SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Shanghai Pinteng Tradereturn service


I ordered a couple of items from the site Before ordering the items I checked thier return policy to make sure I could return items. They had a 30 day from purchase guarantee so I made my purchase. They items looked nothing like the pictures online. They were both made from cheap fabric with flaws and mistakes all over. The pockets where made out of a cheap paper thin liner and the sweater was so small it would fit my five year old. It was a one size fits all sweater. I contacted the returns and let them k ow, they asked for pictures so I sent them. They gave me a response that thier warehouse is aware of the problem and they would give me a 15% off coupon. I replied that that was not what I wanted and I wanted a full refund that thier site said they offered. It's been three weeks and no one has responded back to me. I have written back multiple times to no response. I have written reviews on all thier websites and they have gone thru and deleted all of them. I have been watching the site and every time anyone complains about anything beyond size issues they take down the comment so people can't see the issues. I just want my money back

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