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Rangeland RV - Do not stand behind service repairs (horrible service warranty). Beware.

I am very frustrated with the service from Rangeland RV - CrossIron location. They do not stand behind their service/repairs of trailers. Unless you are buying a new one don't expect any help...

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Rangeland RV - Service manager bad behaviour

I find this website very amusing for the reason I just had a run in with Rangeland RV, which to be honest is the worst experience I have ever had with any company in my life. I take solace in the...

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Rangeland RV - Unprofessional

Hello fellow campers,

You know how camping is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. Well then read all the true testimonials below and mine and run as far as you can from Rangeland and save your money. This company/owner has zero integrity and most of us know that integrity is being lost in this world. It is up to us the consumers to not tolerate it!

It will start when you walk through the door and you feel as if you just walked into a used car dealership in the cockroach part of town. But, then you kind of feel a bit sorry and don't walk out. You see the slim ball sales man in the corner with his feet up on his desk too good to get up and talk to you. But, like a fool you stick around because they have a nice item in the yard that you want. You don't need it, you want it. This is where we all fail. Going into detail about my experience just makes me Sick! I will say that I have no problem with successful people or women. I know many successful women. The difference between them and this female owner is "success through integrity". This company gets one time buyers. Probably only a select few who are returning customers for purchasing and the worst service department ever!

Anyways, I sure did lots of research on the trailer and I love the layout. But I wish I would have researched the non accredited BBB Rangeland. Our camping would have a lot more happy memories and less complaints about our experience and how we left feeling frustrated and disgusted with ourselves. No, mostly embarrassed about being so stupid in trusting a persons word and thinking that this company was different from the big companies. The truth is, they are worse. The staff can't help it, they are directed the woman who runs it! Save yourself And go somewhere else. I have swayed many people from dealing with Rangeland, so add yourself to the list.

Thank you for listening to my rant! Stayed tuned to read the manipulating reply...

May 15, 2016

If I could put a zero star I would .
I had an apt with Jason which he was late. When he was with us he was abrupt and eventually became rude.We were looking at several models and seemed put off by us not knowing what we wanted. But on the phone I told him exactly what my husband wanted and what I wanted. He told me to go online and do my research which I did. I had specified exactly what I wanted. a pullout with a higher elevated stance on the trailor. He said there is no pullout for any package that I wanted where I said yes there is . I saw it . And he said no I was wrong they don't.
I saw a tent trailor that I wanted to look at which Jason then gave me the gears about having to open more then a couple of tent trailers, made me feel put out because It was an inconvenience to him. He complained that his battery died so couldn't fully extend the trailor. Then he said I should hand crank it. I said ok give me the hand crank and I will do it. He never gave it to me . We finally get to check out the trailer I liked what I saw but for several problems. The hood lock down clasp was missing and there was rust on several of the outdoor outlets. The finishing touches were not very nice . I made comments on this and he said this is what you get. it's everywhere. He then had to leave to help his manager which was fine but he said I'll leave you to make a decision and so we looked around came back to the office and he was not there he was with someone else and would be back to see us. no worries we waited. He came back and we had picked 3 tent trailers out to talk about. He got his pamphlets out sat down . We were standing. His Helmut and his backpack were on the chairs so we stood he didn't bother to remove them. We had some questions and I had asked about the pricing . His reply was when your serious about buying then I will give you the price because the one of the trailors you are looking at is almost sold so we need a down payment before I can give you prices . My husband lost it at that point saying he was nothing but rude and and that we were taking our business elsewhere. My husband said I will never come here and buy a anything from this company and that we were leaving . Jason then proceeded to say yeah it is a good idea that you never come back . He proceeded to come out and chase us and yell at us as we we're leaving.
By the way . We went to RACETRACK RV. They did have a pullout in the sport package. . The sales people were professional. they took their time. explained everything to the point that they WILL have our business. AND we might even buy the more expensive one because he took the time to show us and talk to us not through us and they even suggested a lot more things we haven't considered.
Thank you Rangeland rv for being rude and inconsiderate to the point where you drove us out to another more considerate and helpful Better put together shop. I will be telling EVERYONE I know.

I had a pretty lousy experience with rangeland as well. What really blows me away how an owner of a company like this would so willingly jump into the fray to fight with unsatisfied paying customers. Stay away from DDD (Dirty deal Dania.)

Rangeland RV - Bait and Switch

On Saturday, January 25th I viewed a Trailer at Rangeland RV, I made an offer and the Sales person went inside to check with his manager. I was verbally told the offer was accepted and on Monday we...

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Rangeland RV - Do NOt BUY Here

Here Dania This is your company Record Plus the many that do not post that are dissatisfied Clients Lets bring it on girl! I'm ready Rangeland RV Balzac Alberta (Complaint Comment) Posted...

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Rangeland RV - Rude Atrocious Service

Rangeland RV Balzac Alberta (Complaint Comment) Posted: 2013-04-10 by rangeland rv Worst Service Department comments posted back from Rangeland rv are not coming back from Russell. They are...

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Rangeland RV - Extremely Poor Service

Rangeland RV is the shadiest and worse company I have ever purchased from. I purchased a holiday trailer from them and have had nothing but problems ever since. The sales associates are just out to...

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Rangeland RV - Worst Service Department

I am posting this to save people grief and frustration when deciding if to purchase a trailer from Rangeland RV. This company had our brand new trailer and work was not professional. We paid for them...

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