[Resolved] RenaultI am tired of phoning renault, I do not have the energy anymore

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I bought a car at Renault Germiston in March 2006. The car instalment was R999 with a deposit of 10 %.

When I approached the dealer I was told that I need to put in a deposit of R16 000 to qualify for the R999 monthly instalment. I then put it a deposit of R16 000. A pre-paid motor service for the car was issued to me which was valid for the period of 2 years or 45 000 KM.

To my surprise, at the end of the month, an amount of R1450 was deducted from my account. I approached the dealer with this matter and I was told that it will be corrected. I have been battling with this instalment problem since I bought the car, it is still not resolved.

I was involved in a car accident and that initial car was written off. My insurance was in a process to replace the car, my insurance told me that the dealer confirmed that I did not have a maintenance plan on my car. Of which it was not true because a pre-paid maintenance for 2 years was issued out to me, and I still the proof. I approached the dealer and they told me that the maintenance plan was cancelled because my instalments were subsidised, of which is not true because my instalment is standing at R1450 and not at R999, as advertised.

I further went through the contract that the dealer issued to me, there is a clause which says I must present the original contract with the original stamp at the end of the contract term, only to find that the dealer gave me a contract with no stamp on it, which renders the contract invalid. this shows some sort of dishonesty.

Furthermore, when I bought the car, I informed the dealer that I receive my salary of 25th of every month and therefore the debit order must be on the 25th of every month. that was not done, and I am still battling to get is sorted out.

I am tired of phoning Renault, I do not have the energy anymore.

I need someone who can assist me in this matter.

I will be glad if I can be refunded the additional R6000 that I paid , extra for deposit. My instalment be R999, as per the advertisement The service plan be re-instated, because those are the conditions that I bought the car under.

  • Renault's response · Mar 11, 2013

    Dear varsha,

    We are disappointed Kindly share your contact details, so that we can contact you soon and address your concern at the earliest.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Renault India

  • Renault's response · Nov 15, 2018

    Dear Customer (shahramghobadian),

    We would request you to please contact the concerned country dealership for better information in this regard.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


  • Ch
    Charles Oren Nov 05, 2008

    I received my new Renault Scenic II yesterday, 4-11-08 at 18:00 hours and drove it from the show room to the nearest petrol station to fill the tank with petrol. I started the car, put it into drive but the car did not move !
    I could hear the engine rev up and saw this on the instrument panel. The car did go backward when it was in reverse. This proves that the hand brake was not on. I stopped the engine and restarted it. This time the car did move. However, the problem recurred twice that evening. I brought the car to the service station at the very first possible opportuniy. This was early this morning, 5-11-08. The fault recurred again when the service technician started the car.
    The car has now been in the garage all day and they have not found a fault.
    I wonder if any reader has encountered a similar problem.

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  • Pa
    Paolo De Brough Aug 04, 2009

    This person was know to our branch for some time. He often brought vehicles in to be valued and inspected under the "for free scheme". One day he visited to have his own vehicle inspected, serviced and vehicle testing (MOT) to which as we had all become quite familiar with Jay as he was known then, let him have 30 days credit. He brought 7 vehicles over that month for repair, service etc. Today, we have suffered by every cheque being rejected by our Bank. His apartment when visited by our debt collection team reports lights on at night until you ring the door bell, at that point it all goes dark and no one answers the door ever.
    I would warn anyone who deals with this person and advice them to view the internet search stations by putting in Eagle Systems. Eagle Web Sites or Jay Daudia & Andy Young as you will soon find out if they are honest and have quality references to refer back on.

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  • Jo
    john milner Jul 05, 2010

    My new Clio car cuts out at low and high speed-e.g. overtaking on motorway and the Renault dealer says there is nothing wrong maybe "dirty fuel" and expects me to drive it. Don't buy Renault (Holdcrofts Stoke)

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  • Ki
    Kisse Jan 13, 2011

    I bought a new car in 2008 and as with every Renault car, it comes with standard free maintaince plan and service plan. But at my second service 30000, my car needed new bulbs and other mantainance issues. I had to pay for this and my understanding was that i did not have to pay for this because i am on mantainance plan. However i was told that i had to pay since the mantaince plan was not loaded on the system when bought the car. The service agent at Renualt Fountains told me that i would be refunded. a year later i am refunded yet. He gave a number for head office and head office send me back to the dealer where i bought the car and when i contacted them they tolf me they would sort it out. i belived them. Last week after realizing that my rear bulbs are dead i took the car in and after leaving teh car at Renault Fountains teh whole day it was not fixed since i would have to pay for the replacement of teh bulbs and other mantainance related issues. The service agent called every one with no success as to what was happening. i evenetaully went to Renualt Centurion and Ansa Muller (New car sales manager) and Etteine (Finace manager) assured me they would sort it out.S

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  • Le
    leonlr78 Feb 16, 2011

    Renault service sucks. I spoke to 3 people I know driving Renault, and all 3 wants top sell there cars, just because of Renault service. There is no good word at all. They promise to phone you back and then you have to contact them again to get status update. Most of the people at Renault Witbank smokes. So you can wait till they are done, and then they go and sit behind there desks and stare at you. No service to say if we can help you. You have to walk to her and ask if she can assist. Then it is as if the world is going to rest on her shoulders. I wonder why toyota is such a wide selling car. Not just because of its good trade in value etc, but because there is at least some service when you phone them. Renault. You are a bunch of idiots. Not just one branch, but all.

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  • St
    steven grant 93 Feb 23, 2011

    bought a megane with 12, 000 miles on the clock since ive had it done 3, 000 miles and its in the garage again wont start this time battery run flat knocked out all the electrics so couldnt get into the car . problem first started with the radio not working then all electrics seem to come on when the car not in use dashboard lights flash on and off at night, customer service very poor and they look at you like youre mad and the only person in the world with a broken renault, in my opinion they are thieves they dont like complaints about the defective products they sell shame on you renault!!! thought you were a good company instead of wasting money on fancy advertising how about fixing ordinary joe publics cars the ones we rely on !!!

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  • St
    Stevie Ti Apr 27, 2011

    Having took my Renault Laguna for an MOT and service it was returned with a broken front spring which subsequently damaged the ball joint, and a broken front window regulator, apart from replacing the front spring for half price following four visits they (the dealer) and Renault UK refuse to take any responsibility, saying i should be grateful for the reduced cost of repair and the fact my car is seven years old i should feel lucky!! The reason I have a seven year old car is because I look after it. But Renault don't like that. Do not buy a car or services from Renault - their nothing but rip off merchants. Steve - Lancashire

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  • Re
    RenaultNoMo Jun 26, 2011

    I have had similiar problems in Norway. It is too bad that Renault and their dealers are so helpful before we buy the car, and then aren't concerned after we purchase our vehicles. Must not know that a happy customer is the best PR. Would appreciate your comments on my blog: http://no-renaultnomo.blogspot.com/

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  • Oh
    ohsjk Aug 16, 2011

    7 months ago I bought a new car from Renault (Laindon) for over £17000; due to parking problems at work I needed a smaller car. I was looking at all the small cars on the market and went to one dealer and agreed a price for a new car, everything was going well until they phoned Renault (Laindon) for a price on my car for part exchange, I knew that I was going to lose money on the deal but could not believe it when they told me that Renault dealer at Laindon had quoted £7500 for my 7 month old car. My car is in perfect condition with only 3450 miles on the clock, it is not a huge juice guzzler, it does nearly 60 mpg and the car tax is only £120.

    I phoned Laindon Renault and spoke to the manager Dave who said and I quote "that if I went to them they could do me a much better deal", an appointment was made with a salesman on Sunday 11/1/09 at 11.00, after explaining to him what had happened and my problem, after some time he offered me a 2 year old Renault Cleo that had only average mileage, and he told me that the best deal he could do me, was they would give me £8000 for my practically new car and I had to give Renault £1000 for the 2 year old one or £3000 for a new one. Some deal.

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  • Va
    Varsha Chanda Mar 03, 2013

    I bought a Renault Duster from it's dealer M/s Sprint Cars, Gurgaon, India. The Car was delivered to me on 17th December'12 with temporary registration (valid for 1 Month). I had submitted all documents necessary for the registration
    As per procedure, M/s Sprint Cars charged me the amount for registration and assured that the registration would be done by them within the stipulated time frame. When I did not receive any information from Sprint Cars even after 2 months, I inquired with them and was surprised that they had not even initiated the process of registration sighting internal clerical error. The dealer even requested me to submit the documents again as apparently they had lost the ones submitted before
    Today even after 2 and half months they have not initiated the process.
    The dealer is callous and Renault does not ensure any control on them leaving the customer on the lurch.
    The dealer who represent RENAULT are effectively cheating the the customer by charging money for the service (of vehicle registration) and not providing the same.

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  • Ra
    Raynard11 Aug 25, 2013

    Renault SA sucks, Renault totally sucks I had my renault at Renault Vereeniging they said They will start replacing the wire harnas no clue what they are doing had my car at 3 auto electricians nothing wrong with wiring and bought a ELM to check the ### myself and it said Your vehicle may not be OBD2 compliant OR the vehicle ECU has not been enabled by your dealer/manufacturer for OBD2 access what a bummer other cars you can check everything, Ranualt is totally not what it was

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  • Sh
    sharyn henderson Oct 06, 2013

    I had a re call letter from Renault concerning Clio 11 there is a fault with bonnet on some of these makes. I phoned my local dealer in Glos and booked the car in for inspection car was taken to them they said they couldn't look at it as it couldn't be found on their system, despite two text messages and a phone call prior to the booking, so they booked it in for the following week, the car was again delivered to them the following week this time they state they won't carry out repairs unless I pay £95 to fix . there has been a lot of concern over the mechanism on these cars Watchdog states that Renault were fixing the cars free of charge as a goodwill gesture, so why are Gloucester demanding this ammount. The catch on my car is not working properly, the bonnet is not level with the rest of the car, so there is a risk it will fly open when driven at motorway speed .If I don't get a satisfactory conclusion to this, I will seek legal advice to resolve it and hold you responsible in the event of an accident due to this

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  • Le
    Lee Bao Loong May 07, 2014

    First I have a Renault Scenic 2003 model and at first thought I had a beautifull car which was comfortable. Now after 10 years of operation I I must say it is a night mare to have a Renault running in the tropical countries.Here please find the problems;
    1] the whole interior went mossy after 1 week without operation of the car. Found out that this was normal of the car specifications!!!Had to change to another material
    2] The engine protector underneath the engine was hopeless. I had to change this 6 times and yet it failed so I gave up on the installation.
    3] One fine day suddenly all the windscreens control of all the doors went bust and now I cannot control the windscreen of all the doors at all!!!.
    4] The air conditioner was also a problem because the air duct gets stuck due to the poor ventilation of the air duct.
    5] One fine day suddenly the steering went stiff and I had to change the whole steering kit which cost me a real big bomb !!!
    6] Suddenly when I start the car the whole display board in the car went blank and now I am driving the car without any indication. I went to the service centre and believe it or not they do not have the spare parts to this. Besides that It will cost me a big bomb to pay for this part. So how can we afford to drive this stupid car .
    So honestly with such problems with the car and the poor service and spare parts no wonder the Renault never proof to be a popular car any where in the world..

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  • Hk
    H Khan Jun 26, 2014

    My husband met up in an accident on the 4th of June 2014 in Swaziland. He was thre for his wok. He bumped into a van in front of him and the airbag didn even open! He hurt his chest and head. How can this be a safety feature on a car and doesn't even work!!!??? Its a 2012 model and its new car. The car has been going for service every 15000km. This is not acceptable and a real disappointment having something which suppose to help and protect you from injury and it didn't even work!!!

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  • Ro
    Rooster Barnes Jun 26, 2014

    Tell your idiot to wear his seat belt and not to depend on airbags. The impact may not have been strong enough to set off the airbag sensor.

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  • Ma
    Marglo Jul 23, 2015

    I'm pending a sale at Renault. Received such poor shoddy treatment it's shocking. The sales person registered the incorrect vehicle to me, the finance plumed up the figures items under 2000k to be finance!!! What gives them this rite? Now a second vehicle of my choice is registered to me with no apology for this so called "error" I'm being pressurized to take delivery after loosing 2 weeks at this leader who promised delivery a week ago. Highly disappointed the dealer principle has a two bit attitude tooooo busy but he wants a time tomorrow to hand me a deal that suits them purely before he is off to jhb again!!! I have lost faith & trust at interception I am dubious and anxious. I want out of this deal. The dealer principle has not made this offer any better but instead mentions if I cancel there is huge legal implications for me which he prefers not speak about just yet!!! Yes this is service at Renault

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  • Sh
    Shaan13 Aug 15, 2018

    We have given the car for service and it has not repaired properly RJ 14 CX 7647. Company is not repairing the Gear and Cluth. They want to give me fault car. They are not supporting me.

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  • Al
    Aleksandra-saša Gajšek Aug 16, 2018

    rusty rear brake disks on my wife"s megane.


    ..picture speaks fot it self! (this is not normal after 3 years)
    I will replace disks, but not with original parts because i dont trust them anymore.

    [email protected]
    ar 62027485

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  • Na
    Nanduqat Aug 20, 2018

    I am very much unhappy with the third service given by Renault service center in street 10doha Qatar... They didn't even cleaned my car Interior. After service the mud is still inside and I paid 550QR for service. As I am using Renault in my home country where service is excellent.

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  • Ka
    Kamlesh Gohil Aug 20, 2018

    I am observing issue on radio system and dubai service center is unable to fix it.

    Nature of Issue - Audio system suddenly stuck and shows search program on display while driving.

    Chassis No. VF1BZBCTXGR539262

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  • Ga
    Gaurav Yadav Sep 01, 2018

    I am from India Purchased a renault Quid 1.0
    and am facing to much problem in that
    from delivered date i run the 6000 and engine siezed i replaced the engine from dealers now m facing the problem of connecting and silencer sound also some time it not getting start .dealer not responding us .

    please do needful.

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  • Me
    Methilfife Sep 05, 2018

    The clutch on my car went last monday would you know how much a new clutch will be. also how much would a hired car cost me in the meantime, as the garage has advised that they will have the car for 2/3 weeks

    Thank you
    mark graham

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  • Sh
    Shiref Amer Sep 10, 2018

    My car Megane 1 model 1999
    the key is not sending signal to the car to open it, and it's not start if i didn't open it with the remote
    i can't find the key in any of your branches here in Egypt and it's so difficult to setup code it every time i wanna start the car
    please help me

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  • Ch
    Christakis Stavrou Sep 10, 2018

    I need a part for my car - renault scenic 2003. The renault dealer here in cyprus told me that renault france doesnt make the part anymore. What am i going to do with my car?
    attached photo showing the part

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  • Mo
    mohammed2626 Sep 18, 2018

    Duster Burnt Into FLAMES HYDERABAD!

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  • Os
    Osama.keoo Oct 15, 2018

    Good day
    I reserved Renualt Logan face left 2019 E3
    Since 3 months and I'm didn't received my car till now although the SLA 3 months by max, and when we call the service center, he denied any new news to deliver my car
    So please keep the customer experience and Renualt image .
    Appreciated your support

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  • Ab
    abhinavs Oct 21, 2018

    I bought this kwid 800cc in may 2017. Since then engine stalled twice, and now it has MIL on with P0301 code, misfire cylinder 1.

    This code has been encountered 2 times already, I need Renault to respond soon, the Renault service center at Gurgaon is not responding to my phone calls.

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  • Li
    Liam Manning Oct 22, 2018

    Brought a new car off u and while I, v had it clutch and fly wheel and drive shaft had to be replaced I don't think this should be happening to a new car I need this for my work and every time it's off the road it's costing me money

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  • Mo
    Mohammed Samir Oct 23, 2018

    i own a 2016 renault sandero and my sister and mother were driving it across ras sudr - sharm elsheikh road in egypt. They lost control of the car and it flipped twice and no airbag has opened. This is completely unacceptable from such a car.

    for further contact you can call me on 00201142045728 or by email [email protected]

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  • Ba
    baher4ever Oct 28, 2018

    Dear Support

    I purchased Renault Kadjar signature 2017 from Egypt on February 2017 and I'm facing currently several problems that have not been solved yet. I had several trials with the service center but still my problems were not solved.

    I attached the strange sound that i hear by paasing the speed of 120 KM/hr

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  • Sh
    shahramghobadian Nov 11, 2018

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    Thanks a lot for your cooperation and hospitality. I and my wife having two different types of RENAULT more than 4 years and we have satisfaction about them very well.
    So I would like know if there is any replacement situations for your old production with new one in Iran or around the world.

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  • Ka
    Karim Anwar Nov 14, 2018

    I have a problem in my car because I am also a computer programming financial compensation because of practical disabled and I lost many sums due to the presence of the car in the maintenance center for a month
    My [email protected]

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  • Kw
    Kwid Jun 25, 2019

    Server behavior is poor not fastly service very bad company

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  • Re
    Renault India Jul 11, 2019

    @Kwid Dear Customer,

    Please check your private message and share the details for us to assist with your concern.

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  • An
    AnisaGoolam Aug 20, 2019

    My kwid is under service plan. I have reported 5 months ago about an oil leak. Took the vehicle into dealership. Tge sump gasket has a leak. Factory fault. I was told 4 months ago new part was ordered. Until to day no feedback was received. Pathetic service from the newcastle branch. Don't care attitudes.

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  • Er
    eric besent Sep 06, 2019

    @AnisaGoolam They are like that all over the country. Renault needs to banned in south africa cause their complaints department even doesn't care. They even buy over the ombudsman to make rational decisions

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