Prizerebel / prizerebel is a joke


I've been a member for a month or so now and out of the 4 survey sites I use, this one is by far the least user friendly and least rewarding.
What frustrates me is you spend all this time building your profile so they can find suitable surveys for you. However I still have have less than 15% strike rate for actually qualifying and getting paid for my time. That is ridiculous. I literally just had one that I didn't qualify for because I answered no to the question "have you been involved in any accident resulting in your death?"
Also, you earn like 50 to 80 cents for surveys that take up to half an hour to complete. I'm from Australia and I would not recommend this at all, only good thing it has going for it is it's relatively quick paying out your reward. I recommend pure profile, it's the most user friendly, they pay you even if you don't qualify and they up to 5 dollars for survey.


Apr 13, 2019

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