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R Oct 07, 2019

I travel on the Monte Vista line in Cape Town. There is a train no. 2580 which is an express train and only for MetroPlus ticket holders. This morning there were no trains on our line from at least 6.20 until 7.20. Then this one comes along. With a station full of commuters, now late for work, are we expected to let this one pass and wait until the next one eventually decides to arrive? Worried that people are already late, and with no indication of the ETA of the next train, commuters take this train. After standing along the line for about 30 min, we eventually get to Cape Town station, only to find the barriers up and ticket inspectors checking that everyone has a MetroPlus ticket. Firstly, how can Metrorail in this day and age, with their total incompetence in running according to a schedule, still accommodate having a whole train dedicated to MetroPlus passengers only. This is unacceptable. Secondly, if the trains are late, why still inspect the class of ticket. I understand if one does not have a ticket, then yes, go ahead and penalise those who dont have valid tickets. Thirdly, its an Express, to pass the busiest of stations ie Ysterplaat and Esplande. People are risking their lives jumping off between carriages at Esplanade. This morning we watched in horror as a commutor who was already late, jump off when the train just briefly came to a stop and then started again. People's jobs are on the line, their lives are at risk and what does MetroRail do? No apologies, no compensation. And here is Cyril, encouraging commutors to use public transport. What a joke!

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