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Dear concern
My name is ancysymon. I had very bad experience with rak bank. I have applied personal loan through one of your representative and I submitted all documents which he requested. Finally I submitted stl to him, the same time he checked the letter and he confirmed it is ok and no other proceedures and my loan will credit once my salary credited to rakbank. After receiving my salary the next day I contacted him ask the status, he said loan will credit the same day, but I didn't receive the amount and called him and he is telling the amount will credit within 10 minutes. He called me after few minutes and telling the stl which I gave him in wrong format and he given me the different format, from the beginning he can suggest the same to avoid this much delay and it took one and half months to complete the process. Because of this delay our payment blocked and loose the advance amount which we paid in my home country. Finally I planned to closed the account and stop the loan. On 3.10.2019 I approached rolla br for the proceedures, the lady who assist me she verified my account details and I submitted my cheque book and debit card for closing proceedures. For account closing and clearance letter I hv paid 150 plus as per her calculation she confirmed me that my clearance letter will get within 4 working days and I agreed for that. She called me on 5.10.2019 and telling that there is miscalculation from her side and asked me to pay more aed 15. The same day I settle the amount and she said now everything clear and I can get my statement without any hassle. I was waiting for the letter and today she called me again and telling rakbank issues credit card for me it takes 45 days more for the clearance. Once I closed the account why issuing credit card. This all happened because of lack of knowledge from staff side. I can't wait more 45 days for letter and my next salary will get block. Please I am requesting you to the concerned person to help me out to solve the issue.
I would appreciate hearing from you soonest

Ancy symon
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  • Updated by Ancy Symon, Oct 14, 2019

    I am very disappointed Rak customer service, till now I couldn’t solve my issue .For resolving the case i met the Customer service manger in Rolla br Mr Ali Safur on Oct 9 and he listened everything and he confirmed me he will call me back on Monday ie.14.10.2019 .and I didn’t receive any call, I contacted him and really i was surprised he is telling me to pay Aed 105 agin for the account closure.Really i feel they are not at all caring customer issues and not willing to help us.Today i feel he is taking very rude and telling may be I forgot inform you about the charges.His way of talking is not professional and i feel because of my last complaint he is treating this way.why you people are not informing all proceedures clearly from the beginning . I need to solve this issue urgently even customer care manager of Rolla br, he couldn’t help and he is changing the proceedure part always. I am requesting the complaint board to solve the issue as soon as possible

Oct 08, 2019

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