Disasteraidkit.com Complaints & Reviews

Resolved Disasteraidkit.comInternet Fraud

A pop up screen appeared on my computer with a claim that I had won a prize. For $4.95 I could obtain a Disaster Aid Kit including a variety of emergency items such as radio, flashlight etc.

8 days later my account was charged $99.95. The products I received are not worth even the $4.95. They don't answer their phone or their e-mail and will not acceptreturned packages unless they give you a return number first which of course they won't do.

I am planning on filinga formal complaint with the Glendale City Attorney. I recommend everyone that has been scammed by this company do the same. That is the only way these crooks will be put out of business. Many of their victims are elderly folks on welfare. This has to stop.

Resolved Disasteraidkit.com — they stole $99.95 from my reloadable Wal-Mart card

I recently ordered a "disaster kit" from this company with the e-mail address of [protected]@Disasteraidkit.com...