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Resolved EasylifeDo not honor warranty

On 2/7/2012 I purchased a leather couch and a (5YR Protection Program from Guardian) at EasyLife Furniture totaling $1, 263.39. Got my couch on time and had a very nice salesman that helped us find the couch and talked us into the protection plan stating that it protects against EVERYTHING!! Holes, rips, tears and even cigarette burns. EVERYTHING!!!

Well on 1/09/14 I noticed there was a small rip on the arm of the chair. So I called Guardian and filed a claim. GUESS what it was DENIED!! They told me that since it was on the seem that it was a manufacturer problem and that I should contact EasyLife Furniture. So on 1/14/14 I went to the Laguna Hills Easylife furniture location that I purchased the couch from. Since the manager was out on a week long vacation I spoke to a person by the name of Amber. She proceeded to tell me that I needed to file a claim with Guardian and I told her I already had and they said it was a manufacturer problem. She proceeded to tell me that I should of contacted them (Easylife) before I had called Guardian so they could tell me how to word the claim so it would go through! I said that was the wrong why should I call or even know to call them before I filed a claim!!! She then told me that since it was past a year that the manufacturer wouldn't cover it most likely. Then she gave me there info and YES they are in HONG KONG. She gave me the name of the contact Man Wah [protected] and no email address and to try to contact them. REALLY!!!

Oh and the best part is that there was another women in there trying to get her kitchen table fixed and she heard me and said good luck it's taken her since 10/2013 and she was still in there trying to get this fixed. This company EASYLIFE AND GAURDIAN are a JOKE!! They rip people off by selling a service they'll never honor. This will never happen again for I will NEVER buy from them again. If you don't want crappy furniture and a warranty that will never cover the crappy furniture DON'T BUY from these companies.

EasylifeLousy furniture - made in Vietnam

I purchased a dining room set with arm chairs from Easylife furniture to help my disabled husband to sit at the table after he fell and fractured his skull in 2007. I had several complaints about the set once delivered and phoned them but no one returned my call.

On 2-17-10 my husbands caregiver was putting him in the arm chair when a leg just broke off the chair and caused my husband to fall. The caregiver luckily caught him and asked for my assistance to help him. I usually run errands and was fortunate to be home this time. I checked the leg and the corner of the leg had broken completely off where the screws go into the bottom of the chair.

I drove to Easylife to file a complaint. They said the warranty I bought for 89.99 did not cover structural damage and the 1 year warranty was up and there was nothing they could do for me. Which means there's nothing they will do. They do have the choice.

Well I asked they give me the money to help me replace the set because a dining room set should last a lifetime. I was told by Olivia that "not necessarily due to the way things are made today." I was astounded by her remark. The set was made in Vietnam and had I known this at time of purchase I would have never purchased it. Well long story short I could have had a badly injured husband who also has PD. and the trauma of the fall scared him a lot.

They refuse to do the right thing here. The set is only 2 years and 4 months old.

I told them a lawyer may tell them differently about what they must do for us.

I would never buy from them again and I want to help them ruin their business.