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They could not figure out where to place the POD, so they left and we had to reschedule a week later. This is despite the fact that I spent substantial time working with their representative to make sure they understood EXACTLY where the POD was to be placed. I even shared a satellite photo with a red circle showing the parking space the POD was to be placed. Unfortunately, they were not able to communicate these directions to their driver. Their excuse was this:

"We do not share photographs with our drivers because they are not allowed to look at their phones while driving."

Perhaps the driver could park in the parking lot and then look at the phone.

Anyway, they screwed this up when they dropped the POD off to be loaded. Then, they screwed it up again when they dropped the POD off to be unloaded at my father's new home.

Never use this company. There is a reason they have a one star rating. If you read their few good reviews carefully, you can tell that they are fake.

PODS Enterprises

Sep 11, 2019

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