Red Rooster Foods / delivery

Booval Queensland, Australia

I placed an online order and about half hour later received a message saying my order is still being processed and for further information to call my local store. I waited for over another half hour thinking they must just be busy. I called the store only to be told they had no order for my name and address. In the meantime, my granddaughter is hungry and waiting for her dinner to arrive. I was told there was nothing they could do and the money will be placed back in my bank in hopefully 24hrs. And if I wished to reorder I could do so, but would have to pay for it again. I am really not happy. I believe they should have taken my order and delivered it as if what she said is true, the money from my credit card goes to them first. Regardless. Still does not solve my issue, I still have a hungry child at 8oclock at night. I am not happy with this service.

Jul 12, 2019

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