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Imperial MoversPoor Service/Dishonesty

Upon contacting Imperial Movers/All In One Moving for a price quote, I was informed by manager, Anthony Smith that the co. beats competitor rates. Smith stated all that I would need to supply is an address for the co. so, he could verify that I was not getting "2 guys off the st.". I provided my debit card # in order to reserve the service. He informed the deposit would be $100 and would be nonrefundable. Later I asked Smith to beat a rate I was quoted by U-Haul who now offers movers, packer, and cleaners with their service. I was quoted $178 for a truck and 2 men. Smith stated he would not beat that rate because U-Haul is not registered with AMSA as he is. Upon contacting AMSA, I found that he is NOT registered with AMSA. He began speaking very rudely and attacking me via phone. My deposit was already deducted so, I reluctantly agreed to continue with my order Smith assured the movers would arrive at my start location between 9 and 10am however, they did not arrive and start loading until apx. 10:30 which caused me to miss contractors who were awaiting my arrival at my new home. I was trying to get resolve from Smith via phone on numerous occasions throughout the morning while his lazy movers were reluctantly and haphazardly moving my things all the while enduring his rude and crass dialog via phone. Before yelling and abruptly hanging up on me, Smith stated he would adjust the cost of the move due to the inconvenience but, he charged my card for $247 more dollars and said he would adjust the cost later. After having a heated argument with him and feeling threatened by his shady employees, he lowered the cost by $15. I want to make sure he is held responsible for his unprofessionalism, deceit, and lack of customer service and that no other consumer endures the service I was forced to endure.

Resolved Imperial MoversScam company

I had Imperial Movers moved our stuff from apartment into our townhouse. We wrapped everything ourselves to save money. Anthony Smith (co-owner of Imperial Movers) charged for $600 for the service. I had $100 deposit and I was supposed to receive the credit back. He used the credit card swipe to credit back my money. However, he ended up charging me another $100 (this is a scam). He said that he does not know how to use the new machine, which is BS. He told me to call Monday morning so his secretary (his wife Rhonda Smith) could recredit my money. I called that morning and he said everything was taken care of. I checked my account and still did not receive my $200. I called again and talked to Anthony. Again, promises... as of 11/27/07. They don't return my calls or answer the phone anymore. I still have not receive my money yet.

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    Anonymous052010 May 11, 2010

    WARNING: DO NOT USE IMPERIAL MOVERS! DO NOT USE IMPERIAL MOVERS! DO NOT USE IMPERIAL MOVERS! They charged my debit for services that had not been rendered without my approval. They also broke my BRAND new LCD TV. Please do not use their service. The Better Business Bureau has them listed at a grade of F.

    They are also listed under the name "All in One Relocations Services" with multiple addresses all out of Virginia. Their telephone number is (703) 735-4385.


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    kahnjb Mar 07, 2011

    wish I saw this. They broke my TV too!

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    kahnjb Mar 07, 2011

    I had no problems with their charging, but same customer service problem. They broke my TV, eventually admitted it, and just won't do anything about it. Every time I call I get put on hold and not returned to, or told that I will get a call back and get nothing. They like to tell you that you are calling the wrong person, but the other person is never available. Sometimes they are out for weeks at a time.

    It's been months since the move and I've received nothing. When I do talk to someone, I get told that the paperwork will be here "any day now" but never have a response. The latest, when they promised to fax me the information by the end of the day, was that their computer system is down and they can't print the paperwork today. Do these things happen? Sure. It's just too much of a coincidence right after they promised me a response today.

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