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I am absolutely furious with Purolator's service. I am a teacher and I paid a fair amount of money (between $60-$80) to have a package delivered to me before the Thanksgiving holiday, as my students are starting rehearsals for their major Christmas musical production. I have to start teaching the music on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday) and it is essential for my lesson plans to have this package in my hands before the end of the day today. It is Friday afternoon, on Thanksgiving break, and I have come into the school (an hour away from my house) SPECIFICALLY to sit and wait at the front door for the delivery of this package. I waited from 8am-3pm, despite the fact that I was supposed to be leaving for holidays with my family. We have pushed our departure time back, because Purolator's customer service agents couldn't give me any sort of estimated time of delivery.

I have been sitting here for SEVEN HOURS at the front door of my school, without so much as leaving for a bathroom break and I just watched the delivery driver drive directly past the building, WITHOUT EVEN STOPPING and then update my package to "Could not be delivered."

I did NOT pay for this service AND sit for 7 hours so that this driver could be lazy and not even bother to try to deliver it. I sat on hold for 30 minutes and am now being told I will be called back "within 30 minutes." This doesn't even include the actual delivery. This isn't even accounting for the fact that the first time I phoned in after the driver drove away, I waited on hold for 10 minutes and was disconnected from their lines before I even got the opportunity to speak to someone, so I had to wait all over again.

Purolator's motto is, "It's not a package, it's a promise." All I can say is it better be promised a refund and compensation for this terrible service! The customer service agent "couldn't do anything better" than saying he would call me sometime within the next 30 minutes to have the package come back "sometime tonight." ABSOLUTELY unacceptable.

  • Purolator Customer Care's Response, Oct 11, 2019


    We are aware of your delivery issues and our management is currently working to assist you with your parcel.

    Thank you,

    Customer Care Team

Oct 11, 2019

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