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CB Unauthorized Charges Honeymoon Hills Resort

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while on my vacation in gatlinburg i rented a cabin at honeymoon hills which inturn should have been honeymoon HELL.. the cabin smelled of mold everything was old the cabin next to me was full of drunks who was doing construction on the cabin.. parking was horrible i called to complain and the resvervationist hung up on me. when i called the next day and...

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9:24 am EDT

Honeymoon Hills Resort Fraud

My spouse and I planned and paid in full for a wedding and honeymoon at this resort. The company charged our bank account after our stay for use of an upstairs bedroom of the cabin we rented telling us that we only rented one bedroom. This was not true according to our contract. We were accused of breaking into the upstairs bedroom they said was locked, which was not. The hot tub never worked and we complained but it was never fixed for use. We were accused of having extra people in our cabin which was untrue. We never had phone or satellite which was in our contract. Our wedding pictures which were paid for in our contract were terrible. They were mostly the back of peoples heads and people with their eyes closed. They advertised a professional photographer but the photographer was the maintenance man. The refused to meet us to view our proofs and told us we could look at them online when we were home. This place is a complete scam!

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Gatlinburg, US
Apr 16, 2008 3:15 pm EDT

As always there are two sides to every story! Our side has written and signed contracts!

Two clients rented two properties with 2 adults in one, 6 adults and three small children in the other. We discovered 20 people in one of the properties having a party! We even gave them a courtesy call on their way to the gathering reminding them of the written no parties rule! Everyone ignored the written policies, the warning and the party was on. The unregistered guests were required to leave and the police were called.

In a resort town vacation rentals are offered for a maximum occupancy. The rental rates are based upon the number of guests the client registers. House parties and unregistered guests are never allowed as per written, signed contracts disclosed before guests arrival!

As a resort rental management company, we protect each owners property against overcrowding, abuse, and potential damages that could arise from same.

Vacation rental homes are a wonderful, inexpensive way to travel but must be used in the manner for which it was rented and intended.

This client had a wonderful wedding ceremony. As per their written and signed contract with us, they did not add a professional photographer. They could have added a professional photographer but would have more than tripled the cost of their service.

To be fair with our advertising, we feature only staff photographers work on our website.

We host over 2, 000 clients per year and rarely have guests violate the written policies! When it happens there is rarely a way to a make the clients happy!

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