seen this website.

In fact, an employee at the storage place where I got their card from said it's to bad I didn't use MIKE THE MOVER, HE COMES HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Also, when I went to put the leg on my couch I noticed 2 were missing. I called the company and asked if they had them. The woman said she would call me back. I never got a call.

I feel sorry for anyone who is going to use this moving company in the future. I am still bothered by the way I was scammed and treated that day. I have never felt so ripped off in my entire life. In the end if a former customer is unhappy you as a potential customer should be leery. Whatever you do DON'T use No Problem Movers or else you could have a very big problem.

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    No Problem Movers Oct 14, 2009

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Please tell the truth! Despite your claims of the overall move process we did reimburse you for your trouble. I strongly suggest that you contact us and advise as to why you would make the above statement after you were compensated fairly. Please contact our office to discuss.

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    NO TO no problem movers Aug 13, 2010

    BIG PROBLEMS at no problem movers

    as also an ex-employee i also am HIGHLY DISGRUNTLED
    any normal human being would be appalled at the working conditions at no problem movers for the actual movers
    the owner DOES NOT PAY the employees to eat, but will CHARGE THE CUSTOMER for meals that the workers HAVE TO SNEAK IN TO SURVIVE.
    the workers get paid very little cash (HINT: clients PAYING ONLY CASH = THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, with workers PAID IN CASH) but slightly above minimum wage for back breaking labour
    some of the movers will work hard but others will not (you dont want to know some of the backgrounds)
    the movers are highly motivated to not damage your goods since they will have to pay out of their own pocket for whatever they break (only if u buy insurance), but this also gives them many rea$on$ to hide any damage, even if its really not their fault
    extremely high worker turn around = HIGH RISK to your property due to ZERO EXPERIENCE workers (there r 1 or 2 vets, roll your dice)
    as for the "secured lockers" its the open warehouse behind the office, think unfinished basement
    they will charge u for everything and will HOLD YOUR STUFF HOSTAGE until u HAVE TO PAY CASH
    they dont totally rip off every customer, but if u have more than just a tiny move than u risk getting 2 highly INEXPERIENCED workers who will not get any breaks that the customer doesnt specifically give (they r paying after all, even for lunch and all breaks)
    although the movers r instructed to move as slow as possible but how can blame them due to NO LUNCH, OR BREAKS OR NO PAY FOR TRAVEL TIME, and will have to make multiple trips due to a too small of a truck

    all in all, if u want a highly UNSKILLED, INEXPERIENCED worker, who are getting ILLEGALLY EXPLOITED (thus attracting a certain type of desperate worker that cannot find any other work, that r willing to be treated like slaves), have your goods haphazardly stored in a "locker", have an owner that is making HUGE PROFITS that doesnt trust their workers to make the bill (thats right, its the owner on the end of the cell phone telling the mover exactly what to charge), go ahead and spin the wheel of misfortune

    although some have got excellent service, some have got totally ripped off

    believe what u want to believe, but do u really want to take the risk with your precious and even priceless belongings?

    think about how many complaints r here from BOTH the customer AND worker side!!!

    although of ZERO IMPORTANCE TO ME, some might care that the owner is a MUSLIM, just stating a fact, although proud in his office, he hides this from the public, ask him what his real name is and he will give a nickname (although iwould be scared to give my name if i was barely human as he is)

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    NO TO no problem movers Aug 13, 2010

    general moving/life tips:

    if you happen to be stupid and decide to go with no problem workers, make sure the owner gives the movers a lunch break that u dont have to pay for (starving worker = slow and costly worker)

    FOLLOW THE TRUCK so they "dont get lost" or "stuck in traffic"

    always make sure they have a large truck because it will cost you hundreds even thousands more cash if they use a small truck with only 2 guys

    the POLICE WILL BE ON YOUR SIDE and they will NOT MAKE YOU PAY them anything until everything gets settled, that is the police will not force you to pay on the spot and in fact will MAKE THEM UNLOAD YOUR PROPERTY


    there r many many many moving companies out there (i do not endorse any) so use your head



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No Problem Moversprice

We were quoted a price from this company for a move from ontario to british columbia.We accepted the quote.Our belongings were loaded in Ontario on the 10th of Sept.We were to recieve a phone call the next day after the weighing to confirm the price.After leaving several messages, they called us on our cell on the 17th of Sept.while we were in transit almost to B.C.and informed us that the price had doubled and that our furniture would be arriving later than quoted.We had budgeted our finances according to the quote.We arrived at our destination on Sept.17th and the furniture was still not in Vancouver. We informed them that we would have to come up with a reasonable payment plan in order for us to recieve our belongings.This was denied.Everything we own is somewhere in storage, and this is keeping us from working to our capabilities due to the lack of personal belongings.All we want is to come to some kind of agreement and pay this, so we can live our life.I have also reported them to the BBB, and have sent them e-mails with no response.We have also requested legal advise.They are holding belongings worth far more than the price quoted.I have also read other complaints on this company, with regards to price hiking.BE AWARE, CHEAPER QUOTES AREN'T ALWAYS TRUE

No Problem Movers — Moving price scam!

This past weekend, I hired the No Problem Movers to move a friend who is a single mother with 2 small...