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A Aug 02, 2018

Dear Top Management,

My name is Ali Rihan Mohamed Rihan holder of credit card # [protected].
I would like to raise my complaint to the top management in RAK Bank as I have been mistreated from your staff during the last 2 months and I have complained several times with no action taken.

Since I have your credit card and loan, I have not delayed a single month with a very good history with your bank as you can check in your system. But last month I was in vacation during the statement date and when I came back, I started to receive a lot of calls from someone his name is John from your collection department, I have requested him for a week period because I just came back and need to manage it but he started to talk with me with a very bad attitude which embarrassed me too too too much and I will never accept it as it reached to him to say that he will send someone to my work to inform everyone of my staff that I have a loan from RAK Bank and I do not want to pay and he will make sure to destroy my job and started already to contact my HR department and informed them with the same which they have informed me.

Then I have requested to talk to his in charge but he transferred me to Mr. Alden who has the same attitude and maybe more. So, I requested another person to be able to talk and finally my call was transferred to Mr. Ahmed Shehata who received my complaint on 22nd of July 2018 with a nice and respective way and he apologized that John took the issue in personal matter and it is not first or second time to receive the same complaint of the same person.

I have requested to pass my complaint and I will pay the balance but I am suffering on paying in different places then he said that I can pay to the credit card and the bank will split the amount into both options.

On 23rd of July 2018 I have payed AED 4000 to cover more than the needed amount. But unfortunately it has not been transferred from the credit card to the loan as I have been promised.

Today morning I have received more than 10 calls from John again regarding the loan payment and I mentioned to him to check with Ahmed as payment already done.

Unfortunately he did not believe me and he called our HR again who passed the same to our GM who gave me warning letter "note if it is your procedures and caused me to lose my job, How will I pay you later???"

I went to RAK bank collection department in Al Qusais to meet Mr. Saleel who John's Manager to complain but I could not do so... but I met Mr. Hazem and explained to him everything then we tried to call the same number for John and he answered with a very bad attitude "I think he needs a special treatment and I advice him to see a doctor" Then I gave the phone to Hazem to understand something but unfortunately he treated him with a very very very bad behavior too.

End of the story, I have been effected in my job with a warning letter and salary deduction I am in a very sensitive position and got hurt from your people although I did not do anything wrong either than I decided one day to deal with your bank.

Please be requested to do the needed investigation in this situation and get back to me with an apology email form his management and the bank management attached with his termination letter and my compensation as I have been effected too much.

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