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PODS Enterprises, LLC

13535 Feather Sound Drive
United States - 33762

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PODS Complaints & Reviews

Pods Storage / Storage container

Descendent250@gmail.com on Apr 3, 2017
First and last time I will use pods. The only positive experience I had with them was with the drop off and pickup. Other than that, I have spent the last 8 months fighting with them over billing. For a service that you pay $220 a month for, you would expect much much better back end system...

PODS / Started placing charging my debit card after over 2 years

Tootaloo on Mar 2, 2017
I am so frustrated with PODS service. First they significantly lowered areas they will service and yesterday I noticed they have begun charging my credit card for my PODs storage. When I called, customer service attitude was cold and uncaring, said their policy had changed and they were...

PODS - Portable On Demand Storage / Customer service

Douglas Andrews on Jan 2, 2017
I have been so entirely frustrated with PODS and especially with the inability to speak to a local representative who is in Milpitas, California, but I cannot get a phone or email to contact them. They refused to set a pick up date for the units and so I am disputing current and future...

PODS Moving & Storage / Can not get pods to remove there unit from my property

Donald W.King on Oct 27, 2016
Pods has lied to me for the removal of there unit from my property from 10/25/2016 thru 10/27/2016. There customer service dept. has told me nothing but lies concerning the removal of there unit from my property. First I was told that it would be removed on 10/25/5016 and that did not...

PODS - Portable On Demand Storage / refused delivery

Reviewer98296 on Dec 19, 2015
After taking my pod and telling me they can deliver anywhere in western oregon they refused to deliver saying Cannon Beach was not in thier delivery area - now they have my stuff and I have to pay 2000 to get it unloaded onto a truck Customer service just doesnt care - they are too big and...

PODS / Pods it my car

jgilbert0120 on Jan 28, 2015
PODS dropped of a pod on our narrow Portland Oregon streets for my new neighbor when he moved in. When the picked up the pod they obviously had issues with the narrow streets proceeding to tear up the neighbors yard and backing into my car (fairly nice sports car) in the process. Filed...

PODS / pricing

MDLDa on Jul 26, 2014
Do not use PODS they will take money unauthorized from your bank account. They are unethical. They took an extra 120 and called it insurance? They did not deliver on their services and kept changing prices. The quote they send you in email will not be what you pay. They sent me email after...

PODS / Delivery - POD Setting

Ordered a POD to store one room of furniture. Property incurred water damage due to broken water line. I wanted to temporarily store my furniture in a container while the damage was repaired. Ordered the unit on-line. It was delivered on the day promised. However, it was dropped with the...

PODS / Poor costumer service/ inflexible policies

Vee C. on May 7, 2013
After paying PODS to house my articles since October 2011 for $270 a month, I discovered the company will has no policy (in fact the rep- Jason seemed to relish informing me) that they would charge me an entire additional month rent on top of the $107 drop off and pick up charge although...

PODS / Delivery of goods

LynEarl on Apr 13, 2013
I will never use PODS again! We negotiated to have our household goods moved from Florida to Arizoa thinking, yes it's a little more expensive than doing it ourselves, but they will get it to us safe and sound. Someone forgot to mention to PODS that getting it to you on the date they...

PODS / Pods - this company sucks and employees are unprofessional

jkm14 on Jan 30, 2013
I got a response from a a lady named jennifer@podssocial.com to send details of my account and then I did follow up with this lady after a month and she assured that she is going to talk with her executive resolution team to resolve my issues with pods. After few days I got an e-mail from...

PODS / Hijacked my stuff

Finn C on Jan 11, 2013
I called to get my stuff delivered. I live 60 miles from where the POD is stored but they want to charge me $720 to deliver my stuff. They are holding my stuff for ransom!! The issue, as they explained it to me, is that I live in a territory served by a different franchisee than the one...

PODS / Beware of weight limit

LakeGator on Oct 13, 2012
Beware of the new interstate agreement form they ask you to approve. It has recently been changed to specify a maximum weight in ANY of the container sizes you rent. Here is the revised text: the maximum weight of Tenant’s property shall not exceed 4, 400 pounds contained in either...

PODS / Customer service

tpduffany on Oct 7, 2012
Ok so I have been sitting in my living room in Florida on lawn chairs for the past five days. Why you ask well this wonderful company PODS seems to be unreliable. For the past six months I have had all my worldly belongings in storage win PODS while I make my transition from Massachusett...

PODS / Damage

Never again Pods on Feb 4, 2012
When PODS delivered my unit i opened it to find everything had been flipped and damaged. I made over 10 calls to Corporate and.that many more to the local idiot who ran the location.They did nothing to fix the damage. The commercial does not show what happens to your unit once it arrive...

PODS / Dont use them

J Garrett on Sep 1, 2011
Dont do it, If you want to store somthing in your driveway or just move from drive way to driveway it might be OK but do not expect them to deliver as promised (1 weeks notice) in your second location. We asked upfront for our POD to be delivered to a pemanent storage space. Knowing that...

PODS Moving & Storage / Don't use them

pissedatPODS on Aug 30, 2011
Moving from Virginia to Colorado, hired PODS to store and move. We followed through with our contract paying monthly for storage on time. When came time to deliver POD set it up for Fri April 9th they told us someone called in sick had no idea when our POD would be delivered. Now we feel...

PODS / Don't even bother calling

delere on Aug 19, 2011
First I went online to get an estimate. Pretty easy for Uhaul and other moving companies. PODS site said I had to call so I did. I got the big sales pitch about how great PODS is and she wouldn't answer my questions. I asked her very politely I might ad to please stop the sales pitch...

PODS / Paid 3x my quote

hriley on Aug 1, 2011
Pods sounded like a great idea. It was cheap, the delivery was even on time (I feel so lucky). My problem was that they quoted me around $400 for delivery and 8 months of storage while I was out of the country on a foreign exchange. Then I started getting monthly bills, and I just figured...

PODS / Bait and switch!

protaginets on Jul 26, 2011
I reserved on the web site for a Pod to be delivered and to store my personal belongings for three months. That is what I signed up for, but not what I got. Everything was kosher until Pods billed me $244 for a second month. I called and they pull out some "addendum" that I must have...

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