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I had very bad experience and just can warn to trust the car offered from this provider.
I inquired for a Toyota Avensis or similar which is Hyundai Sonata according to RentalCars homepage. I paid for Avensis (4 week hire) and received a mail with voucher-link for Avensis. When showing the printed Avensis voucher to Europcar at Cape Town I could choose between Honda Civic or Chevrolet Cruze, both - with no doubt - much smaller than Toyota Avensis. Europcar said they never had Avensis and if I request a car with similar space I must pay for upgrade. A matching car will be available in 4 days! After my mail to RentalCars I got the automatic reply to get an answer within 28 days! Thus I called RentalCars. As usual long time waiting, hardly anybody in charge, finally a lady said she will check my case with the result that next day my previous link was faked and showed Chevrolet Cruze now! From my point of view this is very dubious business practices and a falsification of my voucher document.
In case of problems do not trust the so called free international phone number. I was waiting most of the time in “please hold on”. The one phone call finally cost me € 62, 33.
We could not wait for available upgrade thus we traveled 4 weeks with two suitcases on the rear seats because of the small car boot. spoiled our vacation therefore never again this supplier.


  • Ro
    rosalie mallozzi Oct 23, 2012

    The voucher was mailed to us on 10/16/2012. We paid in full and it said in bold print on the voucher. Nothing in the voucher mentioned any other dollar amount for insurance. We were told at our destination in Aruba Airport that we had to take insurance for $1500 we had no choice . we didnt take it and therefore couldn't. get the car. We didn't realize that is in the UK. we called Avis and the representative was extremely rude and interrupted me constantly. He wasn't willing to help at all. He wouldn't call for me. he represents Avis and could care less. He only went by the name John, which was cleaver of him. After calling endlessely and waiting for someone to speak to, I spoke to someone from and had to right a letter. He also was disrespectful and arrogant. I will never pay in advance for a car again. This company has no ethics and low standards. and Avis isn't any better. The customer dept. has no regard.

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  • Is
    I.Smith Jan 02, 2013

    I recently rented a car on-line through (a subsidiary of
    The rental was for 2 days in Cape Town South Africa.
    When I got to Cape Town airport, I was told by Hertz that I needed to produce an actual credit card in order for them to release the car. I hire cars frequently in the US and all major car hire companies in the US accept a debit card (which can be run as credit) as security. At no point during the sign-up and payment process at was I told that in South Africa I would need to produce an actual credit card for the car hire company to release the car.
    At the Hertz desk in Cape Town, the front desk lady produced a copy of their terms and conditions, which, in the very fine print somewhere in the middle of the document, included the clause that an actual credit card must be produced for them to release the car. They were not willing to even try run my Bank of America card a 'credit'. They promptly (and unilaterally) 'cancelled' the rental and said I should contact (they gave me the customer service e-mail address) for a refund. They did however state that because the rental was 'cancelled' within less than 24 hours of the rental date, I would be unlikely to get a refund.
    I wrote to requesting a refund. It is now several weeks later and, needless to say, I have not heard from them or received a refund.
    *Very sharp practices!* Very unethical, and borders on legal stealing. Be very cautious when dealing with these people. If something goes wrong, you have almost no hope of getting a refund.

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  • Ed
    edbx Jan 16, 2013

    WOW I just have to admire the scope and the inventiveness of this ONLINE SCAM. By the time authorities catch on they will have packed their bags and moved on to the next vulnerable group. If I were a "Budget" shareholder, I would be interested in exactly how many hundreds of thousands of profit dollars have been lost. These guys steal from both sides! shames the entire travel industry.

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  • Jo
    jozef Aug 09, 2013

    I rented three cars on-line through for fifteen days in Catania, Sicily. Unfortunately, I had the same experience. Who can, whether this company avoids.

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  • Pa
    Patrick Tucker Oct 29, 2013

    I made a mistake in my rental from, and booked a car in Jackson Mississippi when I was going to Jackson Wyoming. My mistake, and I had to book and pay for another car. I contacted the firm I was hiring from to tell them. As the car was never collected, they did not charge anything - and DID NOT CHARGE RENTALCARS A PENNY (I checked this with their head office)
    Although I contacted rentalcars as soon as I could, because this was not on the day my mistake was made, they have decided to keep every penny of my fee - all pure profit for them, as they did not pay anything to the American car dire firm.
    So an honest mistake by me, I expected to be charged, but not to lose the entire sum I had paid them. Their public relations told me - after a very long wait - that the cancellation fee was exactly the same as the fee I had paid them. How convenient - and how very bad PR for a firm I will never use again, and will warn others of their delight in sticking to the small print.

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  • Pe
    Pete Schermers Jun 25, 2014

    BE WARNED! GOVOLO is in this scam as well. Second time I got into this scam. Last year got whacked by a huge excess since they also work with or through Budget (SA?).
    This time searched for cheapest booking through Govolo and got a so called "cheap rate" at Budget in Cape Town. Voucher mentioned an excess refund of €97.50, almost half of the rental of "only" just over 198 euro! When calling Budget in Cape town, prior to my trip to ensure this is a refundable (!) excess if the car is undamaged it was confirmed twice to me.
    Upon arrival in CapeTown I was required to pay another €734 with credit card, as "excess damage" cover, but this would be refunded as well. When questioning this, and why I had already paid this refundable 97, 50 euros I was told this is normal.
    Today, some weeks after my trip I managed to get hold of someone at, because this crowd appears to be the main provider behind it all, in order to enquire why excess had not yet been refunded (had indeed returned car to Cape Town undamaged). "Oh no sir, this is not refundable sir, and so sorry but you could have chosen to un-tick this option on 'our' site when making the booking..." I politely told I could not do so since I booked through and got voucher from Govolo and that even Budget had assured me that this excess is refundable. I was then told that she is sorry and that to take it further I will have to take up contact with their customer service by email...
    Now comes the snag! Go to 'Contact Us' on and suddenly you get taken back to... yeap! Govolo. So in the loop and down the tube you go!!
    I am yet awaiting response on complaint I lodged, inclusive a request for a refund of this excess, since as consumer I have been totally mislead and no small print warns or states it is non-refundable. A so called cheap rent ends up at almost 150% of normal rentals! NEVER again and consumers beware for this very nasty crowd called with many aliases!

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  • Re
    Reviewer98086 Feb 02, 2016

    Requested Deposit for 4 days rental was 1250£
    When requesting cancellation, asked to pay cancellation fee of 3-days rental
    Website is SCAM - do not use it!

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  • Fd
    f.d. Jun 02, 2016

    Impossible to get answers from the company about a Full Protection Insurance. The company doesn't answer emails and doesn't have a phone to call. Its partner, AON Affinity (insurance company) is another ghost and unreliable partner.

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  • Ho
    Hojak Jul 09, 2016

    Yes, very bad company. Stay away, unless you enjoy having troubles.

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  • Mi
    Michael James Derrane Aug 14, 2018

    342024294 I made this booking, and went to pick the car up however the car hire company refused to rent me the car, so I would like a full refund please.

    Regards Michael

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  • Ni
    Nicolae Emanuel Mabda Aug 15, 2018

    l rented a car online from 09-16 iully and l have paid 300 euro. we arrived at 18:30 in the evening with 2 children tired and they told us that they do not have the car for us. we had to drive 247 km to destination. we had to rent another car for 700 euro. we want the money back. we were shocked by how they treated us. buk. ref:524441868

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  • Ou
    ouzelet Aug 21, 2018

    I took out all risks insurance and I want to declare a claim.
    I am French, I rented and paid as French and I can not find anything on your site that makes my job easier.
    How do I proceed ?
    Can you give me the rules in French ?
    Thanks for your help
    [email protected]

    Insurance number : RFI / 545917689/1
    My name: Thierry OUZELET

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