Rakbank / The National Bank of Ras Al Khaimahremove negative credit report information

E Aug 17, 2018

Credit Card Number [protected]

To whom it may concern:

I would like to highlight an issue I am having with Rakbank regarding a credit card I had settled four years ago. (Last payment made, 27 March 2014 - Branch Airport Road, AUH). I have enjoyed and was satisfied being a customer of Rakbank last 2012. Today, I'm writing to request a goodwill adjustment to my credit files/credit report and be updated as a courtesy.

Recently, I have been applying for a buy-out on my current bank, Banque Mirs. All the while, I was confident that Rakbank will approve of my transfer, in which my agent have assured that things will go smoothly because I was able to provide all documents and requirements he instructed me to present so as not to have a bad record on my current bank statement. After signing papers to process my transfer/buy-out and waiting for almost a month, I came to know that my request has been rejected due to a credit report made by Rakbank credit collection for the reason that I requested to have my credit card restructured, four years ago.

I came to know this restructure facility in your bank when I, together with my friend, visited Gaba hotel in Abu Dhabi, where your collection department was located that year. My friend was having a settlement on your bank that day. That time, I asked for an advice on what I should do to be able to settle my credit card with a fixed payment every month for I did not have any idea of this restructuring facility. They advised me not to pay for three consecutive months for my credit to be sent to the collection department. Those years, my family has been struggling financially due to consecutive adversities that had happened: my husband being laid off from his job; my children were all here studying that time; settling the accounts from schools and university; and my other son had a stroke. For those reasons, I took the chance just to lighten my burden financially.

Fortunately, the request of restructuring my credit card was approved without any difficulty. I paid every month as a responsible credit card holder just to have a good record. I maintained the good status of my payment since I did not want to have any difficulty in times of need. Unfortunately, for that restructured card, my request to transfer has been rejected recently. I hope that you do an appropriate action on my request to transfer and loan so that I can finally solve my predicament.

I appreciate my agent and his team leader for they helped as much as they could, despite knowing that this matter is not within their hand.

Thank you for taking time to read this letter and on considering my appeal to Rakbank regarding this case and my credit report with you.

With Regards!

Sincerely yours,

Elisa D. Aquino

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