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Fun Family RewardsCharges on debit card

I have been getting a charge of $9.95 on my debit card from Fun Family Rewards which I never signed up for. This has been going on since 9/18/2009. They have been charging me every month and I want a refund for the whole amount because I have never signed up for this. Please advise.

Fun Family RewardsFailed to cancel my account and refund the monthlky charge

I requested Fun Family Rewards to cancel my account and send refund in June 2010.

Today October 1, 2010 I received another charge to my Debit Account.

I checked my J C Penney account and have been charged for June, July, August, September, and

October 2010. I would like my Fun Family Rewards account closed and a refund sent...

Ref # P911900K101V436Q L J C Penney Account [protected]

Thank You,
Tim Pearson

  • Li
    Linda Wehr Oct 31, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have no idea what Fun Family Rewards is. Please take the charges off my card.

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  • Ma
    marie langevin Jan 05, 2009

    i haev charges on my credit card account that I did not authorize.i asked the cie to cancel those charges but it keeps on being charged.I want to be reimburese asap.

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  • Ee
    E. E. Moschos Jul 08, 2009

    Please stop making charges to
    my credit card for the so called 0604209719 membership. I´m hereby cancelling any membership that you could have assumed I have with you.

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  • Co
    Consumer Affairs Jul 09, 2009
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    Verified customer

    As requested, we canceled your membership and issued credit to your account for the one fee that billed. This credit should appear on your next or following statement.

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  • De
    Dee Dee Sanford Aug 27, 2009

    These unauthorized charges keep showing up on my B of A visa credit card. I think this is a scam. I never signed up with this company and have no idea how they found me. Denise A Sanford

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  • Co
    Consumer Affairs Oct 04, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Mr. Pearson, an email was sent to the email address on file from our Company answering your questions and concerns. Sincerely, Consumer Affairs

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  • Ju
    Judy Van Aug 29, 2011

    I also requested my membership to be canceled and it was not. I have been VERY unhappy with the program and can assure you I will NEVER recommend this program to anyone.

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  • Mi
    Michael H. Shirley Jul 24, 2012

    I would like to cancel this special promotions, please.

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  • Co
    Consumer Affairs Jul 25, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    At Fun Family Rewards nothing is more important than our customers' satisfaction and our Company's reputation. We take pride in researching and responding to customer concerns. If you would like for us to research your concerns, please forward your information, such as name, address, phone number or membership number to us at [email protected], by fax to 972-881-4072 or by mail to 2700 West Plano Parkway, Plano TX 75075.

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Fun Family RewardsUnauthorized charges from my account

I can't get charges stopped by this company from my checking acct. I shopped online at J C Penneys. Now there are two different charges coming out of my checking account. Any ideas on how to stop these charges???

Fun Family Rewards9.95 withdrawal

I bought clothes from JcPenny a couple of months ago and now they charge my account 9.95 every month. I didn't even sign up for the Fun Family Rewards. How do I have them stop charging it and get my money back?

Fun Family RewardsCharging my account for nothing

This is the 2nd time they have started charging my account thru JCPennys coupon scam Without my permission. I am canceling this action again and will be the last time I shop JCPennys on line! Their the problem with this coupon scam !!!

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Fun Family Rewardsunauthorized charge on credit card

I noticed I have had a $9.95 charge on my credit card for the last 4 months. I never authorized this. After looking at similar complaints on line, this company seems to be connected to JC Penney somehow. How can this company get away with this??

Fun Family Rewardscharges unauthorised

I used my credit card to buy bedding then I started to see 9.95 / month on my card caring for my mother of 95 years I paid 3 times without looking at my satatement until April I called my credit card & told them this charge was not mine. I put a stop on my card hoping to receive a bew one before ny vacation.I never thought a company of this magntude would do such a thing . My card co assured me my money would be refunded .If not I will wright to the attorney general & put an and to this scam once & for all. Alice Baker

Fun Family RewardsFRAUD

I discovered today that Fun Family Rewards has been charging me $9.95 for 4 months on membership that I did not sign up for. I am being told I will receive my refund. It is ridiculous how easy it is for these companies to get your credit card information and charge your credit card without your authorization. I better receive my refund in a timely manner or I will become their worst nightmare!

  • Ir
    irving singer Mar 05, 2010

    please note I just realized your name on my bank statement, which is unknown to me please cancel fun family rewards immediately

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  • Co
    Consumer Affairs Mar 09, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is confirmation that your membership has been canceled. We have also sent you a confirmation to your email address. If we can be of further service, please contact us toll free at 1-800-527-5517, option 2, via fax to 972-881-4072 or email to [email protected]

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  • Js
    JSCS Dec 04, 2010

    I have also been charged for Fun Family Rewards without my knowledge. I am closing out my JC Penney CC. The benefits are not worth the aggravation!

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Fun Family RewardsYour home Please

I can not get into your web site !

My E-Mail= [protected]
Phone #= [protected]
Glenn Cogar
Patricia Cogar
70 Valleybrook Dr. Newnan, Ga. 30265

Please up grade my information or just take me off your membership list and refund any funds we have paid.


Fun Family Rewardshurtis smith

On 2/17/09 a charge of $9.95 was added to my account...for monthly fees for FUN FAMILY REWARDS.
I have NOT, REPEAT, NOT joined any such plan as this, and resent being
charged for it. The reference # for this charge is: 24692169044000709966802

How can I get this charge reversed??
my email: [protected]

JC Penneys has a plan with this name...but they do not charge for it at all.
I mistook the charge as being from them...and contacted them to get the
charge removed...but they informed me that THEIR PLAN DOES NOT HAVE ANY CHARGE ASSOCIATED WITH IT.

hurtis smith