Pos Malaysia Berhadcouriers complaints

1 Aug 02, 2018

This is to draw your attention to the unsatisfactory courier service by your company on August 2, 2018. Post laju people very lazy to deliver the parcel. Everytime I buy a things through online service they always ask the customer to self-pickup without leave any self-pickup notes even though I know we can collect the parcel without that slip. But one thing for sure this is their job and responsibilities to make sure the customer receive their parcel because we pay for your service. I at home and they don't even ring a door bell or what so ever, at least leave a notice but recently leave notice also lazy directly show unavailable address. Nothing can be done unless the employers take initiative to have a system that can track which postman deliver which package and get feedback from each address. Please make sure all the POST LAJU WORKER doing their duty properly. This behavior is not good for a company like you. I hope you will take a serious notice of this complaint immediately because it happened for a few times. Thank you.

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