Pos Malaysia17 nov 18 saturday, poslaju man scolded me for not being home!!! poslaju seriously, please do something about it!

M Nov 20, 2018
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Alright before i started the story, here's the very rude postlaju man contact number, [protected].

it's saturday, as usual, i'm spending very precious time with my old parent back in hometown. Then about 11.30am, this unknown number call me and i pick up, nightmares begun!

First of all, once i pick-up this poslaju man already throw me his anger by raising up his voice, and scolded me for not being home!!!

Alright then i ask to calm down, and offer him some solution :-

1. leave the parcel inside my gate, my sister will collect it later on when she's back but guess what? he refused to and started scolding me again (Halo postman arr, i ordered so many things on behalf of my kampung's sister, how am i to know what's the size of the parcel you're delivering? you need to explain lar, kalau tak boleh, cakap je tak dapat masuk, don't behave like non-human!)

2. i ask to put at ezibox this rude creatures said:" u ingat aku senang? aku ada banyak lagi kerja tau? (again postman arr, you busy you punya pasal, memang postman kena post barang lar, kalau takde parcel, mana you dapat kerja? tolong guna badan bahagian atas sekali, there's a thing call "otak", think please!!! and to Poslaju, seriously, the ezibox is just around 1 km away from my side, and i personally think that it's a very cool and convenience idea, but could you guys please educate the postman arr?! Ah dui, the way he cakap, aku pun tak faham lar, ini manusia kah..?

3. i ask for second time delivery marah-marah like nobody business. Poslaju, kalau memang ada service macam tu, then please ajar you punya kakitangan lar, don't hantar rude creatures like this to upset us customer yang kesian, bayar untuk dapat marah!

3. i ask to drop at guardhouse, let me talk to the guard alright i got scolded again! Bahasa came out from his mouth was nothing more but complaints, excuses and all...guard tak received parcel lar, he banyak kerja lar...blah blah blah...and guess what, this time i got mad, amitabha...alright i can't help but raise up my voice, but...at the end he cut the line.

...end of story.

To Poslaju Malaysia,

you guys represent Malaysia, please educate your employee!!! we customer not paying for your postman's anger you know? i believe all of us are equally busy, but the different is, we don't simply throw our tension to others.

i insist an follow up explanation for this case please, bagi contact [protected].

Thank you.

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