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They took 3888.54 from my account... I need it back. I did not sign up for this and do not want any reassurance... I need back my money to do my vacation business please. I cant afford for this thing to be taking money from my account which I dont really have already. I was so surprised when I saw that money was deducted without any authorisation. Such audacity and scam. Please I need back my hard earned money!!!

  • Updated by Ricardoevans20 · Jul 24, 2019

    They took 3888.54 from my account. I need it back. My hard earned money.

Gleekplaya devious method to solicite your credit card details, then using an unauthorised credit card charge each month, as explained below.

Date 26/02/2019 description leeds gbr frgn amt: 6.95 u.s. dollar amount -$10.02
Q: how and when did you attempt to resolve this with the merchant?
A: I did a google search & this is the only information, on 2 sites, of the perceived scam of this vendor. there was some app I needed for my ipad pro, but to access it, I had to create an account. as I am new to the world of ipad's I stupidly, as it appears, followed the prompts & then this appeared in my bank account.
Upon investigation, (per the links below) I am concerned that my account details may have been compromised.
Q: what evidence do you have of a different amount?
A: link 1: link 2:

  • Em
    Emma.2 Apr 29, 2019

    You need to cancel your card and get reissued with another one. Nothing changes except the numbers on the card everything else remains the same... This is the only way it will go away.
    It's always good to get generated with new numbers every so often, keeps everything fresh and clean..

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Gleekplaytaking money without permission

They tried to take 21.5$ from my credit card several times without permission to do so. When entering my credit card number they said that I won't be charged for anything unless I make a purchase, but suddenly a couple days later they started to try taking money from my card without my permission on several occasions but failed to do so till now due to the fact that the amount they want exceeds the amount in the card. This is uneccaptable!!!

taking money without permission

  • Su
    Sully3838 Oct 26, 2019

    I just checked my bank account and there was a charge of $34.95 to gleekplay. I've never heard of this. I immediately cancelled. That cost me 37.00.

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