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I went to see All Eye On Me on July 8 2017 at the regal theater in hyattsville Maryland . So for a busy Saturday night they only had one associate at the cash register. About 20 people waiting and it took us 15 Min to reached the register. Mind you the preview for our movie had already started. Then we wanted to order some food and here again the line was ridiculous. 2 registers open no one in the kitchen/back to get the hot food so the cashiers had to constantly go back and forth to get the orders. We waited more than 15 min to again just reach the register and it took another 15 for the food the be ready. Really? Why schedule 3 people on a Saturday night? It's a movie. We missed 30 min of our movie. And when we complained to the manager his answer was. Sorry for the inconvenience. No dont be sorry, do a better job at scheduling your staff. Stop overworking them and give your clientele a better, faster service. This is not social services office, no body is begging for money or getting free movies. There is no reason to wait so long and pay so much for such bad service. I am so disappointed. Sure not coming back.


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    Bellamie Jul 09, 2017

    You could also take some responsibility on your own and get to the theatre earlier so you don't cut it so close. You yourself said you showed up when the previews had already started, then waited 15 minutes for tickets and a further 15 for concessions. So you cut it way too close on a Saturday evening.

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    Ghislainekadouno Jul 09, 2017

    @Bellamie Oh i was about 5/10 min early and It took 30 min at concession. If i was late i would have take all responsibility for it. Still not acceptable to schedule 2 people to work from and back of concession stand on a busy Saturday night. I go to movies often and worked at a movie theater before (about a year ago) both as an associate and manager. This movie theater is not organize, understand and not professional period.

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