RentalCars.comcancellation procedure


i have cancelled our rental on the phone from
The agent told me the amount that will be refunded on the phone, a few days later they transferred the money to my bank account, but the money transferred was less than the amount they told me on the phone.
They just send me an email referreing to the cancellation and the refund and didnt contacted me again.
Today i sent an instant message from their website through their messaging function and talked with one of the agents. I asked why they refunded me less then they told me on the phone and they told me that the other department forgot to refund me the full protection amount other than the amount they send me. the agent told me that they are solving the problem and sending me the amount left. well i asked to the agent if I didnt notice and reminded the situation to the company what would have happen, she said an agent would notice and contacted me. Do i believe? Dont think so.

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