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On 9/25/09 I ordered a free trial of the ColoDetox XR from Pure Nutrients via the web. I was supposed to have 14 days to try the product and then cancel before incurring the cost of the next month’s supply.
On 11/14/09 I received my first delivery of the product. It contained a bill for $93.95. So I called to cancel because I changed my mind about it.
The customer service rep said that I received my first shipment on 10/01/09. And in fact they provided a tracking number that says it delivered. But I assure you, (1) I was out of the country at the time and (2) the person checking my mail didn’t receive it, and a thorough inspection of the house did not yield the first delivery…so it may have inadvertently been delivered to another house. No signature was required so we will never know what happened to it. (USPS # [protected]-267-9170)
I then asked speak to the Supervisor. She gave her name as Natalie and told me that she was unable to give her last name. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said that she was the end of the line. In my mind, if you are not hiding anything, your full name should not be an issue. After all, they have all my information including my credit card info!

I was told repeatedly that per terms they would not provide a refund even if I returned the unopened product.
I did not understand from their web terms that they meant 14 days from the date of web order, not 14 days from receipt of product. So if you live locally to their distribution in CT, then you might have the product 12 days to make a decision. In my case, being in CA, I would have had 6 days to make my decision, even though I was not in the country and never received it. I also didn’t understand that my “free trial” was really only free if I called within 14 days of a web order. So they charged me for the free trial $88 Plus $2.95 shipping on a product never received. Then the second order came in and they charged me again $88 plus $5.95 shipping and handling. No matter how much I tried to reason with them, they could not understand the poor logic in their “terms”, nor were they willing to accept an unopened product for a full refund minus the shipping and handling. I was willing to eat the first $88 for my mistake. But they stood strong that they were keeping the $88 + $2.95 + $88 + $5.95. I told them that I would file a complaint wth BBB, but they were not shaken. When I went to the BBB website, I knew why. They are not a memeber. BUYER BEWARE!

However, I did managed to cancel my account so there will be no future orders, but I am out $184.90. In my mind, this is unacceptable and now I want a full refund on the entire amount.


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      Dec 01, 2009

    Totally, have same experience. let file complaints to federal trade commission, those bad company shouldn't cheat conusumers again, can't let them rip off our money.
    Just go to this website:
    and file online complain form, it's easy, only takes 5-10 mins.

    LET DO IT!

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      Jan 20, 2010

    ORDER THIS "TRIAL" AND YOU REALLY GET 'REEMED'. I wish I'd have done my homework on these fraudsters before ordering the "free trial". Despite THREE calls from their reps to confirm the trial order, I told each one I just wanted to TRY the product and had NO INTENTION of continuing to order from them. I specifically stated I was only authorizing a $2.49 ship/handling charge on my card and they were to send no further products or make any other charges. They NEVER mentioned that they would do this, but I was suspcious (now, I see with good reason), so I thought I would verbally state my agreement.

    I can't get my CC company to reverse the $89 charge (for nothing!), so I am filing complaints with

    State A.G.'s office
    Filing in small claims court for fee, unauth'd charge, and my time to resolve this

    I also copied NBC news about this scam.

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