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M Nov 21, 2018
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This past weekend I placed an order I was advised my order was cancelled because my address could not be verified (even though my mom lives at same address and gets products from them) that rep was nice and asked if I could place it again because she corrected it. Ordered it again spoke with a MARISSA who told me my ordered was cancelled because I had past chargebacks with the company and I told her this was my first time using the site to order she then accused me of letting other people use my card for suspicious acts she became so combative to the point where I had to remind her I am the customer and she is the rep who is suppose to listen her final comment was it is only 29.57 and you'll get the money back I then disconnected the call because she made me feel like a criminal for trying to receive items I paid twice for. I called and talked to another rep who told me I was BANNED from the website because of chargebacks once again I never had with them she then proceeded to tell me the first rep lied about my address needing to be verified. So then I requested a manager call back. Over the weekend my items shipped which then I'm suspicious because how was my items cancelled and now I have them now I'm thinking rainbow is playing with customers accounts. Tuesday 11/20 I spoke with SHARON who wanted to tell me how much rainbow spends on their verification company and they are correct she then says my bank told them about the suspicious activity which she lied I called my bank and spoke with a rep who confirmed they never reported that or verified with anyone. I explained to the manger what happened with the rude reps she cut me off and tried to argue and say that's my problem I need to let people talk and I asked how can a upset customer express their concern and not even the manger will listen and now I see why the reps are rude as well they are just following the head. I asked to speak with her manger she lied and said she didn't have one and I asked you have no one over you? She said they won't be in so I asked for a call back she said no it's no reason to talk to anyone else I will not escalate so I asked if you're not going to let me talk to your manager how will you accommodate me since your team accuse me of fraudulent acts she said I will pull the call and IF they did anything I'll deal with them but you've received your items so what more you want I told her I no longer needed her help I will proceed with filing a complaint higher.

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