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A gentleman named David contacted me after sharing that he found my resume on Job He went on to say that he was looking for an HR Professional for the new Primerica office in Allentown, PA. I asked him for specifics regarding the job. He just kept indicating that I would be responsible for training and developing new hires. When I asked him to email me a copy of the job posting/description he said he would not be able to provide one.

I had informed David that I was contacted by Primerica in the past and was recruited to attend what I thought was an interview. I went on to say that I was displeased when I attended a meeting with several other "candidates" who weren't given an opportunity to share their job credentials; rather, a discussion about how Primerica could help me to help others. The presentation also shared how I could become a financial consultant for those interested in investing. My work experience and college education is Human Resources - I had no interest in financially helping others - nor am I qualified for those duties. I left the meeting feeling scamed.

David promised that this opportunity was much different; but continued to decline giving specifics about the position requirements- he only told me that my title would be Regional VP of HR. Without a doubt, an impressive title - but still not feeling comfortable about the opportunity. After doing additional research I am confident that David was roping me in to a MLM position that I told him on two occassions I was not interested in.

My best advice is to ensure you do your homework before scheduling. This appears to be a scam. From a HR Professional perspective, when I recruit, I am able to share specifics about the job duties and am also happy to provide a job description. David's failure to provide this information combined with my past experience caused me to cancel my "interview" for later this week.

Best of Luck.


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    lina Mar 13, 2009

    I got an interview with Primerica about a year and a half ago. I went there for an "interview." It came out to be the orientation and then the interview was going to be scheduled at another time. I have cancelled the second interview because I did not have time for going back and forth to the company that is a joke to me.
    So I got this second interview - orientation last week. I went there. And was dissapointed. Well, the orientation at the beginning was great, but later on it got spoiled. It is about selling life insurance, mortgage refinance and other products to the customers of lower income. I went to the second interview. And spend there about an hour with the girl talkin one and the same thing. And she wanted me to start the application and pay the $99 for training and background check. First of all, you dont pay for the backgroud check. Second of all, I dont even have the $99 to even start because I am a student. She was so PUSHING into this application, and when I said I have to think about it, she kept pushing. I do not like to be pushed and sell stuff. I have a banking experience and I know how hard it is to get a customer purchase a product. When I told her Im looking for a job that pays hourly wage, she lokked at like she was about to start laughing.
    I am so discouraged by the company that I dont want to work for them. I dont have time for runing the errands with finding the customers. I am a full time student. I need some time to study also. And i read every single comment on this page. I do not believe that people are happy there. And the ECONOMY IS SO BAD THAT PEOPLE WILL EITHER NOT GET ANYTHING FORM THEM OR WILL TRY TO GET SOMETIMING BECAUSE IT MAY SEEM TO BE BETTER THAN WHAT THEY HAVE. Im disgoused!!!

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    Ivebinthere Mar 14, 2009

    Primerica, as well as each and every insurance company are constantly on the prowl for new recruits. This is a "move 'em in, and move 'em out" situation for these companies. Very, very few people make it selling insurance, as it takes years to make money worth the effort. Thus over 99% fail within days/weeks/months.
    When you go to these "interviews", if you look and act professional, and your heart is beating, you are "hired" should you take this so-called job. Candidates need great selling experience, and even more important, a load of family, friends, and neighbors to sell to, as this will be the starting points. If not, be prepared to either cold call, which is the worst possible thing to do, or spend money for small get-togethers, where you pay for dinners for a group, and speak about your company and how you will be "saving" these people lots of money if they buy from you.
    Primerica adds one more interesting ingredient to the pot by stressing how these new recruits can also bring in new people. Go shopping and when you find a wonderful candidate who is good with customers, approach him or her telling them how you can make them lots of money, why are they wasting time where they are. Of course if this person does come to the meeting, signs up, spends money for classes, and gets their certificate, then the pyramid scheme gets larger, since if they do sell any policy, you and dozens of others above you will get a piece of the pie.
    Unless you are tough skinned, never take no for an answer, do not care about the potential customer, as if you wish to make money you need to upsell, are able to small talk people before laying out your speech to relax them, then run, do not walk to the nearest exit upon hearing the insurance speeches.

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  • Li
    Liverna Jul 16, 2009

    I only know that people who have the perseverance and dedication to offer insurance have been financially stable and are usually more independent than most. Since insurance is a regulated industry, there are so many audits and checks every month, if a pyramid scheme existed, it would be found out immediately. Primerica has been around for over 33 years. They are the #1 insurance company nationwide, listed on the S&P, and they have no debt, unlike all other insurance companies. This kind of work is not for everyone. You have to have a desire to do good for others, work hard, and not feel entitled to be paid for doing nothing.

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  • Li
    Liverna Jul 16, 2009

    David is only one person in Primerica. Everyone runs their business differently. I have met many honest and thoughtful people from Primerica. The majority of them are like this. David is probably just one of those rotten apples.

    Since insurance is a regulated industry, there are so many audits and checks every month, if a pyramid scheme existed, it would be found out immediately. Primerica has been around for over 33 years. They are the #1 insurance company nationwide, listed on the S&P, and they have no debt, unlike all other insurance companies. This kind of work is not for everyone. Maybe David should retire ... it sounds like he doesn't understand the Primerica mission, nor does he respect the people he comes in contact with.

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  • Pr
    Primerica Sucks Aug 21, 2009

    Dear All,

    Same thing happened to me !!

    I received a call from Matt Lamontagne saying that he got my resume through monster and would like to interview me for Entry Level Business Analyst opening which I was very much interested in.
    Upon insisting several times also he did not gave me his email address and the job details.
    Finally, I thought of giving a try and decided to go for an interview..
    As per scheduled, I went to there office in Oxford, MA for the interview.
    Initially the company Vice President gave us a small seminar about company operations.
    Further I realized that this fools were looking for Financial Representatives who would go to customers/families and do there financial analysis..

    Since I dont own a car, I spent around $60 to reach there office in Oxford, MA.
    I feel like abusing them so badly fakers !!

    This company is whole ### and fake !!
    dont go for it !!
    Initially they tell you something and later it happens to be something else..

    Primerica is fake fake fake !!!
    Primerica sucks beyond saturation!!!

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  • Lb
    LBP L Aug 22, 2009

    What a company Primerica is. They do unbelievable things to help families out. But some of the offices and people really don’t care about the clients and/or their new recruits. Two of the biggest and best guys according to Primerica do fraudulent things on a daily basis. Booty’s team forages people signatures on apps when they don’t even know it. They send in loan applications with out even getting the clients permission. They run credit checks on these people without them even know it. They help a ton of people, but they do very illegal stuff and take short cuts. Like me they got me in the business and later found out I had a felony and could not work for the company, but they told me that they could and would take care of that and told me to keep recruiting my friends and family knowing I could not do anything with them. I was number one and built them a team and then they tell me they can’t do anything about it. Wow. And these are the poster children of the Whittle shop. Signing peoples names is way out of line, and the several times Kurt Williams and Booty’s team did it even after several people said it was wrong. Booty even has some new office manager that will not do several things for them because of how bad it would get her in trouble.

    Why do people hurt the name of a good company, especially when they are so good at it.

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  • Db
    DBusiness Apr 26, 2010

    In response to the complaint above, I also received a call from Matt Lamontagne after having posted my resume on and the same ### happened!!! He called me and asked me to come in for an interview at their Oxford, MA office and I tried multiple times to ask for details but he always came up with excuses and never gave me facts, just repeatedly asked me to come in for an interview!!! Having being laid off for nearly a year, I was desperate for a job, thus I decided to go in for what I thought an interview for a Business Analyst, but ended up being all these ###s trying to get me to join their cult!!! This was not a job, but a sales position with income soley based on commision and additional income by scamming your friends to join to get money off of them!!! They wanted me to become a representative and sell their ### to my family and friends which I furiously refused!!! PRIMERICA IS INDEED A FAKE!!! PRIMERICA IS A SCAM!!! None of these fools work for Primerica as they are mearly respresentatives! Having researched the company after this incident had occured, I found out Primerica only had 1, 100 employees. Matt Lamontagne is just one of the 100, 000 conmen going around trying to recruit people and get them to drink the coolaid!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

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  • Ga
    Gamer4Life May 26, 2010


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  • Ga
    Gamer4Life May 26, 2010

    In response to these complaints, I would just like to let the readers know that I also had been contacted by Matt Lamontagne at Primerica. I work in the Technical field, and because of company cutbacks I was looking to make extra money. But, my personal experience with Primerica has been very very different than what I have read above! When I went in and found that this wasn't a job, but a business opportunity, I was deeply impressed! This company gave myself and my family the chance to make income when no other company is hiring. Matt and this company have actually changed my, my wifes, and my entire family's lives!! I started with Primerica at the end of 2009, and I immediately went out and helped my family with their "wrong kind" of insurance. This turned out to be a life changer as my brother had passed away just 4 months after I started with the company. Thank GOD that I had went to see him and my sister-in-law when we did, because we helped protect their lives! Thanks to Matt and this company my sister-in-law and her children were not devastated by this unforseen accident, and did not have to wonder how they would survive with no income! I'm sure that Primerica is not right for everyone, but it definitely WAS for ME!!!

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  • Tr
    Trent Lagoria Aug 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I absolutely rescent this company, I started a blog to help spread the word about them please post your complaints go here>

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  • im currently in the company and i can honestly say that it is so funny how ppl are so quick to say its a scam and to do your homework before joining then continue on commenting on things in which they have no clue about.primerica helps families.period.the more families you help the more money u make . i help a family which included a husband which was the only person bringing in money a say at home wife and two kids. now he had a life ins. that covered him for 2ook which sounds good right..wrong he had 500k in mortgage 20k in auto and 10k in credit card debtso obviously what he had wasnt going to do anything for him. at least not as far as letting his family continue on in the life style that hey are accustomed to. if the wife were to pass she wasnt coverd so hed have figure out a way to pay for child care and do all the the the mother would have normally done, and let me tell u being a mother is a job in itself.and heaven forbid the children died..they dont count on their income obviously but if they did the family would already be emotionally devestaed do they need financial struggles too? i was ablt to get him 5ook for himself because thats wahat he needed 150k for the wife and 15k on each child and saved the 75$ the family was very happy and at ease knowing they were protected. that being saidprimerica is for everyone but not everyone is for primerica. if you like being told what to do when to work and how much money u are worth then its not for you. first off you have to love helping ppl as a nurse that had me. sec. off its not hard to make 1k in 2 if you feel like you cant make any money then your full of it..what one man can do another can .if you dont your probably a person that deserves a job that person that does just enough to not get hired, what other excuse would you have to not make any money, you dont have to bother your family. i went on a mock appointment, they said they werent interested i said it was fine just let me go through the motions so i can get the feel of how it would be infront of strangers. what better way to learn some ppl use mirrors some record themselves.. why not try real ppl to experience real responses especially with my fam. cuz theyll tell you how it is..i didnt go with the intention to sell big key.also everyone runs their business in different ways. for example i looove carls jr the one near me is awsome.. went to vist fam in la and found a carls jr out their it was so nasty bathrooms were discusting and service sucked big time does that mean every cj is the 99$ is for the state of california because your pursuing to be AN INDEPENDENT BUISNESS OWNER (which is refundable)you obviously have no clue the financial responsibilities youd have to take on your self else where..gee i though you did your home work, they pay for your licence classes exam which would come out to WELL over 99$ do some research yes some ppl arent th egreates or with best intention but dont hate on ppl who are willing to help othersand have the balls to make an outstanding difference income wise..not everyone in the buis. come in stable im one of them but if youd like to make great income the option is there for you and if you suck of course its gonna take a min but it shouldnt take you longer then 1yr to make 100k and i fyou chose not to its because your obviously content with you mediocrity

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  • Df
    DFrench Apr 16, 2012

    While the rest of you are complaining, the rest of us here at Primerica, those of us who saw what a great opportunity it was and took advantage of it, are doing quite well. We come from all walks of life and occupations and were ready for a change, and those of you who are complaining obviously weren't ready. You were looking for a job in your chosen career, the career that let you down and left you unemployed for however long and you obviously were and are okay working for someone else and having limited income potential. It's "safer" that way. I could spend all day defending Primerica, but it doesn't need a defense. It's a legitimate business model. It's not a get rich quick scam. It takes hard work just like starting any business. Anyone can go to our Primerica website at and check it out. It's not hard to find. If it's not for you, it's not for you. I'm a librarian with a master's degree in library science. I work in a school system that has chosen to cut their high school librarian positions by half. To the school system, I'm just a position. Who I am, what I've done for my school, and my skills don't matter during a budge cut. I never in my life saw myself dealing with families and life insurance and investments, but I believe in Primerica, the services we offer, and that we are making a difference in the lives of lower to middle class families. I'm sorry you had bad experiences with those agents. My trainer has taught me to do "good business." I've made district leader within a month and a half and I'm looking forward to my future with Primerica.

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  • Mr
    MrCrowley Oct 30, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I worked at Primerica for 2 years and left. I believe in life insurance (level term) and saving for the future. But as far as earning a living at Primerica- forget it!.. You want to drink some serious koolaid and be filled with much false hope. I've seen people come in, get excited and quit their job. A few months later they are screwed. I would NOT recommend trying this unless you don't need the money.

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