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I signed a contract with a guy called Sam of Power Pack Paving in June 2008 to have my driveway and walkway paved. They came to do the walkway in July. However, on day 1 they finished the walkway, I found obvious defects. They did not even do the step on the walkway properly as such the height of step is not in accordance with the Building Code (>8 inches in height per step). The concreate blocks they laid along the driveway do not align with the walkway, etc.

I called them several times in the summer. Always answering machine. When they called back and promised to come to fix the problems, they never showed up. It has happended in 3 occasions. It was very frustrating.

Now summer is gone. The driveway is still unpaved and the other problems on the walkway are still unresolved.

Any suggestions?

By the way, they did my neighbour's driveway on the day they did my walkway. My neighbour found out the next day after they did their driveway that they damaged the water valve on the driveway during paving. The City of Markham needed to come and cut the fresh driveway (which was 2 day old) to fix the water valve. Power Pack Paving did not want to come to repave my neighbour's driveway as they were paid on the day they damaged the water valve.

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  • Ga
      Oct 27, 2008

    I agree. They did a terrible job for me as well. I am not happy with my driveway. it is very thin as well. The edges are done in a terrible way. I'm wondering if i can take actions against these guys.

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  • Ma
      May 06, 2011

    They just dropped off a flyer in our mail box here in markham. Glad I read the complaints before bothering with these clowns. Thanks.

    Does anyone know of a credible paving company in markham?

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