ResCarestaff, specifically tracy and jimmy/james.

J Jan 15, 2020

There has been many incidence with a staff named Jimmy. He neglected to give my brother ( Darwin Burket) his nightly med on 1/13/20. My brother also reported that a fellow house mate feel down the stairs resulting in major injurie while on Jimmys watch. Jimmy Is negligent to his responsibility of human life. Tracy Talks down to and is very hostile to Darwin. There has been many times when I will pick up Darwin and she will be wrapped up in a blanket sitting a foot away from the tv. She is not professional by any means and is incredibly rude to residents, staff and family or friends of residence. She is very disrespectful and her staff feed of that and then also think they can treat residence poorly. It has been stated that Tracy allows a specific resident to come home strung out on drugs and she does not report that. It should be investigated because that's not her decision to decide what she reports and doesn't. Is has also been stated that she bring illegal drugs to work with her and will smoke marijuana on the job. I also feel like this should be investigated because she is putting the residence in danger, my brother in danger.
Please Contact me. We have a video of my husband confronting jimmy about about the neglect of my brothers medication and he laughed it off and said Tracy mislabeled it. There is many things wrong with this house and it breaks my heart for 1. That my brother doesn't feel safe or comfortable especially when jimmy or Tracy are on the clock and 2. That my brother is not being taken care of properly. He is a human and deserves to be treated properly and respectfully. He has endured many years of abuse, he doesn't need to be treated poorly by Tracy and neglected by jimmy in a place that is getting payed to take care of him.

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