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T Jun 09, 2018

We have just returned from Stanthorpe Qld where we purchased a large order from the Red Rooster store 123 high street, Stanthorpe .Qld. 4380 AC:[protected]
I have been a customer of Red Rooster for many years and I have not come across such a problem before. It was too late at night to return to the store in question and we were leaving very early to return to Beachmere the following day'
On ordering the meals for my family I had to repeatedly ask the young lady at the counter to speak up and slow down, unfortunately my hearing is not the best, but despite the request nothing changed in speed and volume, even my 16 year old grandson had difficulty understanding her.
During the transaction the manageress came out and assisted, (apparently the girl was very new, ) the manageress was very curt and quite rude as was the young man behind the counter when I was trying to explain I was hard of hearing and was having some difficulty, She made it quite clear she was not remotely interested .consequently our order was a total mix up and we actually didn't get what we ordered. We arrived back at our accommodation just up the road only to find the food was near on cold, not freshly cooked, and had obviously just been reheated before serving. It was not appetizing at all. I was very disappointed as a lot went to waste.
I feel like we were not treated in a manner that is expected in a Red Rooster store that I hold in high regard as far as customer satisfaction is concerned and feel I should be compensated for an order that was $100 dollars worth of rubbish. Your attention to this matter would be appreciated.
Patricia Heslam.

customer service
customer service

  • Updated by Trisha Heslam · Jun 19, 2018

    Attention Robert.

    In respect to your phone call last week with the promise of the Red Rooster vouchers to compensate my complaint to get to me by Friday 15th June 2018, nothing has yet been received.

    Would you please rectify this.

  • Updated by Trisha Heslam · Nov 05, 2018

    5th November 2018...The snail died ...Still waiting...🙄 Disgraceful Customer service.

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