Rakbank / The National Bank of Ras Al Khaimahno solution for my request

I am very dissapointed the way my request is handled by RAK reprezentative. I have applied for a topup loan on 25th of August and since 26th of September I am waiting for RAK and collect the Clearance letter from the other bank from which RAK bought out a credit card outstanding. I paid the money to the othe bank to issue the clearance letter on the 25th of September and handed over the original receipt to RAK representative. Now RAK is saying that their reprezentative went numerous times to the other bank to collect it, but they said it was not ready. When i called the other bank they told me it was ready from the 26th of September and even one of their agent sent me a message on the 26th of September that the letter was ready. I filled two complaints with Rak Bank, and every time they tell me to wait two working days. All I want is for them to answer when their reprezentative will go the the other bank to collect the clearance letter and release the money to me. It is frustrating and no one has an answer. Will it go forever like this? I took a topup loan for which I pay interest I will never be able to use? Who can really help me here? I have rent to pay, I have school to pay for my son and so on. Hoping I will get some help from anyone. Thank you.
Ramona Sterian

Oct 06, 2019

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