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On friday (date removed) around noon I booked a car in [location removed]. I was traveling with my dad. I booked the car and everything was confirmed. When arriving in pisa to pick up the car, they let us know that I have to be the main driver as the car was booked on my credit card. They have taken a look at the credit card and they let us know that we have to change the name of the driver.. We immediately contacted rentalcars to change the booking, and we made a new booking. We waiting two hours (!!) to be able to pick up the new car. When we were about to pick up the car, she let us know that she couldn't give us the car as my credit card was for electric use only. I have booked several cars on this credit card and I never had an issue with my credit card.

Prior to the incident, they have taken a good look at the card, and they were able to at least let us know that the card won't be accepted, instead of letting us wait for the whole afternoon, while we had to attend a wedding.

That said, it is truly the worst experience I ever had, our holidays were ruined due to the lost of money for the reservation, phone costs and the lost of the time we have experienced.

I'm truly dissapointed in the service and how all of this has been handled. I have spent the whole afternoon calling rentalcars to help me out instead of being with family. I'd like to request a full refund, for the experience we have had and to compensate the lost we have experienced.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and I truly hope you I will be receive my refund for the experience.

[name removed]

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Apr 15, 2019

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