J Jul 26, 2019

I placed my order on the 8th february this year for two dresses. One turned up alot longer time than expected later in very poor quality to what i was expecting. The other never showed up.
I chased this up a few times to find out what happened as i had recieved no communication to my shock found out this item is actually out of stock! I had recieved no communication what so ever to inform me of this.
So when i actually recieved a reaponse seen in this email trail, i finally got told i would recieve a refund on the 4th of May. After now chasing this refund numerouse times, with false promises that itll be refunded, nearly 12 weeks later this is now. I still have not recieved my money back for a dress i ordered nearly six months ago.
This is not acceptable and i should not be chasing my own money back for something i havnt received.

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