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Kr Sep 30, 2019

I called to schedule an appointment. The "manager" Kelsie said that their latest appointment was 3 pm. I checked online and there were 7 separate appointments after 3 pm. I scheduled an appointment online for 4:20 pm. We arrived at our appointment at about 4:05 and the same photographer, Kelsie, was rude, unprofessional and smirking and rolling her eyes the entire time upon arriving to the studio as if she didn't want to take our photos and we were inconveniencing her. I asked for Corporate's number because she said there was "nobody above her." She said that there was no number when asked but did provide her first and last name to me when requested on a sticky note as "Kelsie Gross." It was 4:50 pm by this time and she took another group of people before me that walked in 15 minutes after I did after I had asked her for corporates number. While waiting for our photos to be finished printing, since we ordered a larger photo package, Kelsie made many remarks to another photographer about "Corey is already gone for the day since he works in West Chester. They actually get to leave by 5:30." And rolled her eyes again as if we were still inconvienencing her. I normally go to Flash Photography at the Greene but saw a coupon and figured I would try Portrait innovations out for a change. I will never go back. I will stick with Flash Photography. This place was very unprofessional and a waste of time! I have attached the screen shot of the available appointments, which was after I booked my 4:20 appointment.

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