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New garage door/electric openers installed 2 years ago, which went fine. Called to do a "tune-up". Installer tells my spouse the brackets they installed are crap; having lots of problems with them. For $45, he'll put better ones in. I arrive home as work is being done and ask about 10 year warranty. Told if he just adjusts the original brackets, they'll be out of line in a few days, but that's all that's covered under warranty. I decide to call the Office. Barry says he doesn't want to be in the middle. I say he's not, because I'm calling the Office, but learn that Harry (Franchise Owner) is not in. In the minute I'm on hold, Barry removes the bracket, reattaches the defective one, and drives out of there (after threatening to call police because "I'm holding him there against his will" even though he could get his truck out anyway). Harry never returns call, so I call next day. He tells me that he instructs his workers to leave when customer is dissatisfied. He disagrees with Barry's representation that original brackets are of poor durability and quality and that the quoted price wasn't really for the brackets but for the service call. I tell him that wasn't what Barry said; in any event, I'd been quoted $29.95 for service call plus whatever parts might need to be used. Doesn't care that he'll lose me as a customer. So be it. But be warned. I think they are running a "scam" telling you an original product is bad and they can replace it with a better one but for a cost (whether modest or expensive). Worse though is that they don't care about customer satisfaction.

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Oct 08, 2010 11:38 am
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Do not feel like you are alone this company is notorious for deception it seems no matter where you go, and as for customer service I have heard nothing but nightmares and complaints about it.
And be warned they do not care, you are considered just a spec of dust, they pay big money for advertising to make sure that there will be plenty more suckers for them to take advantage of.
The standard philosophy is this:
The average person lives in a home" seven to ten years", the average life span of a spring is five to seven years (primary money maker)or gear set for an operator or typical garage door that never gets serviced all have about the same shelf life before a company needs to be called.
so if you get a repair from them and pay for the lifetime warranty on anyof these things they rely on:
1. you will probably move before the warranty is ever needed thus voiding the warranty.
2. you must have your door, operator, ect. serviced by them every year to keep the warranty current. which they know will not likely happen thus again voiding the warranty.
3. they will never ever refund any money ever, i have talked to several customers that had viable reasons and could not get a refund.
4. if you signed the reciept for the work that was done by the tech and call two weeks later because you see that a hinge was cracked but was not replaced by the tech they will charge you all over again and say that you approved the work so it must have happend after the work was done. and no remorse or concern.
5. they will turn down service to any customer that has a problem or complaint and ignore you from that point on, they only want to work with people that have no idea and are willing to pay the exorbent prices.


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