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6:26 am EDT

Easy Saver / American Leisure - Charges to credit card

I must admit I called 800-432-3117 and spoke with Bill and he assured me the charges would be taken care of and put back on my credit card. I asked what these were for and he asked if I had purchased a Red Max exerciser and I had. Well I was suppose to get a gift card and also in getting the gift card my name and credit card was put in for 16.95 a month for 2 separate companies. We will see if I get it back so far they have been helpful, and the number from the previous post was the one I used.

Thanks for posting and helping $68 will buy a tank of gas these days...

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Feb 18, 2010 4:09 pm EST

I bought flowers from Pro Flowers and within a month got a charge from Easy saver for $16.95 and have called ! I want my money back from these rip offs and I will insure you I will never buy from again if they cant control what happens on thier website then they are in the wrong as well.. THE LOST MY BUSINESS and all of my frends as I am sending emails out to everyone ! If any anyone can give me a good number for this Easy Saver as I want to tal to someone I intend to turn ths over to the AZ States Attorny's ofice as well to see what they will do! But the consumer is getting ripped off!

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4:03 pm EDT

Easy Saver / American Leisure - Unauthorized charges!

See that i am definitely not the only person to complain about American Leisure, and Easy Saver. in a way it is refreshing, but it *** me off because it shows how much money these a-holes are making off of unsuspecting people like us. I have been being charged 14.95/month twice a month. one from american leisure and the other from easy saver, since September and it is now almost june. I guess no matter how many times i said "no" to subscribing, they still insisted on signing me up.

I managed to complain my way into getting 3 months of my money back, but between jobs with a baby on the way, it is not nearly enough for me. If i continue to be charged, tho they said they canceled my "subscription", i will be forced to take harsh action against these thieves.

The number i called (which is different from the one on my bank statement) was 1800-444-9491 or 1877-564-8538. Good luck with these smooth talkers.

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Jan 23, 2011 2:42 am EST

Hello people that have been hudooed by that company. They have been charging my account 16.95 for a long time. Stupid me never look at my bank statement. Another one is travel advantage. I have not used any of these services. I am going to try to cancel these right now! You are right we have been dumb consumers to give them out card number. Never do that again! I have learned my lesson!
Phyllis litke

Jul 14, 2010 12:26 pm EDT

for further information on cancelling Easy saver and american leisure I have several phone numbers you can try [protected] [protected]

Jul 14, 2010 12:22 pm EDT

For all of you wanting to cancel the american leisure charges of $16.95 from your checking account I found the correct number to call is is [protected]. I just cancelled mine with no problesms. Mary D

Mar 20, 2010 10:05 pm EDT

it is so stupid they did this do they not know that some people dont have a job and have a family to feed and the money they are taking out is important god it just makes me so mad i just had a baby girl and i dont have much money in the bank and they just took forty dollars out of my account idk how im going to get formula or anything she needs this f-ing sucks i hope this stuff is solved because i dont have the money to sue anyone but i neeed that money in my account god people are dumb

Jul 01, 2009 2:42 am EDT

Believe me, I can understand how this could upset you. The ads are deceptive, but they do tell you what you can expect. I get ads from Holsted Collection all the time. They come with my credit card statements. Half the ad has a paragraph that tells you what will happen once you get the free ring. You MUST give them your credit card number to pay shipping and handling AND the future shipments that will be sent. I would never fall for it! I went to the website you were talking about. (there are several websites) The company that sells the free ring is called Holsted House. There is a disclaimer that you must click "I agree" in order to get the free ring. The disclaimer tells you that you will be charged everytime a shipment is sent. Confusing to some people; Yes. But, if you would have taken the time to read what you agreed to, this would have never happened. Those disclaimers are there to inform you. If you fail to read what your agreeing to, you may be in for a rude awakening...such as this situation. Next time be more careful, and don't be so quick to give your credit card number away. Also, be weary of anything that is supposed to be "free"; especially if they demand a credit card number. I am not trying to be mean but your situation could have been avoided. Read next time.

Jun 02, 2009 5:00 am EDT

kays right about the confirmations being real strict dumb consumers are just trying to get off of the phone so damn quick they are not paying attention to what they are agreeing to... I work for a company that offers these programs and if you look in your junk mail at the big lime green envelope that is hard to miss you might not have gone through such a headache and actually might have saved some money insted of attention in life...

May 29, 2009 12:19 am EDT

You're a jerk. We bought jewelry from holsted jewelers, and gave our card number to them... Easy Saver and American Leisure got the account # from them and have ripped us off for over $500 before we caught it on the bank statement... Now we are forming a class action suit against them, starting with the Attorney General. And since this was done with a mail order company, we are filing Federal Mail Fraud against them, including HMI Jewelry... dba Holsted Jewelry... You MotherF*****'s are in for a big surprise real soon...

Mar 01, 2009 8:16 pm EST

Look, you have to agree, no matter how many times they insist on sending you the programs, if you insist taht you don't want them, you will not recieve them. Easy Saver and American Leisure do have strict confirmations, which means you would have had to type the last four numbers of your credit card into the telephone key pad in order to authorize the charge. They are not theives, you were just not paying attention. If you order something by telephone, it is always wise to pay attention!

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