Remit2Indiafund transfer to india

J Jul 11, 2019

I booked a transaction to send to India via remit2India, a day later told me there is an issue with bank. When i asked what went wrong. They did not tell me, i got email stating that KYC documents incomplete. When i looked at the portal, there is not listing of documents to be submitted. I contacted again, they said they can't proceed with the transaction. Two days later, i asked Remit2India to cancel the transaction and refund. Bloody 8days now, I have not received my funds yet. Firstly, asked to provide the bank details to credit my funds. When i send the details, Remit2India said these details are not matching. THen i send other bank details. They said, we will process it. It is 8 days now, i did not get my money back. HOw horrible is this. We send money for maintenance purpose for food and medical needs. If these people give such harsh treatment for refund. Like bloody wants bribe to get my own money. Is there any place i can complaint to authority. REMIT2INDIA IS WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. I read the other peoples opinion. Everything is good untill you go through the difficult situation. Remit2India is a very bad customer service. To test what i have gone through try ask for refund see how they will treat you.

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