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My family and I went to Red Robin for Mother's day. I order the fish and shrimps dinner after asking the server wher is my fish he said that's all you get I said a little very little fish with a lot of batter their is no fish in side and the shrimp smell funky. Right after I got sick running off and throwing up . After paying 64 .00 Dollar's and leaving a 10 dollar tip was just not right at all . My email is angelse28.[protected] this place needs a inspection for sure. Next call will be to the fiid inspection for sure. Thank for the worst Mother's day ever.

May 12, 2019
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  •   May 12, 2019

    If it smelled funky, why did you eat it?

    Fiid inspection must be a local thing. But inspecting the food on another day might not have the answers you want. All breading is usual for chain restaurants. They keep prices down so use less fish. Fish is expensive and most restaurants don’t charge $24.99 for fish.

    I live by the ocean in the largest seaport in the USA. Fish right off the boats and the prices are low. I remember being in NY one summer and lobster rolls were $29.95. I thought it was a joke. I’m used to paying $9.95 for lobster rolls, chowder and fries with coffee or tea. Four ounces of fresh shucked lobster.

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  •   May 12, 2019

    Very little fish to no fish. Which is it? The cheaper fish is usually soaked in salt water to expand it and flavor it. When heat hits the salt water, it evaporates and your fish portion is smaller. It might weigh six ounces raw but cooked is half or less fish.

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