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FastRental.comThey are a scam operation, beware

I was able to get a full refund from by taking the following steps. I filed a complaint with the fbi internet complaint center. When the FBI emailed me a receipt for the complaint (delete login and password), I forwarded the letter to [protected] This morning they issued a full refund to my credit card.

FastRental.comBad service

After posting my listing to for my vacant home, I received to emails to the email address I specifically used for this listing. The first was from a character name Jeff who proclaimed this...

I just got a job transfer, we have been trying to rent our own condo back home. Can any of you recommend other web site(s) or ways to get words out? Our condo has been on market for 6 wks, we are worried.

A few hours later I received an email from a charater called Lori, who had this response to Jeff...

I had excellent responses from these two sites, and Try them.

Premium Option got my ad re-posted daily to stay on top. Adding photos in the ad also made a big difference.

Mine got rented in 3 days, and I am still getting 10 calls and emails a day.

You may also check if your condo is priced right in the local market. If you have not done that, put out "For Rent" sign around your condo.

Hope it helps and best luck,

--------------------------------------- and are the origins of the emails and are protected from public view of registrant information. One has to wonder of the overall credibility of this company if they resort to scraping and spamming? Which, btw, just happens to be illegal.

  • Wi
    WilliamH Feb 24, 2010

    Amazing coincidence, My letter said:

    The best sites are and Try them, I received a lot of calls and emails from them. The Premium option kept my listing reposted everyday.

    I noticed after I added photos, I received more hits. I rented my place within 5 days.

    As a general rule of thumb, I would aim to keep your rents below market and be open to take in pets. Do what you have to do to make your place as competitive as possible.

    Best Luck,


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  • Za
    Zaya Mar 23, 2010

    I had the same exact emails sent to me and I believed it as I was getting really frustrated. I had my apartment for two months on Criag's list and still haven't found a tenant. Though my price is right, I can't seem to find a tenant. Anyone knows of a good
    rental website to get my apartment rented?

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FastRental.comUnauthorized billing

This company first found me through craigslist by pretending to be another landlord and asking me for advice. I just responded times are hard and keep trying and told them good luck. A few days later I got a email from the same person telling me that they were referred to the fastrental website and had great luck.

So I decide to try this service only to spend $35 and did not get a email or call on my property. I signed up for a one month plan. Well This month I see another charge for the same amount from the company. Turns out they keep billing your card automatically until you make a big deal.

So I try to reach them and the phone number they give the credit card company goes straight to a message were you are unable to speak with anyone. So I looked up as much info as I could about them and found out that there are a lot of other people who have gotten email just like the ones I received and that they are from posing as other people.

I also read that this company does not do any advertising to renters and only to landlords being that they are the people who pay for the service. Sad that they pretend to be other people just to get business then they make unauthorized deductions from your account and leave you no way to contact them. If you need to hide from customers then you need to question your ethics.

  • Su
    Suckered in 2 Jan 09, 2010

    Same thing for me. I got suckered in. But b/c of your complaint. I called to cancel the debit card that I made the online purchase with. I still have to go through my banks online fraud department to try and get my money back, but lesson learned.

    Sad to say that this makes me more jaded and untrusting.

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