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Plumbing Force review: Call-out charge scam

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Plumbing Force, Forcibly steal your money

I found Plumbing Force using Google.

I told the woman on the phone I needed a plumber to come and tell me if a dishwasher could be installed. She said it would be a minimum of 1 HOUR'S WORK at £118 and that she would email me the T&Cs. She did not e-mail me the T&Cs.

The plumber turned up with a bad attitude and was so rude and disrespectful, I told him to leave within 2 minutes. He clearly did not want to be here, and seemed completely clueless as to why he was here. He said: 'you might as well let me do the work, your gonna get charged anyway mate'. He made £118 in two minutes for no work. Not a bad scam. The narrative on his invoice is complete lies.

I called and made a complaint and requested a refund and was told that they sent me a text message (T&Cs), which I never received. I said that on the phone I was told they would be emailed, but I never received them. Anyway, I didn't agree to their T&Cs. Ridiculous to suggest they were agreed. That is clearly what they do, they will tell you, you have agreed things that you did not. That way they make a quick £118 a time. Pretty good con or is it Plumbing Force just using Force.

This is a scam in my opinion. What they are claiming is essentially a call-out charge (disguised as a minimum hour's work). They take your pre-payment credit card details in advance (do not give them your card details in advance) and they will take the payment of £118 without your consent, even if no work is done.

They also record phone calls but do not tell you that they are recording your phone calls in advance. What reputable company does that? I doubt they are conplying with Data Protection laws. Since providing them with my mobile number, I have received numerous prank calls. They deny leaking my number.

In my opinion, this is a very dodgy company that should be investigated by Trading Standards and the ICO. I bet they have made a mint with this £118 a time call out charge scam.

They say they have been trading for 10 years, but are not even CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering) accredited.

"Anyone working on just pipework such as fitting bathrooms, sinks, drainage or taps does not need to be registered or accredited to any standard, however it is highly recommended that at the very least they are CIPHE Accredited, as this ensures that they follow a code of professional standards and protects you the customer should you have any cause for concern after the work has been carried out."

Look at all the other 1 star reviews recently.

I will claim my money back via my credit card dispute resolution process. Daylight robbery this is.

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