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I had purchased a small pendant through Proxibid�s auction from a company called Bunach Auctioneering that was advertised as being 14k gold. When I received the pendant, I was very dismayed to find that it was cheap gold colored plastic, not even gold plated.

Thinking that Proxibid would stand behind what they advertised, I called them and spoke to a Tom Clark. He basically said too bad, you bought it, you are stuck with it. I could not believe they would not stand behind what they advertised. Numerous emails went back and forth between Proxibid and myself and I even wrote a letter to the President of Proxibid and never heard back from him.

I contacted my bank and they said to send the pendant back, certified mail and they would reverse the charges off my credit card. I did this and charges were reversed.

I thought all was over, boy was I wrong. I started getting emails from Tom Clark stating that if I did not pay for the pendant plus �penalties� they were going to file with a collection agency.

Here is an email from Tom Clark:

I strongly recommend that you make payment arrangements for the full amount plus penalties ASAP. Delaying payment can impact your credit histories for years moving forward.


Tom Clark

I sent emails and letters back and eventually called Tom Clark. He was very sarcastic and rude and laughed and me and said they would �ruin my credit if I did not pay for the pendant along with the penalties�. I told him I was not going to pay for a cheap piece of plastic that was falsely advertised as being 24 kt gold, and besides, I had already returned it.

Eventually, I started getting letters from collection agencies stating that Proxibid was the creditor and I owed them the money. I ended up filing complaints against Proxibid with Nebraska�s Attorney General and also the Better Business Bureau of Nebraska. If you go on the BBB�s web-site for Omaha, you will see they have numerous complaints filed against them.

I would strongly advise anyone from purchasing anything through Proxibid. Unlike Ebay, you cannot see the ratings of their sellers. Their sellers pay Proxibid to advertise their items on I found out later that the sellers can rate you, the buyer, and other sellers can blackball you if they don�t like your rating. But you, the buyer, cannot grade the sellers; how unfair.

My advice is to stay with Ebay where buyers can rate the sellers. Hopefully no one else has to go through what I went through. What a nightmare over a little plastic pendant.


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    Tom Clark Oct 24, 2008

    Proxibid has been a member of the BBB since Jan, 2002. We have an exemplary record. There have been 5 complaints in six years and 2 (of the 5) were from this person. The BBB strongly agreed with Proxibid stating that we did everything that was possible to resolve this bidders issue.

    Additionally, this person did file a claim with the attorney general as stated. The attorney general dropped the complaint as Proxibid was able to provide evidence contrary to the filers claim. The attorney General sided with Proxibid on how this was resolved.

    For more information, here is our BBB link with the complaints:

    Sales Practice Issues
    Administratively Closed
    1 - BBB determined that despite the company's reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied

    Refund or Exchange Issues
    Administratively Closed
    1 - BBB determined the company made a reasonable offer to resolve the issues, but the consumer did not accept the offer.

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    goodgrits59 Jun 09, 2010

    I agree with the complainant. I bought what was supposed to be a Rookwood vase from this auction company on Proxibid, however when I got the vase, it was just a cheap piece of plastic with some words scratched in on the bottom. I sent the items back to the seller only after I took plenty of pictures and got an appraisal. My bank and he went round and round and after about what seemed to be weeks, the purchases were taken off my credit card. I was prepared to go to the "next level". I think that even though Proxibid is the venue where lots of auctioneers do business, they need to have some type of rule or law in place where auction companies can be penalized if the merchandise they sell is fake or knockoff. The main penalty being that the auction house CANNOT have auctions there anymore. Also, they need to make sure that if they penalize an auction house that it sticks..none of that "renaming the auction house" and doing business as usual. The auction house was back in business the very next week and they sold that vase to someone else! I was shocked and what it made it worse was the auctioneer used information from my appraisals to help sell it..stating "maybe Rookwood or not."

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    Gima Sep 14, 2012

    Shell game...not our problem the auction. Of course to the auction it was proxibids. The auction employs proxibid not me. If an employee makes a mistake...fix it. Apparently not interested...smacks of fraud, dishonesty, and carnival 3 card monty.

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    shari6745 Nov 26, 2012

    Proxibid is a scammers heaven. While there are some legit auctioneers at this site, finding them is like finding a needle in a haystack. Right now this is a wild west ripoff site. They will flame and die with their current business model. Reminds me of ebay in the early years, however ebay in the early years was never as contaminated by scammers as this site is. Best advice is to avoid this site.

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    steiger Apr 11, 2013

    Proxibid's servers are way too slow. I dont know why any auction company would do business with Proxibid. We have DSL and have tried to place bids on Insights and several other auctions. On Insight we were running about 2 minutes slow.
    It is no wonder that auction companies sell so little on the live internet auctions due to Proxibid's slow servers. Proxibid forces you to turn a bid in the day before the live auction.
    If you want to see how servers are supposed to work get on Richie Brothers live auction. It is like the difference between a model T Ford and a Porsche 911.
    We just gave up and don't use Proxibid at all.

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    hokee Jul 24, 2013

    Put Alfred E. Neuman (for those of unknown brain matter Alfred is "MAD" magazine) and organized crime as a corporate entity and walla, you have Proxibid/Bidtrader corporate cronie crocket color-by-number; play-by-ear; unprofessional, make it by 30-40% confusion and maybe hit good sometimes. Absolutely NO buyer representation. No legal back-up for assuring a buyer gets a won item, let alone the correct one. I won a 2006 Ford rollback truck 3 days ago. Cash ready, on my way to get it (2 hour drive for me). Seller refuses to sell it at my WON amount. I received two "congradulations, you won!"; one from Proxibid & one from Bidtrader. Also, an invoice sent. If I refused to buy or pay for an item, they'd be threats all over. But, there is NO enforcement for buyers ready to fullfill their end of the CONTRACT. Where is contract law? Proxibid should have legal possession of the items, or legal immediate confiscation for the buyer (arranged with local police enforcement to meet/accompany buyerat location). Proxibid's REP, Jim Norris has no power, but I'm sure his paycheck is good. Talks on the phone with no ability to make good, and waste of time. The word, IMPOTENT comes to mind. Unfortunately, most bidders do not read these reports/consumer true stories. They'll learn the hard way I also had another vehicle "pull-out" two years ago when the independent auction house working through Proxibid, withdrew my 2 won items (On=line notification immediately notified I had WON; once, twice, last call; hammer dropped; boing u won! Never got my items. This auction process will never change. Ebay has its quirks, but nothing like these auction/concoctions. So, stick w/Ebay or known -previously success used sites.

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    Enchiladaman Sep 14, 2013

    The are arrogant SOB's. The customer service is very bad usually since they hire people with an attitude to begin with or train them to act that way. They also hire people with accents so thick that they cannot be understood when speaking. Same people do not want to listen to the problem you have, they only want to talk over you. Really aggravating and when you complain they say they will not tolerate this kind of speaking or attitude when they caused it. Supervisors always back and take up for the pawns answering the phone, so if you have a problem with the pawn on the phone, a supervisor will just stonewall you. Tex-Mex-English is NOT proper English. When they cause agitation and anger for you, they act like they have done nothing wrong. I just loathe the ### because they would never talk and act like this if we were face to face. Cowards.

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    Enchiladaman Sep 14, 2013

    Hooray for the truth

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    Everest Stinks Aug 04, 2014

    Fraudulent company...they back their sellers 100% so these auction sites can purposely mislead the items description, send broken merchandise and gouge you on shipping cost. If you are allowed to send an item back, they will keep the internet premium. This site needs to be shut down.

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    flamekist1 Apr 11, 2015

    I have just been scammed by Milestone Auctions through Proxibid. I bid on a jar of marbles that was to be "vintage" and "excellent". When I got them they were broken, chipped, pitted and/or new. I asked the seller for a refund and was denied. Sent and email to Proxibid and was told too bad. I am now working with my credit card to see if I can reverse charges. Hard to believe in this day and age that they are allowed to outright lie, violate their own "policies" and no one holds the sellers accountable. They were supposed to have a signed authorization on file from me before my card was charged but they do not and charged it anyway. The seller's own terms say they have a 3 day refund window. Completely Fraudulent...stay away from them!!

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    Marta Heflin Jun 10, 2015

    I just had a miserable experience with the company concerning a collectible. Site is slow, badly designed. Notification process is
    spotty. Someone set up an account using my information and big against me to raise the price.I received threats from Proxibid if
    I didn't pay. Finally, the auction house agreed to sell it to a previous bidder. Try using eBay next time.

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    jackball85 Aug 23, 2015

    About Proxibid...first and foremost let me say that I have no connection to Proxibid. I, however, do have a very close friend who sadly passed away recently and he purchased many, many items thru Proxibid. I believe some bidders are not looking at what they should be looking at. Every seller that sells on Proxibid is rated by Proxibid. If you look at the seller you will see icons below their name which will inform you of their ratings. These ratings are based on buyers experience and not Proxibids. When you post a credit card with Proxibid to buy the seller does not see that info. When you make a purchase the seller sends the info to Proxibid and Proxibid runs the card. I do know from experience that my friend had a few problems buying on Proxibid and they resolved the issues for him. They sent emails to the sellers notifiying them that they had a unhappy buyer. I myself signed up for my own account on Friday, August 21. I had made two bids for a total of $180.0. I went to Walmart and left my wallet by mistake so I had to cancel all my cards, id, etc. I called Proxibid with only 21 hours left to bid and they removed the bids for me. I do not want to appear like one of those people that browse review sites just to make complaints. However, I can honestly say that I have never experienced any negative issues with Proxibid and my friend joined them in 2008 and had purchased over $10, 000 during his bidding era. His name was Larry Cadorette and my name is Jack Burden and I live in Fort Lauderdale. Thats just my two cents worth...have a good day all...

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    Peterpig Aug 14, 2018

    When their system crashes halfway through an auction August 14 2018 I lose a whole load of time incl research and money. The consigner loses money the auction company loses money. Their system has been down during the evenings and we all know what that means. Proxibid does some really cool marketing but who is going to make an effort to see of I'm put right? NOBODY, Im not a customer Im a victim! Tomorrow Baileys Auction house has the second part of their sale on Proxibd, so what am I supposed to do? Trust these people? You have to understand there is a whole load of time tied up with these things 2/3 hours plus research, what am I supposed to do? Peter 773 616 8773

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