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This past weekend, I hired the No Problem Movers to move a friend who is a single mother with 2 small children from a storage facility in Mississauga to an apartment in Kitchener. When I was selecting a company, No Problem Movers provided me with a really competitive quote of $89.00 per hour for 2 men and a 26" truck. I accepted after reviewing some others and the very friendly office lady stated I would only be charged for the duration of the move plus 2 hours travel time to account for time from the storage to Kitchener and time from Kitchener back to Mississauga at the end of the day. I consented and confirmed the move. The night before the move, they called to confirm but asked if I would mind them bringing a 16" truck instead. i said that I did since I knew that it would not be big enough. I also reminded the man I was quoted for a 26" truck and that was what I wanted. He reluctantly agreed. The next morning, the No Problem Movers showed up 30 minutes late only after 3 calls from the driver to me to provide him directions, again and again. The movers were a young man and a teenager (Grade 12 student). I wasn't feeling confidant but agreed to proceed, after reviewing the contract which stated exactly what the lady had told me.

Once they packed the truck from the storage facility (3 hours) they left for Kitchener with directions from me, and me and my friend in my Jeep behind them. They didnt realize we followed them into the Wendy's parking lot where they proceeded to enjoy a 45 minute lunch break before leaving for Kitchener. I followed again and passed them only after we got right into the city. I arrived at the apartment at 1:45 (a 30 minute drive from Mississauga. They arrived at 2.

They then provided me with a bill for $950 which I needed to pay in cash before they would unload the truck. I couldnt figure out how they determined $950 when they started at 9:30 am and were estimating to be completed by 4:30PM. In my head, it was 6 hours for the move + the 1 hour to drive to Kitchener and the one hour to drive back as quoted by the lady. 8 x $89 + Tax = $726 - I was even willing to throw in a tip but they insisted they could do nothing without $950 cash. I reluctantly paid to get it over with. They created an invoice which stated 9 hours moving time + 1 hour travel (?) and added in the tax and I signed it. All seemed finalized

At 3:30, they announced they could no longer unload the rest of the truck unless we paid an additional $89 + tax to cover what they believed would be another hour beyond 4:30 to complete the work. I said I wouldnt pay. I called the owner. I tried to rationalize with him that he can't state the total at one point and then revise it when his employees don't move fast enough. I advised him about the lunch break and the doddling to get to Kitchener. i advised him of the lack of speed with which his movers were working. I advised him about the contract that I had already signed and the quote that the office lady had given me. he advised me that he did not deal with angry customers and would not assist me. He suggested I call the office lady on Monday. I asked if she worked for him and he said she did. I asked then why wouldn't he deal with it and he reminded me that he would not deal with angry customers. i called him a liar and a cheat, paid the $89 + tax and asked them to finish quickly. They dumped the last load just inside of the apartment and hurried into their truck.

The drivers then had the gaul to ask me how to get out of Kitchener. I assisted them reluctantly. I called the owner back and told him I would be lodging a complaint and telling everyone that i could about this scam. he laughed and said he wasnt worried because one customer could not make a difference.


  • Gr
    Greg Traveres Dec 13, 2007

    I noticed this complaint and expressed my concerns to No Problem Movers. When I spoke with them they reassured me that they are a professional company and the above post is an exaggerated version of the truth. I used this company to move my 4 bedroom house from Hamilton to Vancouver and they did a great job. I was surprised at the level of service and cooperativeness of the workers to accommodate to my specific needs. I think the above person's complain my not be valid. Since i have moved i have recommended 3 other people to move with this company and they are satisfied as well. I just want to say that these guys are pretty damn good, try them out for yourself don't just take my word for it.

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  • Al
    Al May 08, 2008

    The complaint as described above is the exact same version of events that happened to us with this company... in 2004.

    They are the biggest scam artists around -- we also lodged a complaint with the BBB.

    The memories of this day continue to haunt me... be forewarned.

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  • Ji
    Jill Stone Jul 31, 2018

    @Al Ummm...Familiar.

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  • Kh
    khalil Nov 27, 2008

    They r the worst I ysed many other company..
    they r always late with ur stuff for weakes and they charge u more for some madeup resons
    and they use anather company to do thiet ever use themr delivery so u never know what kind of company they use...don

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  • Ki
    KING OF THE MOVERS Feb 27, 2009

    these complaints are valid i am a professional piano mover and ive had the pleasure of working with these NO PROBLEM MOVERS last year for 3 months and found them scamming from very desent customers and also ripping off their employees by not paying overtime, and not paying any travel time and redusing their jr. employees pay on account of they get paid cash and wonuldnt work as hard ALL IN ALL THEY ARE A NIGHTMARE TO DEAL WITH

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  • No
    No Problem Movers Mar 24, 2009

    To Whom It May Concern:

    As the VP of No Problem Movers I am absolutely offended by the above comments. Richard Duck was attended to and resolved, the others are just a matter of hear say and the last comment is a mover speaking ill about its competition. You as the consumer, I strongly suggest after reading the comments to contact myself personally and inquire as to what exactly happened and the recourse we took to resolve and finalize their complaints fairly. Its unfair to only get on side of the story. Do your due diligence and contact us to get the real picture. The last comment I am not going to elaborate on any further as you can tell from whats written he is disgruntled or threatened by our business.

    Thank you.

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  • Jl
    jlc May 25, 2009

    No problem movers are the worst moving company I have ever dealt with. When I called the company they were professional and friendly. But the day of the move, when I had no choice but to use and pay them, the scamming began. I find it very interesting that I had the very same problems as the other people who have complained. Obviously there is truth to what we are saying. Why would people go to the trouble of writing these comments if they weren't true? And I for one have never done anything like this before.

    The movers are unbelievably slow. It took them three hours to load their truck from a very small storage unit. (No stairs)

    I left to get a coffee and a snack when I came back they were sitting outside and said the storage door wasn't working. It was open when I left but apparently closed on it own. They had asked someone from the storage unit for help but claimed the door kept closing on them. When I pressed the button the door opened and stayed open for the remainder of the move. I had just spent 70 dollars for them to sit around. They did try to call me and say there was a problem but I missed the call. And I take full responsibility for that. But my complaint is they didn't even move the furniture from the open unit to the closed outside door. They didn't lift a finger while I was gone. They could have continued working until I got back but instead choose to sit and wait for me. Once again when I pressed the button the door stayed open. Strange. When it came time to load my mattresses they informed me they would not move them unless I bought a cover for it. I've had those mattresses moved by professional movers before and they never forced me to buy mattresses covers. The movers said it was for their protection. I'm still not sure what that means. They were going to charge me 20 dollars for each plastic cover. I noticed the storage unit was selling them for 5 dollars. My choice was obvious. At the end of the move I was surprised to see an extra 20 dollar charge for boxes. My stuff had been stored by another moving company I didn't need boxes. And they didn't inform me of the boxes until I got the bill. I had specifically asked before the move if there would be any other charges and was told no.

    Then they made a (snack) stop on their way. (They didn't realize we followed them.) So I was paying an extra 70 dollars for travel time plus the hourly rate while they were snacking.

    No Problem movers took from 10 am to 5 pm to move me from a small storage unit in Mississauga to Toronto. When I hired a company to move the same furniture from Whitby to the storage unit in Mississauga it took them 2 hours less. I find this strange since Whitby is further away. And it cost me 200 dollars more with No Problem Movers.

    They promised to have runners for my off white carpet. I spoke to them before hand and they assured me they would have some. They didn't have enough. The movers said the company didn't mention anything about needing runners.

    I told them they would have to move faster when unloading the truck. They asked me to please not be angry with them because they were so tired of all the complaints. They told me a week ago they had a lady screaming at them. Then they suggested I help them unload the truck that way it would go much faster.

    When I called to complain the gentleman was very nice on the phone and said he would talk to the movers and call me back. He never did. I called back one week later he didn't remember me so I had to explain everything once again. He said he would talk to the movers and call me back. He didn't. I called him and he just tried to justify their unprofessionalism. He thought it was fine that they stopped for a snack along the way. He told me they've never had a complaint. I didn't bother mentioning I had just seen this website.

    In fact, an employee at the storage place where I got their card from said it's to bad I didn't use MIKE THE MOVER, HE COMES HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    Also, when I went to put the leg on my couch I noticed 2 were missing. I called the company and asked if they had them. The woman said she would call me back. I never got a call.

    I feel sorry for anyone who is going to use this moving company in the future. I am still bothered by the way I was scammed and treated that day. I have never felt so ripped off in my entire life. In the end if a former customer is unhappy you as a potential customer should be leery. Whatever you do DON'T use No Problem Movers or else you could have a very big problem.

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  • Ji
    Jill Stone Jul 31, 2018

    @jlc Sounds oh so familiar.

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  • An
    anonymous7 Oct 29, 2009

    I used to work for No Problem Movers, and I will say that from an inside perspective I completely agree. No problem Movers is a scam. They have hidden charges all the time. When a job is tiny they purposely tell the movers to drag it out for more money. plus to no fault of the movers, they get paid crap so when they get put on a "small" move they themselves try to make it longer so they can actually get paid a decent amount. These workers show up at the office at 7 in the morning, get the trucks ready and leave for moves. However they do not get paid until they arrive at the move. Then when the move is done they drive back to the warehouse and lock up trucks and once again are not paid for it. Not to mention that most of the "movers" they hire are not skilled or professional. As mentioned a lot of them are young kids, ex cons etc. No Problem movers has a storage location at there office. I will tell you this is not a storage. It is a warehouse (small) and they just load everyones stuff in it and seperate it with a piece of paper saying Jills Stuff and Bobs Stuff. Really there are no 10x20 units but they lie and charge you for it and say it is a secured facility (ever wonder why they dont let you have access to your unit) Also if your moving into storage, NPM storage sometimes after the guys load everything up from your place and bring it to our warehouse they leave it on the trucks overnight and offload it the next day, but they dont tell you this, they just tack on a couple extra hours to your bill. These guys also charge extra for everything and they don't tell you this on the phone, tape, boxes, traffic, stairs, long hallways, pianos, fridge, heavier items. and they don't even give their workers who have to move this heavier stuff extra money it all goes to the big bosses.

    All I have to say is I personally would never recommend anyone to use this company. The complaints you see here are not even half of the complaints. Yeah dot get me wrong, sometimes they get a phenomenal worker who really knows his stuff and does a great job and the moves go flawlessly but come on. Of course with any moving company your going to get some complaints but trust me, if you want your stuff broken, stolen, or charged out the ying yang then well. And yes they do also outsource and use other companies to do moves. So you might not even be getting a No Problem Movers Associate doing your move. Oh and please don't let them fool you when they say they have all these trucks. They have 4 trucks 14ft, 16ft, 20ft, 24ft that's it. So if they have two large moves in one day hey guess what they will tell you your getting a big truck but you will get a small one and then be charged for the multiple trips.

    There are so many stories I could tell you about the things this company has done, I wouldnt even know where to begin. They don't take care of employees, they pay under the table, they dont hire professionals, most workers are ex cons (you really what them in your house), they charge by the hour (including traffic, lunch breaks and smoke breaks) there are so many hidden costs, the do not pay out claims and the list goes on.

    I will say that this is not a smash towards the people who work here, they are actually great as persons. Even the owner and some of the movers. This is just to tell innocent people that as a company this is not a highly recommended one. If you've used them and loved it then great your one of the lucky ones... if you've used them and hated it...I can only imagine...and if your thinking of using them... do your homework, do not leave the job site either! Trust I worked there and when I moved I didn't even use them, I recommend the old fashion way, rent a truck and grab a few friends.

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  • No
    No Problem Movers Nov 03, 2009

    In regards to this complaint made against us from a former disgruntled employee that did not get their way and worked for us for a short period of time, few weeks to be exact. The majority of this if you read it, entails that no services were rendered its just a disgruntled point of view. All they have done is gone through old complaints and rewrote it in their own words as this disgruntled employee claims are extremely false, it’s almost funny. So as the VP of the company I decided to address the complaints made against us in point form below.
    1. “Hidden charges”
    We are very clear with all of our customer’s right from the beginning of every move inquiry call we get. This is an example of hidden charges: not advising the client that there will be stair surcharges, long walkway surcharges, use of boxes, charge for using padded blankets, electronic item charges, appliance charges, etc…those are hidden charges. We do not and will not surprise our clients in any way of these charges. All charges if any are expressed during the original conversation and again when we arrive at the client’s location. Please advise, how this is a “Hidden Charge”, when we clearly advise up front.

    2. Dragging small moves out
    This is one of my favourites on the list. Movers have a minimum charge no matter how big or small the move is. The minimum charge which is a standard in our industry is three hours of work and 1 hour for travel time. 85% of our small moves are done within the minimum time. It would do us no good to drag the move on as the customer pays the minimum regardless. As a matter of fact there have been many instances where we have suggested to our clients that have extra time to keep the guys until the three hours expires “you are paying for it”. 9 out 10 clients who are suggested this option are so satisfied with the workers and work done that they let the guys go early and that is there sole decision. This former disgruntled employee should know that all of our employees even if they work 2 hours get paid for the full three hours as by law the Ministry of Labour dictates that a minimum of three hours must be paid to the working employee even if they work less than 3 hours, so yet again another invalid and disgruntled statement by this employee.

    3. Taking Longer than we had stated
    If you ask anyone in service industry they will tell you the same. We are only as good as what the customer tells us. Everyone that has filed this complaint obviously did not tell us the truth!!! For example: Move Consultant: How many bedrooms is your house? Cust: 3 bedroom home. Move Consultant: anything in the garage or in the basement? Cust: just a few boxes maybe 20 or so. Then when we get there it’s NOT a 3 bedroom house it’s actually a 4 bedroom (one in the basement) and there is around 90 plus boxes in the basement and the garage is full of content that just cannot be stacked!!! Please advise on how this is our fault!!! Of course it’s going to take longer!!! I will provide my direct number to anyone that has this concern to call me directly to voice their concern.
    4. Damages / Damages/ Damages
    This is concern that a lot of customers have and a valid one. We have never shied away for this concern ever!!! I also welcome anyone to call me if you have had a concern in regards to this directly. Our staff is fully trained and experienced in the art of moving. We wrap, pad & secure everything, this way it ensures that there is no damage to the contents or to the dwelling. When it comes to damages people sometimes are not reasonable and do not always like the answer they hear. Insurance is the one that processes and decides on claims and not us. We have been in business for over 10 years and move approximately 2500 clients per annum with very little damages. Typical move nicks and scratches may occur but we are quick to respond and action any repairs. People need to understand insurance is NOT a payday!! For example: you bought a 42 inch plasma TV 5 years ago for $5000.00 and your T.V gets broken. The insurance company is not going to pay you $5000.00 so that you could have a free T.V for 5 years! The insurance company will either replace it or pay you the difference minus deprecation. Its standard, it works that way for home insurance, car insurance so why would this be any different.
    In conclusion, the list goes on with ex con employees and poor hourly rates we pay our employees to hidden fees to our storage size. I welcome any customer to please come and visit our head office and even interview our movers. All of our employees are insured & bonded and if they were not then we would not be able to obtain major corporate accounts, which many of them require, background and security clearances. All these claims are false against us and it’s sad to see that a former “employee” could even say that about our company and make up all these lies, it is just sad and pathetic. We service all of our customers being small or big to ensure satisfactory results and a happy client. As far as “the stories I can tell you” how can you tell stories if you only worked with us for a few weeks in training??? As the person that wrote this complaint if you have any future issues please feel free to contact me directly and don’t go and tell lies on a forum that’s absolutely wrong, its slander & its defamation. I strongly recommend and suggest retracting your statement as legal action will take place. All that is required is to summons the complaints board for your real identity. How can the Complaint Board even post this kind of statement it is just wrong and surprising.

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  • I will update this post with my experience with them ASAP! However, when I saw all this it sounded all too familiar with my experience with them - THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!! THE WORST!!! I STILL DO NOT HAVE ALL MY BELONGINGS!! THEY ARE VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AS WELL! They do not finish the job in one day and take the stuff back to their storage and try to charge you for storing it! They broke so many items and then they hid them so I would not see them and then tried to get a sign off!!!...Like!!! get real ---- MORE TO COME...TRUST ME THIS COMPANY IS A NIGHT MARE!!!

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  • No
    No Problem Movers Jun 16, 2010

    The comments above are twisted to make it seem like something that it is not and is absolutely false. You know better then to comment on things that are not true. We moved a full 5 bedroom home that was not ready to be moved over two days, 3 full truck loads in a 26ft truck, with packing still being done while the guys were moving. Two days for that kind of content not bad, and it all went into an apt. We did not shy away from the damages and were willing to help, ask your friend who paid the bill. Without mentioning names if you want to resolve this we can, or we can go to court, but to spew false accusations is defamation and we take that very seriously. The choice is yours. Please advise accordingly as to how you would like to proceed.

    No Problem Movers

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  • No
    NO TO no problem movers Aug 13, 2010

    bellow is the actual pic of the owner, "raz"

    a face to haunt your nightmares!!!

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  • No
    NO TO no problem movers Aug 13, 2010

    click on below image to see the actual evil owner "raz" below
    pic is from their older website

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  • Ca
    CanadianEE May 01, 2011

    They are still at it! They must of only gotten better at being the frauds they are. Its 2011 and they did this to us just recently! DO NOT WORK WITH THEM PEOPLE! THEY ARE FRAUDS THAT NEED TO BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE

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  • No
    No Problem Movers May 02, 2011

    Again we have here the perfect example of a disgruntled employee or a customer who had to actually pay for their move. Either way if you need to bring us to justice i suggest to stop hiding behind the screen and false login names and speak to someone at our office. I assure you and the readers of this that these statements are false and unjustifiable. You have our contact information and call to verify the real facts.

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  • Ma
    machgagan Nov 09, 2012

    I was looking to hire No Problem movers for my move, but after reading all this I am really not sure whom to believe :(
    I guess I will look for someone who has moved a friend

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  • No
    Nomorescammers13 Sep 29, 2017

    I will keep this short and clear. The experiences above are on par with my own and I'm currently taking them to court. Enough said.

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