Price Busters Discount Furnitureracketeering

K Nov 26, 2019

My name is Katie Freeman
I purchase merchandise from the Essex store in Baltimore Maryland had been waiting for months to get the rest of my property none the less. After being spoken to so rude.
I came out the pocket 600 and some change for my merchandise in cash I have a whole living Room set and bedroom set been waiting for my chairs..

It unbelievable to be treated so rule ..
I'm trying to handle this very the classy way. However the next space I'm going to is file a police report and file a lawsuit..
When I Informed them my merchandise my receipt got damaged because it was raining the employee informed me that there were other copies and I would be fine..
However I have been treated so unprofessionally. Missing chairs
Then was yelled at by the manager as if i did something wrong.. So I served this country I'm a law a police officer but I can't even get my chairs that I pay for because there was a racketeering scam that I was unaware of but I got a house full of price Busters merchandise all I'm missing is my chairs


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